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Pratibha goes aside to take the call, she is shocked to hear what Shetam tells her. Mahen and Anmol come there too. Mahen asks what her friend had said, Pratibha tells him that there was no accident ever. Mahen asks what? Peehu moves to her, Pratibha says there was no accident, no death; it was a trap for Peehu as someone wanted personal revenge from her. Peehu cries hard and runs to hug Pratibha. Sunidhi heard this all, standing on a side. Pratibha tells Peehu she is innocent, someone played with Peehu’s emotions. Mahen says he won’t leave that person, whoever played this with Peehu. Sunidhi watches curtly, worried now.
At night, Peehu was asleep, Pratibha sat with her and caresses her head. Mahen keeps a hand on her shoulder, she asks why he didn’t sleep. He says she didn’t either.

She says she has lost her sleep, tonight Peehu is sleeping tension free after a long time. She only wants to see her all night here. She has suffered for something she didn’t do. She says they need to find the person who is responsible for all this. Mahen says when they have reached here, they will get him too. He might lose the determination to find the blackmailer, but he knows she will never. He holds her hand and says she is a good mother, she should never doubt she did a lot for this family and children. He says he couldn’t get a better life partner, he is lucky to have her as his wife. He says I am sorry I took a long time to recognize the true her. They hug, Pratibha having tears in eyes.
In the morning, Sunidhi talks to her mother that she is really worried. She says she has called to tell her get her room ready, Pratibha would let her out of house as soon as she knows. She changes the subject as Pratibha comes inside. She says to her mother that Peehu is also fine. Sunidhi tells Pratibha her mother will help her if she needs any. Anmol asks if she has so many links, why her mother didn’t help them in first place. Pratibha tells him not to say so. Sunidhi says she was so tensed, she couldn’t think about her mother. Pratibha says she will tell her if any help is needed, and forbids Anmol not to talk to elders like this again. She asks him to take the plate of breakfast.
Pratibha comes to Peehu’s room and asks her to get up for school. Peehu sits up and says she doesn’t want to go there. Pratibha says she can’t miss her school regularly. Peehu gets worried about the mention of the accident. Pratibha says she understands that Peehu doesn’t want to go anywhere and meet anyone, but she won’t get peace this way. She says going to school, she will be able to mix with her friends and forget about the accident. She asks Peehu to return to her normal life. Peehu was worried, she says she is afraid what if the blackmailer comes back. Mahen had heard this all, she keeps hand on her head and says he will drop her school and will pick her up. His mother is right, she must get back to her normal life. Kaashi asks when is Mahen himself getting back to normal life and shop. He can’t leave his work on workers, Pratibha sides Kaashi. Mahen says he will go from tomorrow, Kaashi takes it on heart he didn’t listen to her but Pratibha. Mahen tells Peehu to get ready tomorrow, he will drop her before going to shop.
Pratibha comes out of the room, thinking about Peehu’s fear. She calls Shalini, Peehu’s friend. Shalini asks Pratibha where is Peehu coming school. Pratibha asks her to come home often, so that Peehu talks to her and mixes with her. Pratibha asks Shalini about her cousin sister, she says she went back home. Pratibha asks about Shalini’s cousin brother, Shalini says she has no cousin brother. Pratibha recalls a young boy coming home saying he is Shalini’s cousin brother.
Pratibha tells Mahen and Anmol about this, Sunidhi was also there worried about it. Anmol said there is an app which tells you about the address if you put in phone number. Sunidhi goes out, and in the rickshaw she calls her mother saying she has to reach the boys before Mahen else they will send her out of the house. Anmol brings about a nearby address, Pratibha and Mahen leave. Sunidhi tells her mother they aren’t taking her call. In the car, Pratibha prays she gets the blackmailers.
At home, Kaashi is curt that Mahen is only siding his wife these days. Sunidhi calls Kaashi, Kaashi asks if she isn’t here as well. Sunidhi gets worried that if Pratibha isn’t home as well. Kaashi says she doesn’t stay home these days. Sunidhi asks where they went, Kaashi says Mahen says he is going for something really important. Mahen and Pratibha asks a boy and a girl for the address. The auto-rickshaw goes out of work and stops in the way. Sunidhi throws money and goes in search of another one. Mahen asks some other boys about the address. Sunidhi runs to the flat, she tells the boys they are reaching the place. Peehu’s mother knows about the address, and will send her jail. The boy says she will have to go home, Sunidhi says her mother has an approach and will bring her out of jail in ten minutes but if they go, they won’t be able to leave till 10 years. The boys begin packing.
Mahen and Pratibha reach the flats, Mahen asks Pratibha to stay down. Sunidhi destroys boys sim. They were about to leave the flat, when someone rings the bell. Sunidhi peeks from the door, it was Mahen. He calls them to open the door, they back up. Mahen hears the movement and deters to break the door. He applies force. Sunidhi backs up, the door’s bolt was about to break finally.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Of course Sunidhi is going to get away again….she always does smh

  2. Mahen should get the police because Sunidhi is constantly interfering with any progress.I really want them to fish her out and expose her.Her husband should really send her packing when he finds out what she did.

  3. farida uttan

    Yes – let SUNIDHI get caught in a trap and expose hereself

  4. I cannot believe that witch got away again. It is time she is caught & thrown out of the house.

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