Helly and tejaswi

Hey guys!
I think Some of the TU readers knows me.. I had already written one post about bashing of actress with diff name!
Now i had stopped watching swaragini cuz of the world war btw fandom!
Im writing one more post about my fav serial swaragini… I know most of the swasan and raglak fans wants to unite… One thing i know is that writing post about bashers and unity will not effect our mind… Instead we have to take initiative to atleast unite fandom against those bashing against our actress..

Its easy to tell both fandom to get united.. But it cant happen ol of the sudden… Instead we have to take small small steps to achieve big things..
If we unite and stand against bashers our favorites will be happy… Im a muslim girl… Islam taught me that if we make somebody smile… We will be blessed… If we bring smile in someones face… We will be happy r8? Like if we bring smile on our favorites… We will be happy r8?
Cant we go for one one trend… In twitter
Stating “#stopbashinghellyandtejaswi”
I said this for those who want to stop bashing both actress… Please dont trend for one actress if you are trending… Trend for both actress together… Ur favorites will be happy… If u show this gesture to them… Most of the fans cant send gifts but doing this they will be overwhelmed!
Can u take this seriously please… Make it aware in fb and twitter…! Tell to admins of fb and twitter! Please…
I just put my suggestion… Its upto u how u take it!

Credit to: Heltej


  1. Fats

    I would love to trend this as well. It saddens me how some women bash Helly and Tejaswi. As women, it’s our duty to empower one another, support one another and respect one another instead of constantly trying to bring each other down. People fail to realise these actors are normal humans like us and they have emotions too. The constant bashing can really upset them, their family and their friends and this is not right. I genuinely wish the bashing stops and people learn to respect the actors. Thank you for making this post xx

  2. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    Nice….i don’t like one of them but as a woman, i don’t like when anyone points out at a woman’s character and call them by cheap names.

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