Help for new ff of swaragini…….. smiley / Divyanshri


Hello guys I am Divyanshri……. Or u can call me smiley too…… as I am known by smiley to my TELLY update friends……..

Guys I have a idea in my mind I need some help so that I can improve it n pen it down…..

Now a days love stories are common. Hate stories ar also Common.
So I was thinking to write a ff which is based on women power with love spice. what’s say?????

I mean to say that how girls in some places still are struggling to live a happy life….. They r harassed brutally treated n many more…… I saw many such stories which are based on women rights and powers….. so is my idea Okay????

But I will not be able to write it now I will start it from July or if I write some parts I will post it…..
But I need suggestions and also help….. so please help me

…….GOLDIE DI……..
Many more awesome writers are there but I really like goldie di’s ff…….
ARYANA She is just outstanding……
SAM simply genius……
Again many are there……

Guys please comment n give ur ideas……. please

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  1. sanskriti ? die hard fan of swasan ?

    Ya ur idea is awsm i have never read swaragini ff based on women power I would loved to read it
    I have an idea I hope u like it. First make swara a shy type reserved girl then just break her heart from she loved and then make her a bold and courageous swara

  2. Dafsi

    Yes start 🙂 all the best smiley

  3. ur idea is very good smiley…..waiting for ur ff…..interesting concept

  4. Pls make swara and ragini characters equally important….better they be sisters…don’t want swara/ragini to be bold/courage in single incident or situations like love failure…
    Make them as from middle class achieve their goals step by step…
    Swadeetha characterisation in dehleez is good example for such role..vvv natural and realistic…it will be good if we hve swara and ragini like such roles…

  5. Till now we have not seen swara and ragini in professions like lawyer(swara will opt 4 tis),collector, police(ragini will suit 4 this),forensic dept,…
    Sanlak will also apt for such roles….
    U can take any sensational issue as majar concept…other then gang rape bcz many ffs are there..

    Pls post H sanskar and H swara soon….

  6. nice idea

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