Here for what? Ending up doing what?


Guys we are here on this site from past many months or years or weeks or i don’t know what to say. I am just writting this not for any purpose but to know about your perspectives. So kindly share you views about the following .
1) Many of us or should i say most of us were here only for the reason that we wanted to read out the written updates of daily soaps. For various reasons like we had missed the episodes or some wanted to read or some like to read more than watching. But the real question is how many of us ended making up new friend? Chit-chatting? Or reading more things apart from the written updates? I think most of us did. Didn’t you all?
2) First when i saw the comments of some serials i really thought that there are so many followers of this particuar soap. But the irony was that there were about 10-15 people who would share their views and then it went on making new bonds of friendship. Here people commented to chat with each other. It had no connection with the actaul soap. How many of us do that?
3) This site came to be a very useful. How? Simple. Fan -fictions. The writters got a chance to write something about their views got new ideas to create their own fiction and brushen up their skills. Isn’t it? Yes it is. For me too. That’s how i am writting here.
4) Bonds of friendships
Here as i mentioned above many of us chit-chat here. Made awesome and life long friendships i suppose. I doubt if anybody reads the written updates cause i find many just asking about each other’s life. Not intrested in what is posted. Sometimes many things are posted wrong. Some parts are also not written.

Ok fine i know it made no sense in writting this but are these names in which comments posted are real or fake but no offense to anyone. This is my way of thinking. What’s yours? Post your comments.

Credit to: anoynomous

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  1. Good job nice analysis btw what ff Do you write I want to read them , honestly speaking I was a silent reader but after my exams initially I commented related to the show later I made friends and started chatting I think this is due to different people with similar opinions as nowadays it’s very hard to find the same type of people.
    Thumbs up for the article anyways

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