Her Rise and His Fall


Dear Ishqbaazian family,
I have finally written my very first OS on my fav Shivika. I hope you enjoy it. And please forgive me for the mistakes 🙂

Her Rise and His fall

After, Anika signed the document she felt this strange heaviness in her chest. As if something or someone was squeezing her heart. She watched as Shivay handed the papers to the lawyer walked out of the room, without glancing back at his wife who is soon to be his Ex-wife.
Tia followed Shivay, but turned back to give her a Cheshire Cat like grin and told her ” Pack your bag and leave A.S.A.P!”

With pain in her heart, Anika sat on the floor thought to herself “why are you crying, Anika? You were never supposed to be Mrs. SSO. Love, happiness and family was never meant to be yours.” Life has already given her so much to deal with from a very young age and this phase will soon pass.
Losing a family, being an orphan, suffering through abuse, losing the only sister, and putting up with Sahil’s bua, has already taught Anika the biggest lesson in life: to rise up after each fall. And with that in mind, Anika got up and walked to the cupboard and started to pack her bag.

She set aside the packed bag and walked to the dressing table and saw her own reflection on the mirror. She still has the sindoor and mangal sutra on her, the sacred symbol of a married woman for millions of women in India. Earliest memories Anika has of her birth mother is, when she was taught about the values of those two things.
Despite everything she has lost in her life, she always wanted to wear them one day for someone…for someone who would give meaning to her life and would love her… and only her.

Today, these two things has no meaning for her… and with that she took it off from her neck gently put it on Shivay’s dressing table and rubbed her forehead vigorously until a only a ghost of red stain remained visible and walked out from their room… no his room… and the OM. As she was leaving she made a vow to herself; never again will she give her heart to anyone.

Later that night:
Shivay finally had the courage to return home. He could not look into her eyes when he said those harsh things to her. It felt like thousands of piercing knife blows to his chest for every drops of tears he saw in her eyes. He had to get away from all this. Even though he knew very well that divorce was inevitable, it still pained him so much. He wished he had a time machine so he could go back and prevent himself from announcing Tia Kapoor as his wife on the reception day.
He understood very well that Tia and her mom made this plan to trap him in his own mistake; it is clearly evident because he never had any intimate relations with Tia and today morning her mom blackmailed him about publicizing Om being illegitimate. Thus, Shivay had to make a decision very quickly and he chose to protect his beloved brother, Om. He never imagined choosing between Om and her would be so difficult. He still feels so much pressure in his chest since the morning.

With a heavy heart, Shivay walked into his room, it was dark only there was hint of light reflecting from the nearby poolside light-fixture.
Thinking she must have gone to sleep in the study room, he walked to his cupboard to change into his sleepwear even though he knows very well that tonight will be a sleepless night.

As he opened the cupboard door, he was stunned to find half of the cupboard empty.The half he was forced to surrender to her by his Dadi. He hurriedly walked to the study room–to his disbelief, found it empty; only a pillow and the blanket remaining on the sofa.
Shivay ran back to his room to find his cellphone to call her and in absolute denials: “maybe she did not leave…maybe she is with Prinku or Saumya … she can’t just leave me without saying anything. The divorce papers to process will take 6 months. No! she can’t leave me like this!”

As he was frantically dialing her number, something glittering on his dressing table caught his eyes. He walked up to it and held in his hands. And for the first time since signing the papers today, tears started to pour down from his dark ice blue eyes. He fell on the ground and clutched it to his heart and uttered to himself “She has left me.”

Shivay remained motionless in the darkness, on the ground for the entire night and he came to a realization–if he loved anyone equally to his brothers, it was her, his Anika and today he lost his love.

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