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Pushpa chachi says to Mahen that she wants to reconnect with her family, to regain the relations which broke due to times. Mahen says he had no relations to her ever.
Shalu asks Pratibha why is she joking. Pratibha says she has prepared the lunch, but she won’t do anything. Shalu laughs, and asks what will happen to the party. Pratibha says she must ask Sunita about it. Pratibha asks her to stop laughing, Shalu says this is her home she will laugh in her owns. Pratibha says Shalu is right, this is her home. But she fears if there is a problem in house because of her denial. Shalu makes dust, Pratibha coughs but Shalu says that sometimes we have to make the dust to clean it.
Peehu opens the door to fins Sunita standing ready for party. Peehu is excited and says she looks so beautiful.

Sunita asks where is her mom, and she can’t even smell the cookings. Pratibha practices to say no to Sunita, as she isn’t feeling well. Sunita comes calling, she wonders what she must do and lie down on the bed. Sunita comes inside the room, and breaks a photo frame. Pratibha gets up, Sunita says sorry and offers to pick it up. Pratibha also comes there. Sunita asks why aren’t the snacks ready till yet. Pratibha says she can’t make the snacks, she didn’t ask her. Sunita says she hasn’t asked for anything from her till today, she just said it to her. Pratibha says she was busy today. Sunita asks where was she busy. Pratibha says she got into cleaning furniture, then she got into cough and head ache. Sunita says she must not make up now, she was frustrated that her guests are coming in an hour. She tells Pratibha to do the preparations, Pratibha stops her and says she won’t be able to cook. Sunita says she now understands, she is making the drama for all those roti. Pratibha says she now accepted her mistake, she created the drama and got her disrespected from Mahen and family. Sunita says that she is now taking revenge from her, and creating drama. She says she has now recognized her, and has ruined everything. Peehu announces that her friends are here. Sunita panics, and says she will show her kitty party can be successful without her cooking. Sunita comes to welcome the guest, she tells Peehu to serve the guests and indulge them in talking, she will just be here. Sunita goes inside and calls fast foods, no arrangement could be done. All the guests arrive at the party, Sunita calms herself down and goes to the guests. A friend asks why isn’t there a smell of food today, they appreciated Pratibha’s cooking. Sunita says she thought they will all be fed up of home cookings. A lady introduces Sunita to her cousin who is into fashion industry in America. The ladies ask her for snacks, but they have to keep on waiting.
Pratibha was in her room, she watches her shadow saying it will be her disrespect as well, if people go away from her home without eating. She said she can make aalo chaat in ten minutes. Pratibha heads to leave, but another of the shadow says that why would she go. Sunita also must know what has been happening to her for so long in the house.
Sunita tells her guests to have another round of cold-drinks, but the guests say they must now leave. They taunt and tease Sunita and leaves. Sunita thinks you didn’t not do well today with me.

PRECAP: Sunita complains to Pratibha on the table about not being able to feed her friends. Pratibha says she must have asked once, but Mahen says what is this new thing as she only do the cleaning in the house and kitchen chores.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Good that Pratibha stood up for herself, and I wish she had made Sunita appologise in front of family for the roti incident. Then her husband would have come to know the truth. Hopefully it will not cause trouble in the home though.

  2. Mahen is so disrespectful eh!!!! Pratibha good with herself to deal with him. After you tell the woman she only good for kitchen and now she not even worthy of that, you angry because she not doing the cooking that YOU say she wasn’t worthy to do (because of Sunita’s plot). smh…I hope Prabitha stand up to Mahen too in the next episode!

  3. A husband should also respect the feelings of his wife otherwise why will the other family members do so? Pratibha should also make him realize his mistakes.

  4. I’m just wondering if there is any hope for this show it started off so depressing, Only persons that i see that really cared for Pratibha is her son, brother-in-law and Shalu everybody else takes her for granted she need to stood her ground she allow all this nonsense to happen all these years… and that husband of hers is something else i just wish no woman have to be bless with a husband and mother-in-law like that

    1. I think thats what the show is about….her finding her voice again….well at least I am hoping so…..hope it doesnt drag though.

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