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Papa tells Kaashi that Bubu is missing. Pratibha and Sushma ask the people around about Bubu and goes calling him on streets. Pratibha watches Bubu coming towards her playing with a ball, she runs towards him and hugs him. A lady stands there and asks what is she doing, this is her child. Pratibha looks again to see it was some other child. She cries for Bubu. At home, Pratibha calls Mahen and tells him crying, Bubu is missing. Kaashi informs Sanjeev about Bubu. Sunidhi is also shocked hearing this. Everyone had gathered together, Pratibha cried and apologized Sanjeev and asked Mahen to bring Bubu to her. Sanjeev asks where they will find him, he was worried where his son will be. Papa blames himself and apologizes saying he must not have left him alone. Kaashi was crying, she says to Pratibha that

this isn’t the right time but it has been because of her; she told her that she won’t to take care of all the matters but she didn’t forgive Sunidhi, they will have to pay huge if something wrong happens. Pratibha cries. Mahen says to Kaashi that this isn’t time to blame each other, right now they have to look for Bubu. Sunidhi comes crying and yelling, asking where her Bubu is. She comes to Pratibha straight and asks where her Bubu is. Pratibha says I am sorry Sunidhi, I couldn’t take care of him. Sunidhi says she doesn’t want any explanations, she just need her child. She says she snatched Bubu’s mother from him first and now his family as well, why she did this all. This is why she took his responsibility? She says to Pratibha she always take care of everything, how she could be irresponsible towards Bubu. She asks if Pratibha is taking a revenge from her. Pratibha says she knows she has mistaken, but Sunidhi says she will never forgive her as she has left her child because of her. She goes to Mahen and says he has always been fair and just, what punishment he will give Pratibha for this mistake, if he will send her out of home or hand her to police? She also did the same mistake as hers. She jerks him, saying she lost her child because of her. Sunidhi was yelling and faints at once, Sanjeev tries to wake her up. She opens her eyes, Sanjeev asks if she is alright.
The kidnapper calls Sunidhi’s mother and says he has kidnapped the child for a long time now. She tells him to take care of Bubu as much as possible. She says Sunidhi will make such a drama over there and prove Pratibha isn’t worth taking care of Bubu.
The police man tells Mahen to bring Bubu’s photo, it may be a good news that they didn’t receive any call for money, he might not be kidnapped and might have gone out.
Pratibha was crying, Papa curses himself. Pratibha says had she been there in his place, she would also have come inside to bring the ball. She gets Mahen’s call that he has brought about photos of Bubu. Pratibha heads to go outside, and finds a paper on the floor. There was their house address written on a ware house slip. She fears if someone kidnapped Bubu. She calls Mahen and tells him to come and meet her on Durga ware house as soon as possible, she will tell him there about it.
In the room, Sunidhi pleads Sanjeev to go and find Bubu, she is fine. He says he promises her to bring Bubu to her wherever he will be.
Bubu played in the store room and asks the kidnappers for Bubu. Both the men curse themselves for kidnapping the child. Pratibha arrive at the back of warehouse, Mahen also reach there and then, he asks why she called him here. Pratibha shows him the chit, he reads it. The kidnappers brings ice cream for Bubu. They watch Mahen and Pratibha arrive, one of them calls Sunidhi’s mom and tells that Mahen and Pratibha have arrived, what to do. The kidnappers had shut Bubu’s mouth and hid under the boxes as Pratibha and Mahen called Bubu. Pratibha says no one is visible here, this means Bubu isn’t kidnapped, they must go out and look for Bubu.
Sunidhi asks Sanjeev not to care for doctor, her treatment isn’t as important as Bubu. Kaashi brings doctor, she tells Sunidhi that she had fainted. The doctor asks how such weakness came to her.
Pratibha watches Bubu sitting on the car’s bonut eating ice cream. Mahen and Pratibha come to him, Mahen asks ice cream vendor who bought him ice cream. The vendor says he doesn’t know about it, Pratibha insists upon going back home, someone might have bought him ice cream.
The doctor checks on Sunidhi and tells them to take care of Sunidhi as much as possible because stress in such a condition is neither good for mother nor for baby to be born. They are shocked.

PRECAP: Mahen confirms Sanjeev about the news, Sanjeev says he got to know just now. Sunidhi says it would be better she get abortion.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I think it is despicable that a young woman, Pratibha, will have to break all ties with HER MOM& DAD if she fails to ‘pass’ kashi’s test. What kind of message is the writers trying to send to the westerners, like me, who watch Zee TV? This is a disgusting story line & the way that Pratibha is treated by her evil mil is plain inhumane, she is like a slave. It is truly a wonder to me, that young Indian women even ‘want’ to get married. If the norm for mils is this kashi’s….oh for shame!!!!!!!
    This used to be my favorite, but the way that Pratibha has to ‘take’ all of this crap, has turned me OFF, OFF, OFF. If sunidhi is not lying, & she is going to be pregnant in this story, I will not only be turned off of this show, my TV will be turned OFF!!!!!!!
    Writers, please write sunidhi out of this family. We are tired, very tired, of her always winning…what message does that SEND to young women in your society?? You MUST ALWAYS THINK OF THE MESSAGE YOU ARE SENDING THRU THESE SHOWS.

  2. Thank goodness, this show is being shutdown- utter nonsense

  3. Not in the west. Only in india.

    1. THey have a right to shut it down in India because it sends an abusive message to the women of India. This makes mothers in law of Indian origin look really bad.And the daughter in law is being used as a slve .This is not bringing nothing good to the public at all.

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