HE,ME UNKNOWN (Chapter 2)


He said “I love you still”. I was like what the hell is he talking about.
I : Whom do you think I am!?
He : Anna
I : I don’t know you in fact I never knew you ever before
He : Okay, so do you mean you don’t know me?
I: Oh yes
He: I am extremely sorry…SoRRy
I: That’s okay
He : I am not quite sure but let’s be friends then..
I: Okay..

We chatted a few weeks but then at last he asked me out which was I wasn’t expecting a lot. I liked him but as a friend.
He: Will you..be my Girlfriend?? He asked
I was like what should I say…
I: Yes

He actually kept calling me baby from then..
After some time I started feeling comfortable with him. I even started knowing his friends. I met one friend of his which I hated after chatting with her. She Always loved him, in fact she was his ex girlfriend.

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  1. Nice update..But I am waiting for upcoming epi to know more and clear my doubts..pls update next soon..
    R u a Girl or a boy ?..R u from Tamil Nadu?..
    Take care ?..

    1. Girl and by the way these things have actually happened with me.I am from Mumbai

  2. Hmm nice of continue ….. I think u r new ….

  3. Hey anna, Loved to read this yaar,

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooow so interesting nice and cute. Loved you anna keep going waiting for next.

  4. That’s really cute and smooth 😀

  5. Keep going Anna 😀

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