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Sunidhi says to Pratibha that she has been constantly talking negative about her child to be. She asks if she wants to take revenge from her child to be, she doesn’t want to hear another word and begins shouting and panicking. Sanjeev asks Pratibha to let him talk to Sunidhi for a while, Pratibha leaves the room.
In her room, Sushma says it is great they found Bubu. Papa was trying to inject insulin himself, she asks him to help him but he says he will do his work by himself. Sushma says he is old man now and must take care of him, why he asks to eat sugar again and again. She takes the injection from his hand.
Kaashi wakes up at night when a vase fell off outside. It was Papa who had come to drink water, he watches the sweets box in fridge, opens it and takes a mouth full of it. Kaashi

comes out wondering who switched on the lights of kitchen. Papa keeps the box in fridge when he looks at Kaashi standing behind him. Kaashi asks if he was looking for something. He denies by moving his hand and leaves. Kaashi wonders she must find what he came here for.
In the morning, Sunidhi shouted that all her laddu have been eaten by someone. Pratibha asks how one can eat all the laddu in one night. Kaashi blames Pratibha’s father for coming to kitchen at night. Sunidhi asks him why he is silent, is Kaashi right. She asks what she will eat now, he must have eaten one of them if he wanted to. Pratibha asks Sunidhi why is she blaming her papa, doesn’t he know they came for her. Sanjeev also says to Sunidhi that that they will made more laddu made at home. Sushma says that her husband will never do this. Papa also says she is making a big drama of a petty matter. Sunidhi says her mother was right, no one cares for her in this house. Kaashi asks Pratibha’s papa why is he not telling if he took the sweets. Papa says they are accusing him for no reason, he didn’t eat them. Kaashi says he is lying, he ate them. Pratibha asks Kaashi why she is accusing her papa invain, he is saying he didn’t eat them. Kaashi says he has eaten the laddu because a true person never hesitates. Pratibha says when a father is accused by the in laws of his daughter he always hesitates because he is true. Kaashi is still stubborn at her words. Pratibha argues with Kaashi, Papa is enraged and shouts at Kaashi to stop it, she has done enough. If she wants him to accept he stole the sweets, yes he did it; is she in peace now. Pratibha asks him not to take this accusation on himself. Kaashi says did they all see he ate the sweets. Papa shouts he accepted this himself, now please stop it. He goes inside, Pratibha going behind him. Kaashi says she will complain Mahen about his father in law.
In the room, Sanjeev is angry at Sunidhi and asks if she is done blaming Pratibha’s father. Sunidhi becomes innocent and says she is feeling bad about it herself but she has no control over herself. Sanjeev says this is evident with what has happened since last night. Sunidhi says she remembers in time of Bubu also, she used to get irritated a lot. He says she is right, but instead of apologizing she must avoid any such act that will get her insult. Sunidhi says she can only be peaceful when he comes out of influence of Mahen and makes a different identity of himself. Sanjeev gets serious, they says she is right and lefts for office.
In the kitchen, Pratibha asks Sushma about her papa as she has made sugar-free kheer for him. Sushma says she suspects her papa stole the laddu because he even steals sweet at his own home. Pratibha says if he had, he won’t deny the accusation. Pratibha takes the kheer for papa and looks for him all around the room. She looks for him, asks Sushma where is Papa as he isn’t anywhere at home. Sushma gets worried, Pratibha goes into garden to look for him with Sushma. He is nowhere to be seen, Sushma cries he doesn’t go anywhere like this. Pratibha suspects he went angrily leaving the house. Mahen is shocked to hear this and asks where he can go. Pratibha says he isn’t even well, Mahen promises to come home. Kaashi comes from outside and asks Pratibha what has happened to them both, Pratibha tells Kaashi about her papa. Kaashi says she warned her and if her papa leaves now, she must remember about her promise. Pratibha remembers her oath.

PRECAP: Kaashi was saying that Pratibha’s father doesn’t care about anyone, he got the laddu and finished them. Peehu and Anmol come there and say they finished the laddu, not their nano.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mahen has reason to feel worries about Sunidhi. Atleast he is not as gullible like the other ar, an Pratiba stop fussing ova tat Sunidhi tat is the rerason she treats uy wit no respect??? A mother who had her own son kidnapped, what a sinful act???

  2. Kaashie van actually carry Sunidhi’s bag inside, OMG this woman is such a sucker!!!!!! KAASHI WHY AR U SHOUTInG at pratiba about Sunidhi feelinbg sick , S is not a blo*dy baby she is onlty pregnant u stupid OLD woman, U ar a witch in a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An Sunidhi pls stop holding u stomach like u hav neva been pregnant before an putting on an ACT ur stupid SHIT od a woman !!!!!!!!!! Baby not gonna fall out U iDIOT !!!!!!!

    1. Kashie is a dishonest old hag.She is so deceitful and coniving.I am glad she is not my kind of mother in law.

  3. Sunidhi’s mother taught her well to be a Disaster of a daughter inlaw!!!!! Pratiba must look after tat. Sunidhi, !!!!!!! Pratiba why ar u trying to b great by taking care of that villian of a woman

    1. Yes her mother is not a good mother at all but a murderer.She encourages her daughter to be the worst of the worst in women.

  4. Ppl like Sunidhi must neva be mothers , she must b curseD, an lose that child, she is a total b*t*h of a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. She really should not have children because she is a poor example of a wife and mother. But always remember Karma is not nice when returned to the evil one.

  5. At least Prabitha eh shut up like she would have before and she defended her pops.

    1. Pratibha gave that woman too much leeway from the beginning.Opening her mouth now is already too late when the dysfunction is in place .

  6. kaashi both of her show she come like the negative mother in law in here n in punarvivah prabitha show sanjog se bani sangini was better then this nowadays these writer only bring crap n stupid storys on tv i think they shld bring back shows like yahaan mein ggar ghar kheli,ram milaaye jodi,punarvivah,mr kaushik paanch bahuein n choti bahu n not forgetting sanjog se bani sangini these show were they best ever none cant compare to them always have excited episode romance love n good drama and no dragging business with them everythings clean out n good n powerful actors n actresses

  7. I find it is about time pratibha put a fist in her mother in laws mouth and shut it up for good she talks too many LOL and her voice is very sickening and all she does whole day is blame pratibha for every wrong thing and work her like a workaholic come on pratibha enough is enough there is an end to everything the next time your mother in law brays let her have it in her mouth LOL

    1. Violence does not sole the problem.This woman needs some good self esteem to think highly of her self and not being a door mat.Women must learn to stand up and fight for their rights irregardless of what the oyt come of the circumstances.Pratibha needs to get out of this zone and do what she thinks is right.

  8. I am so happy that this ugle programme has come to an end it is sick i have watching this

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