Hello Pratibha 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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There is a blast as soon as Pratibha lights the match stick. Kaashi was watching this restlessly. There is a loud shout from which Kaashi wakes up, realizing it was a dream she is saddened and wonders where is Pratibha. Pushpa comes to Pratibha in kitchen and asks if she can get a cup of coffee. Praitbha says sure she can. Pushpa asks if she thought she wouldn’t know who was doing what, something was going on wrong, she says to Pratibha she knows who did this all. Pratibha says there is nothing like that, Pushpa laughs that she didn’t tell her then and she won’t now; but it’s just like all is well that ends well. Pratibha says there was so much going on in the house, she couldn’t tell anyone. Pushpa says she can understand her, she knows all the difficulties Pratibha has passed through.

She did it all for Mahen’s promise, and didn’t want him hurt so she didn’t let the true face of people come to him. Pushpa says she can’t suffer betrayal, and won’t forgive Kaashi and Sunidhi. She says one has to deal with the people according to their natures, but assures Pratibha she won’t let anything come to Mahen and even her chacha ji, she herself doesn’t want to snatch her happiness from them like all the women.
Kaashi says to Mahen they got so much to see in these days. Kaashi reminds him they have fulfilled their promise well. Mahen says he is also relaxed, Kaashi boasts him to be her son. She asks what about Pushpa’s promise, Mahen says he didn’t get anytime to think about it now. Pratibha gets tea, Kaashi asks Pratibha to remind Pushpa about her promise. Pushpa calls she remember each and every word of her promise. She and chacha ji stood with their bags packed.
Sunidhi was suffocating on the room, she scolds Peehu and Anmol for creating mess. Anmol says this is all hers. Sunidhi says if they want to live in this rooms, her conditions will have to be heard. Sanjeev comes and says it’s ok kids, they will live in their room according to their own rules. He tells Sunidhi that chachi is leaving, so she can shift back to her room now.
Pratibha asks Pushpa that yesterday was Namrita’s wedding, and they are leaving so soon. Mahen also says to chacha ji to stay for one or two days more. Pushpa says she doesn’t like others to be pained by her, a bell rings and the servant announces taxi is here. Mahen and Sanjeev take the bags out. Sunidhi comes with aarti thaal, and sadly she says she will miss chachi a lot. Pushpa stops Sunidhi from putting a tilak on herself, and tells Sunidhi to open acting classes closing her boutique. She says to Kaashi she should atleast have left her daughter, Kaashi scolds Pratibha for telling everything to her. Pushpa says Pratibha hasn’t said a word against her, she herself is lucky to have understood her reality. She notices the men come back inside. Chacha says he is taking many good memories, and will miss them all. Pushpa says to Kaashi she showed a lot of love for Namrita, she is far away from what she had thought about her. Pushpa says today she is leaving but is leaving her shadow here. She says she is leaving a Pushpa in Pratibha. She tells Mahen she doesn’t know who is true at one’s promise, but she can never forget her promise. She hands Mahen the property papers of her part, Mahen takes them. He is speechless, Chacha ji asks Pushpa to let go now. They take a leave from Kaashi, Kaashi cries for pain in back. Pushpa and Pratibha smiles at each other, Sunidhi helps Kaashi take a seat. Everyone else go to say good bye to them, Pratibha and Pushpa hugs and cry. Pratibha says she wishes this time had never ended. Pushpa says she will miss Pratibha dearly. Pratibha cries what she will do without her. Pushpa says they are no longer away, they are joint at heart. Pratibha has got her self-respect back, and doesn’t need her now. She tells Mahen to take care of her Pratibha, hugs her again. Chacha blesses both the children. Pratibha and Pushpa hold hands till the car leaves.
Kaashi and Sundihi wait inside, Kaashi asks Mahen to open the envelope and see what Pushpa gave them. Mahen reads the documents rather seriously for a while. Kaashi says she always knew Pushpa is a cheater. Mahen says it is nothing like that, Pushpa chachi has left her share of house, but on Pratibha’s name.

PRECAP: Sunidhi asks Pratibha if she took her younger brother’s share, it was all a lie when she said she did this for her husband’s respect. She did this all for herself, Mahen comes to the room and stops Sunidhi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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