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The delivery boy gets the order of Sunita. She pays it to him and angrily watches Pratibha going inside. She thinks she hasn’t done well with her, and has grown wings; she will cut her wings first because her respect here isn’t worth a maid. She won’t let her live here. Sunita says the game is on, she will make is too difficult for her that she won’t be able to get out of the trap. Pratibha was worried in home, that the mistake isn’t entirely hers, Sunita must have asked her once to cook for the party. The way guests left isn’t a good think at all, she doesn’t want the drama at home. She lie down and sleep, when she wakes up she is worried that her children and Mahen must be hungry. She comes out to see the family enjoying on table. Raashi asks for Mahen, Sunita says he is just coming.

Pratibha goes into kitchen, Sunita taunts her where she is going, she has served the food. She has told Raashi that she is really ill. Sanjeev says to Pratibha that he might call the doctor if she is really ill. Sunita gives him look, and says she will manage everything without her. Mahen comes there, Sunita sends children to room and says to Pratibha that she is upset with her only because her friends are making fun of her as they send her friends back without feeding them. After all the guests arrived, she denied. Mahen asks Pratibha how is this possible, what does this mean. Pratibha says Sunita didn’t asks her does she have time to cook for her party. Mahen asks was she busy. Pratiba says Sunita must have asked her once. Mahen says why should she ask, when she is the one who does all the cooking. Isn’t she responsible to get the respect of family. Pratibha begins to explain but Mahen doesn’t hear and leave. Raashi says she must not argue with Mahen but just say sorry. Sunita asks Pratibha to do dinner with them, she has enjoyed her insult well, now she must enjoy dinner as well.
Pratibha was in the room, and thinks about what Mahen had said to her, Sunita’s accusations. Pratibha says Sunita it such a liar, and Mahen doesn’t want to hear or understand her. She cries about what to do. Anmol and Peehu went cheering that thankgod mom didn’t cook today, they got to eat such tasty pizza. She says she didn’t say anything wrong when she said Sunita must have asked her once. Nobody wants her here, no one asks her about anything. She thinks what she has done, she just could do one thing well for which her family hoped and she broke their hope. She gets worried, what has she done.
Anmol comes to Sunita and asks her to try the pizza. She says she isn’t hungry. He says she must not take tension, what if she took one day off. Sunita thinks her school won’t punish her, but she will have to suffer for a long time here. Anmol says there is punishment in school, and she has no tension here. Anmol runs on Peehu’s call, Sunita says not only punishment she will have to say sorry even. She regrets listening to Pushpa chachi and cries.
The next morning, Pratibha comes out of her room. Sunita was busy on the breakfast table, Raashi gave Mahen the morning tea, he asks why she has made the tea. Raashi asks can’t she make tea for him. Sunita asks Shalu to clean the table, Pratibha asks her for help but Sunita says she isn’t needed today and must sit down. Pratibha says she won’t eat today, she serves it daily. Sunita says what do they know, if she is fine or not. She calls everyone for breakfast. Shalu asks Pratibha what is this all happening, what has happened to Sunita bhabi, she asked her to cook for lunch and she will pay her more for it. She is playing a game with her. Sunita turns to look at Pratibha.

PRECAP: Sunita stops Pratibha from going to the kitchen and tells Raashi she has got a new maid. When the maid arrives, Sunita introduces her to Raashi saying her name is also Pratibha.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. sunita and raashi are the real witch i want them to die
    and pratibha should go to u.s.a divorceing her stupid husband

  2. She needs to stand up for herself before getting a divorce. I hate women who can’t speak and let everyone walk all over them in the name of family love & values. If I stayed alone I wouldn’t watch this.

  3. Feel like giving a nice punch on Mahen’s stupid face!!!!

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