HE,ME….UNKNOWN! (chapter 3)


Hallo people I am Anna and This is the 3Rd Chapter of HE,ME….UNKNOWN. Sorry for spelling mistakes and please post your precious comments below. And By the way this is a non-fictional story but only a few characters names are changed.

I asked her “what’s her name?”. She replied “Aditi”

Well, first I thought her name was cute but her wasn’t cute enough to impress me. Actually she behaved even worse than a beast.I hated her and I still do.

After a few days I chatted with him again and asked him about his more detailed introduction.
He told me that he lives in Uttar Pradesh in India.His name was…ABHAY. He was 15 years old.

I slowly started loving him. Whenever we used to talk Aditi always interrupted as if she had some problems with me. I hated her more and more. But she wasn’t alone who I actually hated. There was one more idiot. Her name was Saanvi…

One day I and Abhay were talking and then Aditi interrupted as always but I had to remain calm. She chatted with Abhay for 1hr then at last I got to talk with Abhay but then Saanvi interrupted and started talking with him. Ugh!.. I was enraged and started reading their chat. I lied to Abhay that I am going to have dinner. Actually I was reading what they were chatting.Saanvi knew that I am his girlfriend

Saanvi : Abhay I want to tell you something important
Abhay : What happened
Saanvi : I don’t know how to say this…
Abhay : Tell fast
Saanvi : I…Love you
Abhay: Okay fine

(I really felt to slap her)

Abhay : What?????????!!!!!!!!!
Saanvi : Bye Baby..
Abhay : Heyyyyy Wait a second…

I felt that was he cheating me?!

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  1. nice story bt y so small update dear…..

    1. Sorry Dear Will try to write long..

  2. Nice PLZ do continue

    1. Thank you for your precious comments

  3. Cool dear !! Anna cntinu dear !!

  4. anna it is fab….plz update soon

  5. continue dr

  6. Hey anna, Loved this part yaar, who cares that its small. its small but sweet Soooooooo sweet.

    Abhay and Saanvi Also loved the name of the duo . Its nice I loved it Genuinely.

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