Her Dream for him (prologue)

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We all dreamt to see dev living his journey of being a father of a newborn baby so yes it is about this only. The continuation part of KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI after devakhi’s patchup (after 7 years) so here is a little sneak peek of it….
The early morning sun rays finds it’s way to disturb the sleep of the couple who just managed to catch some sleep after their wild make out session. She was sleeping upon him without any barrier as if his second skin.The only thing which was covering them was the duvet. The moment when the sun rays fell upon her beautiful face she tried to move a little away from it and the moment she moved she could feel his manhood touching her core and the mere contact was enough to give her that jittery feeling inside her stomach. Her face automatically turned in shade of scarlet. The desires of her which he fulfilled few hours ago wake up again. She wanted to be claimed by him in all possible ways again.

Main phirse tumhara koi wild dream poora NAHI karne vala hu.So hold your horses there only….. ; Dev says bringing her out of her thought in which she was going to be claimed by him fully. Listening to him she twitched her nose and he chuckled seeing that.

Oh really!!!! But you are the one who took the lead yesterday; sonakshi said while cupping his manhood into her palm and stared to massaging it giving him the unexpected pleasure which could cost his life.

God…….Stop……..Stop it…..Sona…….Sonak…shi…….Stop…… ; he said squeezing his eyes shut wagging his head left and right on the pillow,unable to take the pleasurable feeling.

It’s not even been two month of their reunion and here they are,they didn’t even remember a single day when they didn’t made love to each-other except than those when their little princess would wish to spend some time with her parents even in that time also they would manage to grab their *we time* in the midnight and kiss each-other till the desires inside them smother.

It took a whole month for them to break the wall inbetween them which stopped them till 7 years to claim their love over each-other but they did it and now when it’s been a month till date when they decided to live all the moment which they missed in past 7 years,The peeled off each and every layer of their souls infront of each-other. The time when they made love to each-other in this past month was different from their previous time,this time they come to know the things about each-other which they didn’t know at the time when they were bf-gf and not even after their marriage. There were days when Dev would break down infront of her and cry miserably revealing his past after their separation and the time when sonakshi would tell him about soha’s childhood and share her feelings which she used to write in her diary. After bearing the separation for 7 years now they had become one,Devakshi. Yes they become Devakshi in true senses. Now their souls are united. There is no Dev without Sonakshi and no Sonakshi without Dev.

Oh god dev……..You are so tight…….and…..and….you claim that it’s me who thinks about it always……. ; sonakshi spoke breathlessly looking straight into his eyes,massaging his member,feeling him all tight and ready to emptied himself inside her again. Her hot breaths hiting on his jaw line and his’s on her forehead. This is How she manages to wake up the beast inside him with whom she had fallen in love crazily.

Having no strength inside him to bear her sweet torture he moved at his place and grabbed her face to kiss Her,kiss her insanely till his last breath. He bited on her lower lip to have his way inside her mouth and without any protests sonakshi let him take the lead and drown herself into the blissful feeling.

After good 10 mins they broke their kiss because of lack of oxygen. Sonakshi rested her head on his chest and started breathing heavily. Dev’s case wasn’t different from Her,he rested his head back on the pillow and stared breathing heavily. Sonakshi could very well hear his raised heartbeat and her body moves rhythmically up and down with every breath of him. The smile didn’t left it’s place from their faces. They couldn’t describe the feeling into words,how complete they feel at that moment.

Dev…….. ; Sonakshi spoke after sometime still resting her head on his chest and dev hummed in reply giving her approval to speak further.

I…….Ahmmm……I……. ; she stammered with her words trying to say the thing which she wanted to say from a long time but words refuses to come out of her mouth.

Tum mere sath kuch BHI share kar sakti ho bina kisi jhijhak ke……hai na ; his words sounds like a question though he was stating the true fact.

Main…..Main phirse Maa bann na chahti hu…….. ; finally sonakshi spill out the beans and after that there was pin drop silence in the room.

Haan…….Main dubara Maa bann na chahti hu. Tumhare liye…….Mere liye……Humare liye……Main Tumhe tumhara sapna jeete huve dekhna chahti hu……Main Humara sapna been a chahti hu…Tumhare sath.. ; she said in one go placing his hand on her belly and reminding the time when She first got to know about her pregnancy,she so wished that she could make him feel that feeling of carrying his baby inside her womb.

Dev immediately withdrew his hand from her hold,shuting his eyes close. He’s still not over with the pain of not being there with her at time when She was carrying their sign of love inside her. It still pains inside his heart whenever he thinks about it. Sonakshi rubbed his shoulder to clam him down,she can feel his pain the same way he feels.

NAHI……..Humare pass Soha hai…..Or……Or mujhe doosra bacha NAHI chahiye…….; Dev said not meeting her eyes and in the next second he stood up from the bed,gathered his clothes from the floor where he threw them last night.Sliding them back upon his body he left the room without giving a glance to her.

Sonakshi stayed under the duvet shocked with his blunt reply. She was unable to understand his words. Why he don’t want to have another kid when she herself wants to have it. She knows that it was and is his dream to live the moments which he missed during soha’s time and now when she’s ready to fullfill his dream he’s refusing…Why????????

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