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The bolt breaks, Mahen comes into the room and looks around. Sunidhi and the boys had run away with robes from windows. Sunidhi makes the boys run as Pratibha was there. She notices Sunidhi’s saree as they hid behind the car. Watching Pratibha approach, the three gets even worried. Pratibha peeks behind the car and was about to spot them when Mahen keeps a hand on her shoulder. She was afraid, Mahen says they have run away. Pratibha asks how. He says the door was locked from inside, and they flee from the window. Pratibha suggests they might get them in the way. Mahen asks how they will recognize them, let’s go home. Pratibha looks behind the car, there was no one. She asks Mahen to go home now. Sunidhi and the boys were hiding behind the wall.
Sunidhi burns the sim at home, she says this

was the last proof and now she would never be able to find anything. She says she didn’t want to burn it, but she left with no option. She says she has to do one last thing as well.
At dinner table, Pratibha asks Sunidhi did she cook it all alone. Sunidhi says she was busy but thought Pratibha is also busy these days, so she cooked everything. She asks Pratibha if they know anything about the blackmailers, Pratibha says no. Mahen says they must inform police. Sunidhi’s face loses its colour. Kaashi says it is a matter of girl, they won’t involve police. Mahen says someone black-mailed Peehu so badly. Kaashi says Pratibha must have said this, he isn’t thinking about Peehu even. Police will call her so many times for investigations, she won’t concentrate on studies even and the society will also blame her. Sunidhi tells Pratibha that her mother’s friend is at a hight post in a telephone company, she can help them. A stone comes breaking the house door glass on table, Mahen reads the note which said they must stop finding them else their daughter will have to pay for this. They were worried much. Kaashi shouts that this is it. She says no one will spy anyone now, today there came a stone. Tomorrow, her grand daughter may lose her respect. Kaashi takes their promise to leave this all, else she will leave this house for always. Pratibha recalls Peehu’s fear, she says I am sorry but I can’t back up now. She says the people who snatched her daughter of her sleep can’t go like this, she says she will get them punished. Kaashi says this means she has no respect in the house, she might go; she asks Mahen to speak something. Pratibha asks Kaashi to try and understand, she is a mother as well, and she can’t stop her fulfilling her responsibility as a mother. She says if she cares for Peehu really, she must side her. Pratibha says until the blackmailers are punished, Peehu won’t get normal. She will continue doing her search until Peehu gets worried. Kaashi says she now has no interest in sitting home and taking care of the household, why she left Peehu and went to Kolkatta, and why she doesn’t sit besides her. Mahen says Pratibha isn’t turning her face away from her responsibilities but it is very important that Peehu gets rid of those blackmailers. Kaashi leaves saying she will leave the house now, he must decide if he wants wife or mother.
Sunidhi comes to her room, her mother asks if there is a change in Pratibha. Sunidhi says Pratibha is so stubborn, she answered Kaashi as well. Her mother asks her to be vigilant, Pratibha might fly up in all the quests. Sunidhi tells her mother about Kaashi’s deterrence. Mahen won’t go against his mother and Pratibha will have to go to kitchen finally.
Sanjeev reads the note and tells Mahen these are simple goons, why are they waiting, they must inform Police. Mahen says Kaashi doesn’t want it. Sanjeev asks why? Kaashi says the police will disclose everything they have kept hidden for so many days.
Sanjeev says this shows they are afraid and doing this to frighten them. Sanjeev says if they get frightened now, they will never get Peehu’s blackmailers. Kaashi says they are being idiots and are about to snatch all the happiness in the house. Mahen says he knows she wants Peehu’s betterment. Mahen says Peehu left home because she was afraid, they can’t now be afraid as well. He says Sanjeev is right, they are afraid and it is the right time to get them. Sanjeev says Kaashi has always taught them to be with each other always. Kaashi says she will not say another word, but what if something wrong happens. Mahen asks her not to be worried, nothing will go wrong. Sanjeev also tells her not to worry. Sunidhi had heard this all and was worried, she thinks there will be something wrong now, tomorrow.
Next morning, Pratibha brings tea for Kaashi. Kaashi says she doesn’t want to have it, take it away. Mahen takes his and asks Pratibha to sit with them. Pratibha says to Mahen she was thinking about tracking the numbers of blackmailers. Sanjeev asks why not get their sketch made. Sunidhi comes there from outside and fell on the floor. She cries hugging Sanjeev as he helps her sit on the sofa, she had bruised on her face as well. She stammers and tells them about harassment she had faced out. She tells Pratibha they were in helmet, they said they should stop finding them else they will target each of their family. Pratibha asks if she is injured much. Sunidhi says no, she asks Pratibha’s promise not to leave those blackmailers at any cost. Mahen watches Kaashi.

PRECAP: Pratibha stops Kaashi before she could step out of the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sunidhi is just full of bullshit.She is a very bad person whodoes not deserve any sympathy.Eventually she will be exposed and Sanjeev should put her straight out of the house.Wretched woman.

    1. I agree, if they drG this out too much longer, interest will be lost.

  2. Sunidhi is an as she will be put in jail very soon an sanjeev will divores and have live with her mom when she comes out but i think dje should have life in jail along with kaashi

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