Hii guys i am sanjana many of u know me ….
This is an article based on heltej …

IN REAL LIFE – she is bold bubbly sweet and beutiful … she loves her co-stars especially teju a lot .
HELLY AS SWARA – she is same as her real life . She loves ragini a lot .Many of u consider her as ‘mahan’ bcoz always her role is positive. But that is not the fault of swara or helly that’s the fault of writers . And some are saying that swara is short heighted and all that … but actual beauty doesn’t lie in our face but in our heart .

IN REAL LIFE – in real life she is same as helly and also she loves helly .
TEJASSWI AS RAGINI – she is a shy and traditional girl . She loves her family and swara a lot . And some of you all hates him bcoz of her negative role . Again it is not the fault of teju or ragini its the fault of writers .

Guys remember one thing – SWARAGINI ARE SOUL SISTER AND HELTEJ ARE TRUE FRIENDS . So if u are a true fan of helly/teju so don’t bash teju / helly . For eg – As if u are a helly fan and bashing with teju ur helly will feel bad . So guys don’t bash .

Guys I want to add one more line – ACTUAL BEAUTY DOESN’T LIE IN FACE BUT IN OUR HEART AND SOUL . if u r a kind hearted girl/boy then u will not bash and automatically u will be beautiful . So guys plz don’t bash .

I accept that I am a die heart helly fan but that doesn’t mean I hate teju .

Guys sorry if anyone felt bad through my article . I doesn’t mean to hurt u . I just wanted to share a message . So guys plz share ur views through comments .

Bye . Bye …

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  1. yup Di…I know you…I am fully agree with you…I am also a die heart fan of Helly but that doesnt mean that I hate teju…I like Teju also Speically I adore Heltej bond…
    Love u a lot Di for your analysis

  2. Hi sanjana..I appriciate ur efforts but Bashers will naver stop bashing hel or teja.

    Ur artical wont affect them.
    So dont waste ur time dear.

    Helly teja have lots of work in there life so they can ignore such peoples or being an actor they have to accept ve as wel as -ve comments.

    So u dont waste ur time in posting such articals

  3. you are right dear…..Both of them are well talented and wonderful actress….we should praise them instead of bashing

  4. Helly teja r busy peoples.They can ignore the people who r bashing them…Its all their problem.. Ur sweet artical doesnt affect helly/Teja/Bashers

  5. I agree with you 100%. Helly and Tejasswi are such good friends in real life so why is it Helly and Tejasswi fans can’t be friendly with each other. If people are true fans of them then they wouldn’t bash the other actor, because by doing this they are bashing their favourite’s friend. Hopefully the bashing stops and people respect the two because in reality Helly and Tejasswi are such sweethearts ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Yes..U said ri8 sanjana

  7. Well said dr…… i also helly’s fan. But i hate those who bashing helly and teju…..
    I love them both……
    You did good job dr…

  8. Vyshu10

    Well said….Beauty lies in heart. Helly is very pretty and so cute. She looks beautiful even if she is crying. She is so talented, childish yet mature, hardworking and dedicated. Helly is beautiful in and out.
    I really pity body shamers…Helly is 5’3. Some of us, our sisters, our moms are around dat height. Does anyone like if we call them short?

  9. Akshaya

    No you are right sanju . I’m tejaswi fan but I like helly too

  10. you have touched my heart dear such beautiful words that fools or bashers wiil never understand because they can’t diffrentiate reel and real life swara and ragini are characters of a story but helly anf teju are human beings so please understand the difference of reel and real life they are truly angels

  11. its true

  12. RUPA

    Well said…

  13. Hmm. Fully agree with u…

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