Her eyes were pretty

So guys its a story with a sad ending but i love this ending hope you liked it .

A new city and a new life

Suhani ordered a orange cold coffee
She was waiting for her coffee

Waiter gave her coffee and she checked the coffee and got to know that it was chocolate cold coffee

She got up from her place and went on counter
When she found a boy who was having her orange cold coffee

Suhani – i think you ordered chocolate cold coffee
Boy – yes and you ordered orange cold coffee
Suhani – yes
Boy and suhani exchanges there coffee

Suhani forwarded her hand
Suhani – i m suhani
Boy – i m yuvraj
Both smiled and shaked there hand

Yuvraj pov…
I found suhani quiet beautiful . Her eyes are so pretty .
End of pov…

It was a new city for yuvraj and suhani both

They meet each other often in cafee

Soon they became friends our more than friends

They started meeting more with each other

Soon yuvraj fell in love with suhani
Suhani also fell in love with yuvraj

One day
Yuvraj – dont you have any boyfriend suhani ?
Suhani smiled
Suhani – i had one but when he got to know that i m suffering from cancer he left me
Yuvraj holded her hand
Yuvraj – i really love you suhani will you marry me ?

After 5 years
Yuvani entered in yuvraj’s room with a pic of suhani
Yuvani – daddy i know how mom looks but decribe mom in one sentence
Yuvraj – she was very beautiful.
Yuvani – and…
Yuvraj smiled
Yuvraj – her eyes were preety
Yuvani smiled
Yuvani – daddy dont you miss mom ?
Yuvraj – no because she was just like you
Yuvani – really ?
Yuvraj – yes
Yuvani was very happy listening this

Yuvraj pov…
I dont miss you suhani because before going you gave me yuvani a reason to live and i know you are always around me .
End of pov…

Suhani was watching her family from sky with a beautiful smile on her face .

The end

I know it was short but in my busy day i gave this os some time
Plz do comment
Lots of love…

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  1. Yuvani

    Very very sweet one.Thank you dear…..

  2. NAPSHa J

    short and sweet, and very emotional.. loved it.. do write more if u have time..

  3. Yuvani_saraj

    wow very nice….really emotional but nice end…thank u so much…

  4. Yes emotional… But separation of yuvani is very sad…. Even when it is a FF or serial…

  5. very very cute as u said ending s lovely superb avani

  6. Emotional and lovely épisode

  7. Awe really short and sweet avani sis.its beautiful.plsnpost all other ffs also.

  8. Short,cute and very emotional..Loved it dear..

  9. Suberb….it was really emotional

  10. Lovely story….yuvani r great lovers..good job dear

  11. nice and emotional epi……….yuvi and yuvani conversation is awesome

  12. Nice n emotional epi.

  13. Awesome
    especially the name was very gud

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