Her Unrequited Love – TwiNj FF “Prologue”

Hello guys… I know I’ve disappeared suddenly but believe me there were so many things happening in my life that I couldn’t visit TU. I’m so sorry. I’ve missed you all a lot. So, I just don’t feel like writing my previous stories. I’m not able to. So I’ve come up with  a new ff. I hope you guys will like it and I promise I won’t disappear now until or unless I complete this. Sorry to all the writers, I’m not able to read their works anymore. But don’t forget, I love you all a lot. TU has given me so many special persons and I can’t thank God enough to introduce me to this site.

Hoping to get a good response.

He came running to her and knelt down. She was amazed. Never in her wildest dreams she thought something like this would happen. She was more than happy.

“I Love You!” He said and she was stunned.
“I Love You Too!” She finally said with a huge smile not leaving her face. She was dumbstruck.
“I hope she says the same!” And right there and then, her world crashed down. It was not meant for her. He loved someone else not her. Her world of dreams collapsed. Hiding her pain, she smiled for him as he was her best friend.
“She will!” Before she broke down in front of him, she ran from there and he stood confused. She was running away from him, her love, her best friend.
She stopped, turned around, looked at him and faked a smile.
With trembling fear and utter pain, she hid her feelings and told him, “You’ll always be my Best Friend!” to the love of her life! And ran away.

She cuddled up in her bed and let her tears flow. She didn’t know what to do. Of all the people her heart could have chosen, it decided on a boy who didn’t have enough room in his own heart to love someone like her.
“How stupid of me to think I was the only flower in your garden!”
“I think about him but he thinks about her!” 
She thought he was the love of her life who she will never get a chance to be with and she was the greatest loss of his life which he’ll never regret. That’s what she thought. He would regret, might be. To be his friend was all she ever wanted. To be his lover was all she ever dreamed.

How was it? I personally feel like my writing skills have improved. I need to know what you guys think.
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    Suprb yaar pls tell me how can I write a ff

  5. Lovely episode Di and I am waiting for the next chapter please post soon love u take care

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    Awesome start….
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