Hey everyone here I am with a new story this story is all about swara’s pain during the whole show which many people failed to notice or they were unable to see it because somewhere I think that the cv’s did not describe or showed her pain properly. So here is the prologue if you like it then please tell me and encourage so that I can provide justice to this story.
Her pov
And there HE was again in front of me. I had a look at him he looked the same. It it j j jus just felt like the time had stopped for me. I never ever thought that I will meet him again not in this way atleast. I watched him as my eyes started to tear up, but I wipped my tears off before someone else would notice it. Huh! What am I saying, these people never noticed my pain even when tears were freely flowing from my eyes so how are they going to notice it now. All the moments I had spent with him started playing in my mind as a painful eyelock engulfed us and it was broken obviously by me. Yes its true that I love him still, I have never stopped loving him. It has become my breath, my heartbeat or you can say my every need of life to love him. And I will love him till the end of my life or even if there is a life after that I will never stop loving him. I forgave him for each and every mistake of him and in future also I will forgive him for every mistake he does except one and that is his unability to understand ‘MY PAIN.’
His pov
She is there standing right in front of me. I cannot believe that my love my jaan is standing right in front of me and I cannot even hug her. Of course I cannot after all I have lost that right. Its all my fault how can I not understand her after all its me because of whom we have separated because of whom she lost all her relations. I watched her as her eyes started to tear up which she wiped off quickly before anyone can watch it. But she could not hide it from me could she no ways how can he hide it from me after all I am her lover her soulmate, a soulmate who failed terribly to notice how much she is suffering right from the starting. She was always there by me to hold my hand, to assure me, to tell me that everything will soon be alright than how could I forget all this. I will never forgive myself for the biggest mistake I have ever done in my life that is to never understand ‘HER PAIN.’
Guys please tell me if you have liked my idea or not. If you have any suggestions, doubts or anything to tell than pleasssu pleasssu please tell me. I always wanted to right a story on swara’s pain. So please express your views. I will clear the storyline as the story proceeds further. Till then bubye…

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  1. Moon

    awesome yar continue
    post soon

  2. Raina

    I also love swara very much!!
    But on which pair are you writing??
    This is a different plot or from the serial only???
    And I love this! It is interesting…

  3. Independent

    nice continue soon

  4. Sus

    Its nyc story
    i just want to say if this story is his or her pain of six months, then it is awesome becoz i don’t think so before that any kind of pain she is having becoz they both have each other in every situation and she handled eveything strongly.
    ofcouse if pain is of swarasanskar only

  5. nyc continue

  6. Ira

    Nice …..continue soon?

  7. Shreeyu

    Awesome dear

  8. Phoniex

    Loved it and really it’s true they do failed to understand her pain.

  9. Awesom dear….its maybe aftr six months seprtion stry…..vll love to read dear….continue soo dear vaitin fr next

  10. nice…if it is swasan i’m in

  11. Kojagorimalik

    Awesome yaar continue

  12. Seebu_s


  13. Arshaanya

    If its about her pain over dat 6month period dan m in…
    For me both swasan were at fault equally n if she was wid him in evry situation dan sanskar was also dere for her in evry situation.. so i dun agree wid ur part dat hez given her pain… ya it was her family her mom dad who r more respondible for her pain n how can i frgt ragini the root cause of all dis…
    Its swara whuz wrong in giving chance to dat kind of people again n again who nvr cared for her…
    Best wishes

    1. Neptune

      guys this story is on the basis of the show i agree but it is changed a bit and it is in swara’s point of view its from the starting of the show with little changes. as i have mentioned earlier i will clear the storyline as the story proceeds and the pairs are obviously our heavenly couple swasan. just believe me and read the story please that’s my request.

  14. Shrutu

    Neptune awesome deari and as such the pain has always the greatest part in everyone’s life………….and i know u will showcase her pain in the most beautiful manner……….. proceed further girl….

  15. i would love to read but dont make her suffer so much n also show sanskar’s pain also

  16. Manasvi

    Well, you took a really nice topic..
    I will love reading this..

  17. Shiksha

    Nice.. Continue..

  18. Adishu

    wow very very nice… update soon… we r waiting… n the hero of the story is sanskar right??

  19. Meera_s


  20. Simi


  21. Vyshu10


  22. loved it…continue soon

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