Helly and tejaswi 2

Hey everyone,

Im heltej
Once again m writing post for bashers and fans…!
Im fed up with fans world war…  Both the fandom is equally responsible for this current wardom!
if this fans come face to face… They will ripe off their head… I dont know when they get this much time to bash each other!
Both the fandoms wants to prove that… ‘tejaswi is unprofessional and helly s***t with other to get screen space’… I think they have experience in this thats why they are telling this! Most of the fans are under the age of 20… If they have this much negativity.. How they survive rest of their life…

Please bashers, consider my advice start a BASHING SCHOOL.. Trust me you will be successful in that….. You can show whole world we can stoop low this much…those bashers are utter failures in life….  And those whom u are bashing are successful in life atleast they made place in heart of millions of people (fans) and also made place in mind of millions of people (haters).
What do you think by bashing helly/teja they will come to your house will do pooja for defaming her friend’s character? Ok… Just think u n ur frnd doing some work… ur fan coming and praising u…  But also she trying to defame ur frnd using ur name… Will u feel good…  Or will you feel bad?  I will feel bad someone is defaming my friend by using my name
Most of the fans consider helly/teja as their idol….right? If u have respect for idol… Please dont bash her friend…!  Being a girl u can’t respect a girl in social media… Then why you expecting a boy to respect in real life…!

I have seen so many comments questioning about their upbringing…  Is this parents told u…  U should question about others upbringing…?
Please if someone have problem with actress… Please ignore it… Dont post anything in public pages like fb,instagram, twitter n tu… Most of the fan fighting will reduce if we avoid posting reviews and bad things about other actress…. If u have problem with other actress… Post a praising post for your fav (consider my this advice those managing pages for ur favs and couples)
I have deleted my fb account… If anyone found it useful u can share it twitter and fb! Haa using nasty comments u can win others then let me tell u one thing… If someone insult a person in social media its a cyber crime… In my neighborhood one boy was arrested for insulting girl in social media… God knows… When is ur chance coming… ! For your favorites.. Dont disheartened your parents!

One more thing as life goes on, we will have different taste… Our likes will get changed.. That time don’t regret for what telling now!
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  1. i totally agree with you….i am regular over here and always i see all these fights between swasan and raglak fans all these times i had never commented but now its going too much i j just couldnt resist myself from commenting……guys its high time for you people to understand that swasan and raglak are only fictional characters and helly and tejaswi in actual life they are good frnds…and regarding the interview what tejaswi said was just a joke so stop taking it so seriously….plz its a reqst to all swasan and raglak fans plz do not fight anymore….and even if you have any complain about the show then get it clear that helly ,tejaswi,namish,and varun are just actors they act according to what the script demands…..

    1. Heltej

      Thanks for understanding 🙂

  2. Tasneem

    U r just so right why should every person bash the person who he hates instead of praising the one he loves!!
    If your opinion is negative just keep it for yourself and stop making a stupid propaganda on nothing.. They are mentally sick people… What if they bash someone what will they win or lose.. NOTHING… so what if you bash you will just get offended and your parents will get offended with you.. They are sick people…

    1. Heltej

      They are blind in favs love 🙂 they forgot they have their own family!

  3. ur 100% right.
    i dnt lyk tejaswi&ragini but mote than that i love my cutie pie…but its waste of time to bash yejaswi instead of bashng i used to praise my cutie girl hellu..

    hellu love u dear..love u alots..ur so beautifull nd and a awsm actrrs the most importany u have a good personality..u knw how to handle things maturely..love u dear..love u alots..all the best for jhalak.

    1. Heltej

      Dear thank you :):)

  4. I definitely agree with what you said. I personally cannot stand when someone bashes and tries to find negatives in actors of even anyone in general because we are far from perfect ourselves and we have many flaws too. And also, what’s the point in bashing and trying to portray actors being negative. It only makes you sound hypocritical because you are in reality backbiting and just being plain rude. I just hope the bashing stops, it’s not nice to see and it is so unfair on the actors. They don’t do anything yet they have to face lots slack from fans.

    1. Heltej

      Dear, true they are back bitting! They all are blind in their favorites love…

  5. Sumeeta

    U r 100% right.but i dont think so ye fan war kabhi bhi kahatam hogi.kyuki khatam karne k liye dono fandom ki try karne paregi.jo impossible hai.kabhi ek try karte hai to dusra bhid jata hai aur kabhi dusra try karta hai to phala bhid jata hai.
    Is topic par hi kitna post hui hai tu me pata hai.ab tak koi phaida nahi hua hai.
    At first ragini was bashed due to her negative shade.tejaswi was doing her job fabulously in negative character.so thats why teju was bashed vigorusly.yet some fans called her with abuse name.each negative character was bashed.then hellys bashing was start which was baseless because she was never negative.ab uski bashing hui hai kyu wo positive character hai.helly was bashing personaly.other fan point finget towards her character.when swasan is final pair it was clear again helly was bashed by swalak fan nd ragsan fan just because swara choose sanskar over laksh.
    In hellys birth day she was bashed vigorously.someone tell her to die.nd also that she was slept with hole member of sr.
    This same thing happens in tejus birthday .someone tell her to die.smone tell that she was covered with kilo kilo make up.
    Nd letest iv just igniting this fire more.
    Both have a huge fandom no one can control to the whole fandom.so this fan war never ending.but atleast we can try that we stick only to praise our fav.nd if we can not praise them,we have no right to bash them.
    Jab swara vs ragini hota hai to people enjoy the show more.it was reflected on trp also.so its my pov.if any one disagree with me .we can talk a healthy discussion not a voice rising talk.
    Jis fan war ki itni shade hai.muje nahi lagta ki wo itni jaldi khatam hogi.atlest we can try.nd spread only +ve vibes.

    1. Heltej

      Dear, hope so there will be less bashing…! V can’t control over huge fandom… But we can reduce the bashing if we avoid others fav!

  6. Sanjanaagrawal

    Heltej I totally agree with u …. I am also a helly fan but never bashed teju fans …. plz guys stop bashing ….

    1. Heltej

      Thank you dear!

  7. Yes dear u r absolutely right..everyday its gng too much..its too iritating…by seeing all these i dnt commnt nwadys..both da fans of swasan nd raglak r bashing each other…y thy r nt undrstndng its a drama nd thy r actors..thy r just plyng their roles accordng to the script…y thy all dnt undrstnd dis..nowadys in commnt page instead of praisng their actors thy r bashing and using mny abbusive languages wch is rlly untolerable..how cn thy use such words on the actors..if u all dnt like them(swara/ragin), then atlst focus on ur favrouite actor..u all dnt hav ne right to bash or insult dem and to hurt their fans…stop all dis pls its a humble request to u all..by bashing u r defaming urself in front of all…so pls stop all these..jst support whom u like..
    Nd love u loads my swasan nd kp supprtng helly fr jdj..luve u swasan???

    1. Heltej

      They are not understanding… Some other fandom too trying create rift btw swasan and raglak

  8. i appreceate ua work dea.Bt its falling on deaf ears.ty dnt stop.its high tym ty ave to undrstnd the difference btwn reel and real..praise ua fav n respect othrs..

    1. Heltej

      They became dumb and blind in their favorites love!

  9. Mica

    there are 2 feeling inside our heart, our love to our favorite one, and hatred to our hated one/enemy.
    if we are so busy to bashing our enemy/ the hated person, instead of praising our favorites.
    our hatred win over our love.
    and we give more importance toward the hated.

    1. Heltej

      Dear, its true

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