WHY DEVANSHI ? that question snapped on my mind once i heard the news about
Helly Shah, my Swara joined Color serial Devanshi as Devanshi. I bet many
people, mostly my swasanian family surprised yet disappointed and raised a
same question as me (piranha twin hug for you, guyz!).

Why did she choose Devanshi ? the unpopular serial which almost shared the
lowest TRP in every week for Color channel, the serial with uninteresting
story line for teenagers, or we can say a flop serial.
Why didn’t she take a role in IB ? A hit serial, a popular serial among
teenagers, a serial with stability good TRP in every weeks.
She will be good to pairing with Kunal (don’t say no, when you can see
how cute Ardhika at mmz, you can imagine how suit Helly with Kunal on screen)
Why did she take unpopular show instead a hit serial ?

That questions lead me to did a little research about Devanshi and my Helly Shah,
all her characters (chiiieeee….).
The research which stopped in 1 conclusion, HELLY LOVES A STRONG GIRL CHARACTER
The girl who can stand for herself and otherS, the girl who can role the world
with her own name, the girl who can change the world with her own identity
without attached to any man name,no matter what her position, being a single
girl, a daughter, a wife, a bahu or a woman on a society.
When IB serial is about brothers and their bonding, Devanshi is about girl story,
That’s why she choose Devanshi, to convey her dream, to inspire other girls
about girl power, girl strengthen.

We can compare her choice of all her characters, in gulaal, as Alaxmi, as Swara
Bose cum Swara Sanskar maheswary or her last interview of Swaragini when she
mentioned that how much she adored Swara character (sound narsistic somehow :D)
but true, that Swara Bose/Swara Sanskar Maheswary is a portrait of strong girl
character who can face everything. (ugh i kinda yelled to her that we are twin
as i love Swara character too 😀 ). All of them shown that Helly want to be/
inspired by strong girl character.

Being hellyadmirers or perhaps Swasanian, being a girl, no matter how disappointed
we are, no matter how shocked we are, at least we should take 1 important thing
from this situation, HER SPIRIT TO SHOW HOW STRONG A GIRL IS, she shows it by
her role in a serial, in a show, to change girl mind, to change the society
mindset as she has talent and skill on this field.

So, let’s be another strong girl, to believe girl power to change the society
and the world with their discrimination to us, to rule the world by our though,
our wise action and our bravery, to be subject of everything on society instead
being object. NO need to show them our CLEAVAGE as instead being subject, we
only being OBJECT of pervert men.

well, this all my point of view about my doll, my princess decision to join
Devanshi serial. Very very best luck for Helly Shah and her new journey, i’m
with you. Be yourself and stay humble.
For my friends, if you want a story of a girl do watch Devanshi, stay tune at
Color channel every 19.00 night. Wish it can inspire us to be a strong girl,
wish the writer won’t spoil the show with rona dona.

for my Swasanian family as well as VaHe fans, don’t be dishearten, don’t lose
hope, maybe it’s matter about serial only, maybe someday we can watch them as
pair again, remember ! even SRK-Kajol should separated for sometimes to get
another same projects. Maybe their separation is the best for all of us,
God provides what we NEED, not what we WANT…


ugh noone can beat our VaHe chemistry ON SCREEN, remember..ON SCREEN…

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  1. ya right mine too same pov ?? and yes SWASAN FOREVER AND EVER ?? no one can beat them

    1. Mica

      yay!!!!!! Stg !!!!!!! a big big big hug from me! your Swasan family.
      and let us be another strong girl dear!!!!

  2. Simin

    I knew this can only be written by u
    Well our doll is very unique
    U described her very well micu

    1. Mica

      😀 😀 you know me so well dear!!!!! *piranha hug

  3. Totally agree wit u…she choose the character cuz she knew well about both characters so we r no one to decide what she should have chosen…I am always with her no matter what..

    1. Mica

      yups… let’s us be another strong girl Bresh!!!

  4. I don’t know much ib but I believed gul khan serial would have been tight slap to some fans but yes she would always be the second lead but the truth is gul make amazing pairs she would have got the best and trp serial does give a boost rather than playing stronger character how many remember characters of flop serial but I think it is more about being the lead the sr serial was like a fighting ground ib would turn into same . Fans were more happy kunal got a big zero rather than a good storyline she is not that famous so screen space but storyline will suck. About devanshi hope it is a good decision and she got the serial bcoz she was not tantrum maker and as far as I feel the story will change and it will be more couple centric

    1. Mica

      Aamias.. yeah even me dunno much about this IB, i just think that it’s a popular serial than Devanshi nowadays. and you are so rite, that may IB and it’s another IB will be another fighting ground as SR. it must be another stressful period 😀 😀 .

      about the couple centrist, i do believe it as i ever lil bit disappointed with Gangga serial when the CVS turned Gangga only busy to fight about boyz, that why i wish CVS don’t spoil this story line this time.

      well, mostly my analysis only to encourage girls, and asked us (hellyadmirers) at least to see the positive side rather than misunderstand toward something…
      thank you so much for your POV…

  5. Vyshu10

    truth said?? Will always support helly. Micuuuuu…u wont stop giving hidden hints??

    1. Vyshu10

      And congrats…u r the first one to post ff/note for this serial

      1. Mica

        yay!!!!!!!!! thank you so much 😀 😀

    2. Mica

      and you won’t stop notice it..damn it vaishu!!!!!! how can you know that ??????
      huh1 what hint ? 😀 😀

  6. Kakali

    Yeiiiiii !! *crocodile hug.!!
    I’m crying here..!!
    Lemme clean my tears with ur ……………
    I miss SwaSan..!! DS soon gonna touch the heightens of TRP.. !! Hope so.!!
    Ty for writing it Mica.!! I’m unable to think n write now.. my fingers are ful of melting choco..!! ?

    1. Mica

      Kakuuuuuu!!!! are you mad ? how can you clean your tears with my broom ??? gooosshh!!!
      thehehe… i’m the first to post note at Devanshi page.. 😛 😛

  7. Shrilatha

    Whatever mica one of the babydoll is back now I am going to miss SR less as Swara is back

    1. Mica

      Aaaahhhh Shrilathaa… i’m still missing my Swasan..huaaaa
      thank you ….

  8. Namra

    Absolutely correct mica… I support helly… All the best wishes for Devanshi… Inshallah it will also be a hit show…

    1. Mica

      Amien Ya Rabb!!!! all the best for her… aaww thank you Namra..

  9. Anniya

    True said mica,we will always support her….
    Just waiting for devanshi…

    1. Mica

      Awwww.. Anniyaaaaa….. yeah! girl power forever! thank you

  10. Lovely thought dear. And yes we are with her. So we will hit the show. Again thank u mica for ur work.

    1. Mica

      aawww.. thank you so much Devi!!!!! no mention it, we are swasan family…

      1. U know mica I am a great fan of urs. Ur thought about helly always impress me. When ever any one has pointed her character as swara u have given right answers to them. I just love you dear.

    2. Mica

      awww.. Devii.. thank you so much dear.. love you

  11. Khushi1707

    Hey, Devanshi is an unpopular show alright, but our popular Helly is sure to make it popular..I’m sure her fans will take the show at higher positions

    1. Mica

      Amien….we all wish the best for that show…

  12. welcome back helly !!

    1. Mica

      wish the best for her ! and let we be strong girl, ty!

  13. MAHIRA

    arree wah!!! TWINYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!
    it’s awactly what i thought, what i did at the moment i knew about that serial…
    i went to read about Devanshi and found it about a woman ruling her world just by her pure heart and goodeness (bilkull our Swara!)
    no need for a man, or money, or great nam, or even saving the planet from alien or chasing demons with supernatural power…
    just her, little bubbly smily will lead her own universe at the force of her huge eyes gaze scolding or loving and her pointed finger proving the truth!!!
    i went to read about her other roles and was like woaaaahhh!!! she has always been like that….
    SO GO AHEAD HELLY!!! you’re able to turn this small serie to a huge blockbuster…
    and twiny!! i tell you, we are all clones of her :p

    1. Mica

      Hahahhahahah… huh! i’m jealous!!!! how can my twin cuter than me *pout
      but what to say!!! really we are twin 😀 😀

      by wish ! that her roles can inspire her and us too! *feminist tough 😀 😀

      you know what Di! i mentioned Srk-kajol without even know that there was a story behind, but then.. when you mentioned it.. i kindaaa whooaaaaaahhh!!!!! 😀
      thank you so much!

  14. Aasthu

    Mica we can’t say if Helly-Kunal would have made a cute pair……and ardhika are not cute….it’s nesam who is cute….I would prefer hot or some other name….nesam were already in love…Sam was just late is realizing it…but ardhika..(my all time fav couple…I love them more than your swasan Micuuu) ..they loved each other through innocence and misunderstandings…..I always wonder how Radhika fell in love with Arjun….Arjun started loving her after lonalva incident and also bcoz of her sweet nature….but Radhika????

    Devashi- no comments bcoz I have never watched it…..but Gauri’s character is also a strong one…though it is not shown….she saved herself from Takoor’s due to her brave nature and intelligence….the way Gauri carried her mom to the hospital and her words about relationships to her chachi was awesome……her caring nature and helping mentality….. it is bcoz of her that OM is alive…yet that stubborn head or rather hippy looking guy in Gauri’s language,didn’t even bother to say ‘thank you’….what is the use of being a billionaire if you don’t know basic manners??

    I’m very very happy that Helly decided not to act in DBO….it was bcoz of this lovely decision that my cutie pie Shrenuuu got in….I’m watching that drama only bcoz Shrenu is there….otherwise I would not have bothered….

    Micuuuuuu whatever I have commented is not related to your article…hope you won’t mind and will take everything in the right sense….

    1. Mica

      Aasthuuuu,, hii!! how are you dear!!! glad to see you!
      waa.. i love opposite attract :D, i called them cute for their posture and their character, not for love story, well, tiny Radhika just perfect for tall Arjun than Samaira-Arjun, isn’t it ?
      Strict, Arrogant Arjun can melt by bubble sweet Radhika, isn’t too ?
      that why if only kunal-helly on screen, it will be suit too somehow.
      About IB or DOB, i never watch it, and i know the female character will be strong one too..
      but, SHE WILL ONLY SHADOW OF MEN, as it is story of brothers… wish you got my point 🙂
      so glad that Helly decision made you happy..
      and yeah, Radhika falling in love to Arjun since Arjun carried her from a villager’s home, as on lift scene,Radhika ready to get kiss from him 🙂 😛

  15. Aasthu

    Micuuu if you don’t mind and if possible can you write an OS on ardhika??? on March 6th??? It’s my bday….is it possible?????? plzzzzzzzzzzz???????? I i98 not be able to comment…bcoz my exams are gonna start on 8th….my bad luck…I have never been able to enjoy my bday since 10th std….

    1. Mica

      huaaaa… soooo soorryyy,, seem i unable to fulfill your request dear.. omg!
      if only you tell me earlier as i mostly spent more a week to write story.. sorry again!
      and i get deadline too.
      All the best for your exam, ..

  16. hey mica!! you know this same question striked my mind and now i know why helly chose this serial all thanks to you….such lovely thoughts you have mica btw do you remember me

    1. Mica

      waaa.. thank you so much.. of course i remember you! girl power forever!

      1. mica if you don’t mind may i ask you something….you are in which standard? or you are in college?

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