Her director his designer episode 18

Ragini and laksh were entered into resturent as laksh described no one recognised them.
They takes their place to eat..
They ordered their starters food and all….
They shared their childhood memories ..
Their young age crushes..
Their math and english teachers love stories..
Laksh:- you knew i all time crush was my english teachers..
Ragini:- why you boys always have crush on them.
Laksh:- like you have crush on female teachers..
Ragini:- oh yaa i have to say my inter maths teacher was damm cute you knew a manely perfect men ..
Laksh gets jeousl and says by looking u cant decide man character u knew i mean manely and all . it doesnt mean that rough looking ones are not good for example look at me..i am rough looming guy but you knew how sweet i am..
Ragini keeps her hand on her chin and says really is that sweet you are..
Sensing his jeously..
Laksh understands her intensions and changes topic.
Laksh:- so whats your next project.
Ragini:- here also work stop it laksh.
Laksh:- do you have lover..
Ragini coughs immediatedly.
Laksh taps her head and passes water..
Laksh:- did i ask u that much dangerous question that you started coughing.
Ragini:- untill now i didnot find a person like that..
Yaa if i find in future i will tell you definetly before him ok.
Laksh:- thats a great offer thank you.
Ragini smiles they completes their dinner and starts driving back…
Laksh:- can i ask you a personel question to you if you dont mind.
Ragini:- dont worry laksh i am not commited and yaa (she says in his ears ) i am virgin.
Laksh opens his eyes in shock by lisening to ragini.
Laksh:- come on yar not that one.
Ragini:- then.
Laksh:- are u sure shall i ask.
Ragini:- what are you going to ask that you are hestitating so much.
Any way shoot with your question.
Laksh:- why are you staying at your house you can stay with your new family.why you are staying alone wont you get afraid.
Ragini:- they accepted me that doesnt mean that i will be burden to them .
I will go weekends to their house and coming to be alone i am habituated to it so easy.
I think you were effecting by my Past.
That you are becoming concerned.thats why i hate to share my feeling to any one because they starts showing concern.i thought you were different and i said to you but you also.
Laksh:- ok baba i wont ask anything about your past ok.
Ragini:- no you can ask you have that right to knew about me.
Laksh becomes shocked by her Statement and looks at her..
Ragini:- come on you were my frd i trust you more than me..
Laksh just smiles and feels guilty for hidding truth from her….
Laksh:- i am not having guts to say truth to you and by going you were trusting me more what to do..
Ragini waves hand infront of him and says..
What happen where you lost..
Laksh:- nothing just like that..
Ragini:- lost in dreams of some girl.
Laksh:- i dont have girl friends ok.
Ragini:- hii i am your friend naa.
Laksh:- ha .. uhmmm i mean i dont have that type of girl friends.
Ragini:- ohhh.
Laksh:- by the way ragini u were becoming naughty these days haa.
Ragini:- thank you for your complement.
Laksh:- when will you return from paris..
Ragini:- one and half month trip.
Laksh:- oh…
Ragini:- when you are going back.
Laksh:- tomorrow night..
Ragini:- happy journey ..
Laksh:-thank you…
Soon laksh drops her in her flat.
Ragini:- while taking seat belt byee.
Laksh:- bye..
Laksh droves back to his home.
Laksh goes to his father room who is looking at a big photo frame..
Laksh entres and goes towards his dad and keeps a hand on her shoulder..
Dp turns with teardy eyes..
Laksh wipes his tears and sits next to him.
Dp:- will he forgive me..
Laksh:- ofcourse dad he will.
Dp innocently:- really…and claps..
And sleeps on his lap..
Where laksh cares head..
Laksh:- once ragini forgive you dad you will be back to normal.
Only she can bring you back..
I knew without saying truth i am cheating her but my intenstions are not wrong dad.
I missing you very much and sees his dad slept and he makes him rest properly and goes….
He takes his mobile and sees ragini picture and says..
Ragini:- i am sorry for cheating you by hiding truth but i really started to feel for you..
I think i am in love with you.

Precap:- ragini surprise for laksh.


  1. Fats

    Loved the update. Ragini’s naughtiness was funny. And the friendly relationship RagLak have is portrayed really nicely. Can’t wait to read more xx

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