Hero & his Heroine-t-shot by ufaaq (Part 1)

shr was like that the girl come out any moment and he will stab her with the Sam knife many time
shr: I dnt know what these girls think of themselves
he again moves his eyes towards the girl as the girl was busy on checking receiver he could see her back covered with her long silky black hairs she kept the receiver down
shr : oh thank god now I think its my turn
she opens the door of PCo to come out but before she can phone ring tring tring
girl: ohhhh dad
she picks up the receiver and locks the door
shr was like hell angry : now when she had finished the enquiry of receiver now she is busy on phone what is this I would have killed her if she had not been a girl
shr again starts waiting for her while the girl was busy on phone
shr raises his hands to knock the door again but again keeps it in pocket remembering knife
girl finishes his talks about 15 minutes later
and shr’s black suit was now full of sweat ,face was red like he will eat her anytime he never had been like this before because he used to bring security and his driver and pa along with him but now there was no one his googles was helping him not to reveal his anger to the girl through his eyes

girl puts the receiver down and comes out of Pco
shr: thank God
girl: phone is dead
shr: what????
girl: yup I dnt know some problem occurred
shr: if u would have came earlier I would have talked to my pa
girl: don’t u dare to blame me and plzzz I dnt wanna talk to u so plzz move aside
shr was hell angry now he was like he should murder her and do suicide here
girl: dnt u dare to even think of that
shr: what???
girl: dnt u dare to think of murdering me
shr= how do u know????
girl: I can understand the words by seeing the movements of lips
shr was like: really
his jaw drop
girl: close ur mouth
shr closes his mouth
girl: my people will be here anytime after that I can give u lift or mobile phone whatever u want
shr: ur people???
girl: my dad security people
shr: what ur dad is??? politician???
girl: don’t u think u r becoming frank with me
shr: ohhh sorry for that
girl: its ohk BTW nice car
she sees shr car which is parked at some distance
shr smiles: oh thanks
girl: mention it
shr: excuse me???
girl: yup sure u r excused
shr was not able to understand her mood she was like sometime gold and some time copper
BT something was present in her shiny black eyes some kinda attitude proudness which shr didn’t knw y it was???
shr himself was very arrogant he never listened to anyone in his life BT this happened first time in his life that someone was not listening to him someone was showing him attidute and shr was bearing it calmly
after some time 3 cars came with bodyguards in two and one was for the girl
girl starts to go then stops turns: do u need lift???
shr was about to say yes but his ego stops him: no thanks
girl throws phone towards him which shr hardly catches
girl to body guard: take my phone when he finishes his talk

she sits in car
shr calls to his pa and returns the mobile phone
bodyguard hand overs her and they leave
shr was surprised that there was someone in this century who didn’t know who he was and also don’t want to
shr: arrogant girl but cute
he smiles
pa comes in car and shr leaves with him
shr gets busy in his shooting and after 3 months shr completed the movie
the party was arranged for the completion of movie and was held
d in a big hotel there was all the team producers musicians actors artists directors all
shr in the white pant black shirt and white blazer with black googles perfect hairs enters the party he was looking like amazing
he gets busy in party his ego never allowed him tto dance with anyone except movies he sits in the bar today he was not in the mud of drinking also he was just rotating the glass when she enters
the big crowd looks towards her shr wondering who has came that everyone was going there he moves to the entrance a girl comes out of car with long black maxi with bunched hairs light makeup and diamond earings and high heels she greets the producer and hug him shr was awestruck by the girls beauty it was the same girl which he had argued with during pco incident
he was thinking: what is she doing here???

girl enters the party shr goes towards him
producer announces girl to be his daughter shr now came to know about the security
he moves towards the producer
he makes him greet shr with his daughter
producer: shr she is my daughter suman singhal
shr: oh hi
shr forwards his hand
producer: suman he is the hero of our movie shr malhotra the star
suman shakes han with him : hi
producer: u guys enjoy I will be back
producer leaves
suman pulls her hand back
shr: nice meeting u miss singhal
suman: thanks
shr: mention it
suman smiles
shr: would u like to dance with me???
he very fist time in his life forwards his hand towards the girl for dance
suman: no thanks I don’t want to u enjoy
shr: come on one dance plzz
suman thinks something and forwards his hand
shr holds her. hand tightly
scene splits on shr and suman face and their hands

heloooooo guys Ithank u soooooo much for last part I will update last part soon
till than take care
love u guys

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  1. This was too cute. That gold and copper comparison was epic xD I really loved this part. Post the next one soon.

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u dsoooooooo much znb
      Thanks I have posted it will post anytime
      Take care
      Love u

  2. arey ufaaq..
    I was totally involved it it..when u said…
    Scene splits on shraman..????
    It was so cool..
    With arrogant attitudes of our hero and heroins???

    1. Ufaaq

      Hahahaha so felt bad sona do???? Sorry for that
      Thank u soooooooo much
      Love u
      Take care

  3. Ariana

    It was super sweeeet. Shravan’s feelings for Sumo just makes things soooo perfect. plzzzzzzzzzzz post the last part ASAP!! I wanna read it soooooooooooooon
    love u

    1. Ufaaq

      IThankI sooooooooo much aru
      ii have posted dnt worry
      Love u

  4. WeirdSister

    Loved it so muchhhh..!!
    What a surprise..Suman is d daughter of d producer!!
    Plz plz post soon…
    Waiting to read d confession…!
    Love u loads…
    Take care

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooooo much yar
      So liked the surprise???
      I have posted yar
      Yup plzzzz wait
      Love u more than lots
      Take care

  5. pretty preeti

    Today our hero and heroine shined.
    They wee amazing.
    Loved it.
    Surprise she barpoor.
    It was cute lovely chooooo cweet.
    Lit was awesome.
    Post soon

    1. Ufaaq

      Hahahaha yup they did
      Thank u sooooo much puni
      I will post asap
      Love u
      Take care

  6. Hey uffu
    I hope uh still remember me
    I kno m super duper late
    I could not comment on any of ur ff or shots
    M sorry
    Bt as m back
    I would say its superb sweety
    Its actually diff
    Waiting for the love…??
    Post soon
    N sorry once again?
    Lots of luv

    1. Ufaaq

      Heyyyy ana I just can’t tell u how happy I m to see u back
      Dnt be sorry plzzzzzzz
      How could i forget u i m not paagal yar
      Tjank u soooooo much
      Posted tu wale kr den ge jaldi
      Its ohk ana missed u yar now plzzz dnt be gum
      Love u yar
      Take xare

  7. Anushika

    Awesome….Just loved it…. POST ASAP….

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooooo much
      Take care

  8. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooooo much simi

  9. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awesome one ???

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooo much

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