Hi everyone back again with few shot hope u might like it.
(Her toucher but his love)
Intro and part 1
KunjSarna- fun loving person failing for twinkle but she don’t know that he love her
and son of monohar and Usha Sarna
Twinkle – love uv a lots and can do anything for him. Respect parent decisions. Her parent are ready to do their marriage.
Uv – act to love twinkle. He just want to take revenge from her as his mom and twinkle mom are enemies but now friend.
This three are main character. If u all like the plot then I will continue

It shown big mansion and it written Sarna so let see what people are doing their
Usha – to servant do work in proper ways as u know kunj is coming after long time so it should be all his fav thing understand
Servent – okay Mandan don’t worry
Monohar- Usha what your being tense iam sure kunj will enjoys all this and don’t forgot to call teneja also in kunj welcome party.
U- okay
Phone conversations u- leela ji can u plz make a time to come here as today kunj will come back after so many years and we organize party for him and it will be glad if u and twinkle join us.
L- okay we will come
Other side it show beautiful room with lots of toy and girl sleeping but her sleep disturb by call and it show baby in call name
T- hi uv baby in sleepy ton
U- hi come meet me in same cafe we used to meet I am missing u.
T- I know and I will come soon and one more thing I love u
U- fake smile and said I love u too.
In twinkle room leela come their and said twinkle be ready we are going in Sarna as kunj is coming and they throw small party and they also call us to join them in their happiness
T- but mom I have to meet uv

L- talk to him and cancel date with him as this is important at least for kunj happiness
T- somewhere she agree to cancel the date and go meet kunj. ( twinj don’t know each other and she agreed as her mom wish to go their.)
Twinkle in phone baby I have important work today’s sorry can’t come
U- pov shit again I miss the opportunity to destroy your like twinkle teneja I don’t know why your save always when ever I plan to destroy your life.
U- it okay we meet next time take care but love u
T- thank u baby for understanding and I miss u will talk on phone.
End of the day and their in Sarna house is full of kunj fav color decoration and all his like thing only. As kunj is only their child but he leave home coz he went to join the business meeting and he got the deal so it small welcomes party for him.

Precap- twinkle was walking but suddenly light turn off and she was about to fall Down but someone catch her
To know The Who is the one that hold twinkle from falling.

Take care lots of love
Keep smiling
Stay bless.

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