HE,ME….UNKNOWN! (chapter 3)

Hallo people I am Anna and This is the 3Rd Chapter of HE,ME….UNKNOWN. Sorry for spelling mistakes and please post your precious comments below. And By the way this is a non-fictional story but only a few characters names are changed.

I asked her “what’s her name?”. She replied “Aditi”

Well, first I thought her name was cute but her wasn’t cute enough to impress me. Actually she behaved even worse than a beast.I hated her and I still do.

After a few days I chatted with him again and asked him about his more detailed introduction.
He told me that he lives in Uttar Pradesh in India.His name was…ABHAY. He was 15 years old.

I slowly started loving him. Whenever we used to talk Aditi always interrupted as if she had some problems with me. I hated her more and more. But she wasn’t alone who I actually hated. There was one more idiot. Her name was Saanvi…

One day I and Abhay were talking and then Aditi interrupted as always but I had to remain calm. She chatted with Abhay for 1hr then at last I got to talk with Abhay but then Saanvi interrupted and started talking with him. Ugh!.. I was enraged and started reading their chat. I lied to Abhay that I am going to have dinner. Actually I was reading what they were chatting.Saanvi knew that I am his girlfriend

Saanvi : Abhay I want to tell you something important
Abhay : What happened
Saanvi : I don’t know how to say this…
Abhay : Tell fast
Saanvi : I…Love you
Abhay: Okay fine

(I really felt to slap her)

Abhay : What?????????!!!!!!!!!
Saanvi : Bye Baby..
Abhay : Heyyyyy Wait a second…

I felt that was he cheating me?!

Credit to: ¤¤ Anna ¤¤


  1. nisha

    Hey anna, Loved this part yaar, who cares that its small. its small but sweet Soooooooo sweet.

    Abhay and Saanvi Also loved the name of the duo . Its nice I loved it Genuinely.

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