Her toucher but his love
Part 3
Kunj got all the information about uv and also got to know that luthra and teneja were enemies and coz of their child they turn into friends but somewhere anita was not ready to accept leela as uv mother in law. So make uv to married twinkle and destroy her life.
Kunj was shock to know all this and he can’t even imagine seen his life in danger coz of unknown persons.

Kunj went to by some supply for him in mall and their he find twinkle and he want to tell twinkle how uv is so he thought to shout her name twinkle
Twinkle now who is this shouting my name turn around and see kunj and he has a bright smile and twinkle what wrong kunj now your start to follow me everywhere
K- no I am here and I saw u so thought to have conversations with u
T- no need and iam found to meet uv now son bye she said.
K- why always uv don’t u have other person in your life then uv
T- its my life and my choice your not one to interfere in my life.
K- I just want your good life and again uv is not your Mr right twinkle believe me.
T- okay for a second I believe u what will u do to make me believe on u
K- anything u want as I don’t want your life to destroy and regret later twinkle.
T- okay 1 day u have to show me that uv is wrong and he is cheating on me
Kunj perfect so tomorrow at xyz hotel
T- okay see u their I will give u call when I went their
Kunj okay and thank u for giving me chance

Next day twinkle call kunj and tell him to come their as she is waiting for him and he said he is behind her and she turn to her and he has beautiful smile on his face.
K- so let go u will know the truth as iam lying or uv is cheating
T- fine let go

In a dark room it show boy and girls were sleeping peacefully and when twinj enter and twinkle turn on the light she was in shock to see her love with someone else.
K- twinkle controls and let face what he will say.
Kunj shake uv and he weak up in sudden shock as he saw twinj infront of him and his thought of revenge will not be complete now as twinkle saw everything
Uv – baby iam sorry I am I mean I don’t know how this happen someone mix the tap-late in my juice

T- it okay uv saying she leave and somewhere she blame herself as she never allow uv for physical relationship. She went out without saying anything
Now how will she toucher kunj stay tune to know more about this few shot
Take care
Stay blessed

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