Helly Shah : A gorgeous girl with golden heart


Helly shah.. an awesome actress. . we all know her as swara.. a perfect example of an actress. . why we loves her so much? many reasons. .

1. a real beauty.. we can’t ignore her beauty while writing about her.. he deep beautiful sparkling eyes and million dollar smile.. her moon like glowing face.. she literally defines beauty.. and she is more gorgeous without any make up.. she didn’t care of make up in many scenes.. it is very hard to see any other actress appear on screen without make up. our helly is a true beauty and she has a certain attraction.. even girls are mad for her

2: her hard work. . actors/ actresses are always doing much hard work. . and RS production house mainly have more than 15 hours shooting.. helly manages her shooting ( she and varun have more scenes than anyone) , her studies , and now rehearsals for jdj.. then also she gives interviewes and all.. in gpa she had 3 performances, she had exams and shooting also.. but she manged everything well..isn’t shows her hard working and professionalism? many actors refuse to work more than 7 hours.. ( not SR actors).. so in this young age don’t you think she is very much hard working? and a true professional? this quality of her increases our love towards her..

3: her love towards her fans. . I don’t see much celebrities taking care of their fans.. she always try to give time for her fans.. she chat through insta and twitter and always gives iv’s.. she upload pics in insta always for her fans.. she never ever said a word which hurts her fans.. not only her she didn’t hurt anyone. . she didn’t said anything hurting to her bashers also.. she never hurts any fans of any fandom . and always says that she loves her fans so much.. she always appreciate and love her fans in a sweet way.. proud to be her fan..

4: Her amazing bond with costars.. if 2 heroine comes together in a show there is a high chance of insecurity problems between them.. here I adore both hejaswi.. both share an amazing bond.. and helly share a beautiful bond with all other co stars.. she always respect her costars and asked her and teju fans to unite.. she want her fans to love her co stars also.. she always post pics of her co stars and gives iv’s with them.. she is really an adorable co star

.5: maturity. . she is just 20.. but she is very mature girl when it comes handling issues.. when she gets bashing she never brust out. she never scold or bash them.. she just ignore them.. because she know they didn’t deserve her attention. . she handled it well and mature manner.. her acting is beyond her age.. she is mature in acting and mature in real life.. she asked her fans not to bash her co stars in a very polite way.. her each iv’s tell us that she is really a mutured girl..

6: queen of acting.. I don’t have any words to describe her acting.. only I can say that she is the queen.. queen of acting.. no one can beat her in acting and expression skills.. and she is very much dedicated to acting.. she didn’t care of good dress , good make up anything. . she got worst dress and make up sometimes.. but she never complainted.. only thing matter her is her job.. acting is in her blood. . she born for acting.. and has to achieve more.

7: sweet nature.. helly is really sweet.. and very down to earth girl.. when we saw her iv’s we will not think that she is a celebrity. . because she talks very politely . and innocently. . she didn’t show any attitude to her viewers. . she always humble to them.. and she is very sweet and friendly with media also.. she never thinks that she is such a famous celebrity.. also behaves as a common ordinary girl..

Helly shah a true diva.. a famous heroine but as much down to earth person.. a very beautiful girl.. a girl who loves everyone. . a girl who cares for every one.. a real gem.. it is very hard to see such an awesome actress in industry. . but we got her as our swara.. we love helly through swara.. but we understood than helly is nore adorable than swara.. helly shah a gorgeous girl with a golden heart.. love her more than myself. . guys share your views and add more qualities of her..

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  1. Pooja26

    reallyy true…….
    100 % right……

    love u helly…… a lot 😉 😉

  2. agree with u jwalu … for me she is the best actress in telly world…and i m a jabra fan of her like u jwala…she is the real diva.. a proud hellyholic… 🙂

  3. Kritika

    Read it already on India forums..
    Srsly correct ….
    Swara/helly haters stay away!
    Thanks jwala for sharing it here!!

  4. U r not at all right…instead u r absolutely 100000000% right! She’s a real diva! U will find no one better….I won’t say much abt her coz I can write a whole epic on her….she’s my idol….salute u Helly….love u…

  5. Purvisharma

    Hundred per cent true…….. ???????

  6. Yes Helly is a good actress but u can’t tag her as the queen of acting when there are so many awesome actresses out there who also portray their emotions and feelings in such a manner that even the audience can feel their plight…take for example: Divyanka, Sanaya, Drashti, Mouni …they’re just too amazing and incredible.

    I see you’re a big fan of Helly which is a good thing but don’t point out that no one can beat her in acting…because actually there are many who can give her a stiff competition with their charm and talent.

    Apart from this point, I agree with the rest of your points?

    1. Jwala

      for me she is queen of acting.. and no one can beat in that I mean no one can poetry swara like her.. I know there are many actress highly talented.. and I mean helly is not less than them.. sorry for misunderstanding dear.. I don’t said that other actresses less than her.. many actress are best. but no one can give life to swara other than helly.. I seriously don’t try to compare anyone with her ..

      1. Jwala

        and I don’t like comparison. . helly is just 20 and they are above 30.. so it is foolishness to compare helly with them.. but in this young age she can give competition to them in acting. so indeed she is queen of acting

      2. Vyshu10

        yes…she was just 19 when she started d show and 12-13 when she entered d industry. She gave life to swara. She beats herself in acting always. Competing wid d rest itself is a very huge achievement.

  7. U r absolutely right…c is jst awesome.love hr a lot

  8. love helly

  9. Nidhi

    Jwala Hatts off I really loved the way you just purely wrote about helly and din’t even bashed Teju even a little Your a true fan and i bet all fans who read this would agree how fed up we were to see the bashing or people saying she’s not bad but she’s not this really awesome jwala
    #Heltej Fan 😉

    1. Jwala

      thanks dear.. it is not needed to bash other actress for our favourites. . I like tej also.. yeh.. fed up of bashing dear.. both hejaswi are really adorable. . and helly is my jaan

  10. U r absolutely right. The way she talk in the interview shows her innocence and maturity. How can one have both the qualities at a time. The way she conveys to the bashers by saying that “plz tum log aisa mat karo, varun ko pata chalega to bura lagega.” This shows that she don’t want to hurt anybody. Hats off to her. Love her from bottom of my heart. God bless u my child. Now she is ruling lakhs of hearts, but one I want to see her ruling millions and billions of hearts. Her smile is my energy booster.

  11. Divyanshri

    110% right……Her politeness is the most important thing to adore….. She is purely beautiful cuteness ki dukan….
    She has awsome confidence which is her strongest point…..
    I have heared in one iv that she is a very bright student….. I’m this small age she has managed her career as well as her studies. so well….. she is seriously an inspiration for us.
    She is popular that is why bashers bash her Becz they also agree that she is awsome actress……
    So blessed to be hellly shah fan…..
    Love u helly Di ????

  12. very true…helly shah is amazing..

  13. Vyshu10

    So true…..I have liked her from her gulaal days and when i saw her as swara, i couldn’t stop becoming her fan. Her eyes are very expressive. She is such a sweetheart…her smile is enough to cheer u up. She never complains… I like dat a lot in her. She is still a kid at heart….yet mature. I always see her like my sister.
    And she is such a wonderful, energetic and natural dancer.

  14. U r absolutly right. She is indeed a gem. Luv u so much helly.

  15. so true..u should ask her to see this.. 🙂

  16. jwala baby….u have said all the things I wanted to say…..ur are 100000000000000000000% true, she truly is an amazing actresss with golden heart and all the above…..love her soooo much and love u for this amazing post…:)

  17. jwala baby….u have said all the things I wanted to say…..ur are 100000000000000000000% righ, she truly is an amazing actresss with golden heart and all the above…..love her soooo much and love u for this amazing post…:)

  18. Abirsha

    Ha ha when i saw a episodic analysis on hellu shah i know that its u my lovely frnd jwala….. Seriously whatever u said is absolutely right….. In her young age she is doing many things….. Her acting is mind blowing….. She is really an acting queen only….. Love helly a lot…. Helly bashers pls stay away…. Dont say any words about her

  19. You are 10000000000000000000000000000000% true…I loved the way you tell about her…Even your answer was awesome to Nandini Di…..For me Also she is a Oueen of acting…
    She is my inspiration….
    I love her so much…What to say about her…I am just speechlesss…Teju is also awesome…
    I am a heltej fan…
    Love u helly so much …May God bless you…
    Bashers stay away…Dont stay even a bad word about helly…
    Love u so much…
    Are main aapko kah rahi ho….
    Yes Di I love u so much…

  20. oh jwala,in first article of urs I got to know that u r a true fan of helly just like me…………..bt difference is that write for her and I read for her….
    u know what I love her so much……she is so humble nd cute….. what can I say?????
    thank a lot dear…..

  21. Absolutely right she is a gem

  22. Love her ……look best with all three boys … namish varun and anuj…… u r right jwala

  23. Sumeeta

    Truly all of ur statement is true.she is just superb.in this young age she is doing superb job.nd i am just impressed with her maturity.she is 20.nd i am sure that she will climbe mote steps of succsess.i love her determination,heard work,ignorance capabilitu towards her hater,tolarance nd politeness

  24. RUPA

    Cent % true Jwala.

    The way Helly handled bashers and even asked her fans not to bash tejaswi and raglak was something beyond her age.

    Her maturity with innocence makes me fall for even more.

    She is such a pious soul.

    Love ya for this awesome post!!!

  25. AnuAnn

    100% agree with you dear. I’m a crazy fan helly.. From the starting if SR I start to like her. Gradually it become love.. But when bashing against helly started she become one man army against them from there I become crazy for her.. It is the first time I’m loving a celebrity this extend.. I know we can’t compare her with duvyanka drashti… … Because they r proved actresses but our helly is a growing actress.. Bt at this younger age she proved that she can become a brilliant actress

  26. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    I know it’s you di. Bcz analysis ho ya or kuch app hi toh karti ho.I must say,you are brave di.Your analysis is best.And it’s 100% true.Keep it up.

  27. well said jwala..

  28. jwalu whtvr u said ws 200% true…..my hellu is sooooooo sooooo sooooo beautifull……i call her cute princess……she is soooo soooo sooo cute….nd haa she done many scenes without makeup bt still sooo cute…actually i fall for her cute innocent face….nd her eyes omg jya bolum i fall on her completely….i m a crazy fan of hellu….i love helly more dan swara…..my frndz r really pissed of my talks abt cute hellu…bd u knw wht my galllary is full of her pics…..i love my cutie pie hellu alot…

    nd haa hellu is really a hardworkng girl…i wonder hw she manages to study in her hectic shedules….in my exm time i didnt give any time for anythng…just concenttate on study…bt she…she is just fabulous yaar…even in dis young stage she achieved alot….love u helly sooo much

    she loves her fans alot….evn she alwayz say to her fanz dat dnt bash othr actorss….i liked it alot…….nd she bashed brutly by some insecure jealousy fans..bt she didnt give any damn to den…she can delete dat comment or take action against dem…bt she didnt…dats like my strongest girl….bcs of her good nd down to earth chrctr she has more dan200kbfollowers in insta nd more dan 100k likes in officual fb page…..bt some ugly insecure jealous ppl still bashng her…hw cn dey bash a innocent doll like hellu…..she cates her fans alot….

    by seeing het ivz we cn say dat hw maturely she takes evrythng…while some other try to act like a kid fakely…..yes many girls like me fall for her..i knw u too fall fr her bt i m more hehe…..ys my cutie pie helku is indeed a gorgeous girl with golden heart…..love u love u lovevu love u sooo much my cutie pie hellu…


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