HE,ME….UNKNOWN! (chapter 4)


I wasn’t sure if he was cheating me. I finally asked that what were you both talking… I tried my best to be normal.
He said that they were talking about cats. How a big liar, probably he knew that I would just burst with anger if he told me the truth.
I decided that I would break up with him after he himself confesses that what Saanvi said to him.. I decided to do so even when I knew I love him so much.
One day he asked me “Who am I to you?”
Now, I just gave a bit tricky answer “A type of friend eg. Best friend, Good friend, friend or….. a boyfriend ”
He was quite confused actually I wrote 2 messages to him 1st one had Friday and sort after the first msg he probably went off-line and then that idiot Aditi start flooding his message column. Because of which my 2nd msg was trapped all between Aditi’s messages. After a few days, he told me that he is going out for a few weeks. So, I replied ” Okay fine, be back soon.I will miss you!! “

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  1. HBD NiTi the doll ILYSM

    Awesome update anna!!!!! Loved it yaar! That aditi is a sticky-picky kinda gluestick here?? Aditi The Villain!!! I find ur story cute!

    1. Thanks a lot Dear Plumpyyy

  2. Loved it anna waiting for next. Love u.

  3. hey anna its really great 🙂

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