Hello Pratibha 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Everyone including Pratibha is shocked to hear the news, only Sanjeev smiles. Kaashi and Sunidhi are curt, Kaashi snatches the papers off Mahen’s hand and says this house has been really named after Pratibha. Pratibha tells Kaashi and asks Mahen to believe her that she and Pushpa never talked about property matter. Kaashi accuses her that she always used to be around Pushpa so that she gets the house. Mahen tells Kaashi that this house and anything in it is hers and if Pratibha is saying she would really not know about it. Pratibha says she can even name it after Kaashi if she says, she isn’t interested in property. Mahen says she can’t, Pushpa has put some clauses that if she tries to do so the house would again go to chachi. Kaashi says this had to be done, but Mahen says why everyone is thinking

negative, they are respectable family. He asks Sanjeev if he has some problem, Sanjeev says he doesn’t. Mahen says he understands Pushpa chachi’s feelings, but he doesn’t understand why she kept such a clause. Sunidhi says whatever the reason, Pratibha got this house and leaves.
Anmol and Peehu celebrate getting their bed back. Peehu says she was so worried how she would study for her science Olympiad. Anmol says he could also not chat his friends.
Pratibha calls Pushpa, Pushpa says she was waiting for this call. Pratibha asks why she named this house to her. Pushpa says the people she lives among only care about power and position, she has got it. She says they will now beware of her, and would hate her in their hearts but seeing her courage in wedding, she can handle anything now. Pushpa hangs up.
Sunihdi tells Sanjeev if he has even thought about what will happen to them. No one is linient in property’s matter. What if these people start ruling them, and make them servants. Sanjeev tells Sunidhi that he has a full trust on his brother and sister in law. Sunidhi says if he really trusts them, he must ask them to divide this property fifty-fifty. Sanjeev asks Sunidhi why she is talking non sense, there is nothing like this in his mind. He tells her not to pour this all in his mind, Sunidhi says she will fight for their rights, she will not stay quiet. Sanjeev strictly stops her and says he will fight when he senses something wrong. He leaves the room, Pratibha meets him out and asks what happened. Sanjeev leaves saying nothing happened. Pratibha comes to Sunidhi and asks why is Sanjeev tensed. Sunidhi turns to Pratibha and says welcome didi, claps her hand and says one and only Pratibha she is. She is so pious and cares about everyone, she is always sweet and innocent. She says she now accepts her talents, she played really well, no one could think about her like this but she has done so bad in her greed to Sanjeev. Sanjeev respects her a lot, and loves her and considers her as an elder sister. She accuses her of taking her younger brother’s portion, she said she is doing it all for her husband’s respect and promise. She was lying, and rubbish. Pratibha says that is it Sunidhi, she will not hear a single word now. It is her respect of a wife that gave her such strength today. She says her husband doesn’t know about them, else his respect for them will vanish. Sunidhi asks if she is blackmailing her. Mahen comes and asks what is going on, Sunidhi was explaining but Pratibha says she will tell them about it. Pratibha smiles and says they were talking about Namrita, Sunidhi says they all miss her. Mahen comes and tells Pratibha to keep the property papers in wardrobe, he will take it to locker tomorrow. Sunidhi thinks what is happening, Pratibha has been really confident.
At night, Pratibha was keeping the file in wardrobe, Mahen looks at her and asks if she is hiding something from him. Pratibha is alert and asks why she would hide something from him. Mahen comes to her and says Sundihi’s behaviour towards her isn’t hidden, is there any tension. Pratibha says he knows her well enough and when she is tensed she seems to be tensed; she is relaxed now. Mahen says after Namrita’s wedding trusting her is due for him. He thanks her for being with him, it was because of her he was able to fulfil his promise. Pratibha feels happy, smiling at him.
In the morning, Mahen was asleep when Pratibha wakes up with alarm’s ring. She looks at Mahen’s face and smiles remembering his words last night. She corrects his blanket and makes tea for Mahen smiling. She brings the tea to Mahen and waits for his response but he was busy in his newspaper. He calls her and says tea is really good, Pratibha turns around in elation and smiles to him.

PRECAP: On the table, Pratibha asks Mahen why is he worried. He says he has to pay some bills, Pratibha says she will take care about it. Peehu calls and says if her fee isn’t paid in time she would not be able to sit in exam. Pratibha asks Sunidhi to keep the stage decorators stay until she comes back and goes to Peehu’s school. Sunidhi sends the men and smiles saying she would now see what Pratibha answers to Mahen.

Update Credit to: Sona

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