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Pratibha asks Sushma to work hurriedly as time is running. Papa was keeping an eye on Kaashi but Kaashi comes from behind him. She calls Pratibha and says she is being cunning in her house. Sushma had covered the vegetables with newspaper till then but Kaashi says she didn’t expect this from Sushma, couldn’t she control herself from her motherhood. Kaashi goes to remove the newspaper, everyone is shocked to see the empty bowls under it. Sushma winks at Pratibha, Sushma and papa leave from kitchen. Kaashi says she can tell by first bite if the food has been cooked by Pratibha or someone else. She tells her that 20 minutes are only left for her work.
In room, Papa asks Sushma where she hid the plate in such urgency. Sushma says she put that into the drawer nearby. Papa says he wonders what

is the problem with Kaashi, why she can’t let a mother help her daughter. Sushma says she will give the plate to Pratibha now but Papa says he will give it to her, no one will suspect him.
Kaashi scolds Sunidhi for getting made her joke. She says she is not only an enemy with Pratibha but the trio. Sunidhi thinks she may not be fooled by Pratibha’s parents. Bubu comes there, Sunidhi thinks Bubu might help her. She asks Bubu to go to Pratibha and insist on her to go to have ice cream. It was about time, Pratibha says it has been done in time. Bubu comes to Pratibha and asks to go out. Pratibha asks him for ten minutes only. Sunidhi says alright, she will take him. But Pratibha says she can’t permit Sunidhi to take him out, she must wait for ten minutes more. Sunidhi says then she must take care of Bubu herself, she is leaving. Sunidhi goes away, Pratibha makes Bubu sit on the table for a while but Bubu insists, Pratibha takes Bubu out to play for a while. She watches the Brahmans arrive and is worried that Besan Kay Laddu aren’t ready yet. Pratibha welcomes the Pandit’s, they say they can only bless Pratibha after the Prasad. Kaashi comes out and asks Pratibha if it is already. Pratibha says she will just come inside, she tells Bubu to keep playing here she will send nana ji outside. Inside Pratibha sends Papa outside to take care of Bubu.
Pratibha serves every Pandit, they pray together. One of them notices that Besan k Laddu aren’t ready. Pratibha says they will serve sweet for sure, they have them prepared. Pratibha takes Kaashi aside and says she won’t let her have any complaint. She goes to kitchen. Kaashi stops Sushma saying she is a guest and must stay here. In the kitchen Pratibha tries to light the stove but it doesn’t light up, she gets worried saying cylinder has ended, what she must do now. She thinks what sweet she can prepare without gas in such a little time.
Kaashi asks Pandit’s if they like food. They ask for sweet. Kaashi says Pratibha must be bringing them right away. She calls Pratibha while Pratibha prepared the sweet. Kaashi complaints Sushma that if her daughter ever listen to her in the first call there must be no problem in her life. Pratibha opens the microwave oven and burns her hand. Brahmans were about to leave when Pratibha brings the sweet and apologizes. Brahman’s make face at the sweet, one of them complains that these aren’t Besan K Laddu. Pratibha asks them to taste it for once, she is sure they will like it. Brahman’s takes a bite of the sweet, Kaashi asks Pratibha didn’t she ask them for Besan K Laddu but the Brahman says this sweet was also very tasty. Pratibha says she will bring more for them, but they stop her and bless her for peace at her home. They take leave from them.
Pratibha watches Bubu’s horse empty outside and wonders where has Bubu gone. She gets worried watching Papa bringing ball from inside, she panics and tells Papa Bubu isn’t there. Papa and Pratibha comes out, he tells Pratibha to look around for her while he goes out calling Bubu. Sushma also comes out, Pratibha says Bubu is nowhere around. Sushma and Pratibha leaves home to look for Bubu. In the house, Kaashi asks Papa where is everyone. He doesn’t speak anything. Kaashi asks why is he so worried. Papa says Bubu has gone somewhere, he isn’t in the house. Bubu lay in a dark room.

PRECAP: Sunidhi complaints Pratibha that she took her child from her, is she taking some revenge from Sunidhi?

Update Credit to: Sona

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