Hello Pratibha 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Everyone is shocked to hear Rishi shouts at his mother to break this marriage. Mahen asks angrily what this drama is. Sunidhi whispers into Kaashi’s ear that Naina is showing her magic on Rishi. Rishi heads to leave, Rishi jerks Pratibha away. Mahen is angry, but Rishi deters him too. He picks a fire rod and asks them all to give him way. Rishi’s parents, Pushpa and everyone asks him to calm down, Rishi deters on everyone to burn the stage and himself too. Pratibha is worried and looks around for Naina, she goes away looking for Naina. Rishia called himself as mad. Pratibha looks for Naina who hides behind the curtain. Naina smiles and looks on her side to see Pratibha standing on her side, Pratibha throws chillies into her eyes. Rishi comes to a realization about what happened, he feels ashamed

and shocked about what he is doing. Naina’s eyes hurt, Pratibha says soon she will be unveiled in front of everyone. Rishi says sorry to Namrita, Pushpa asks will everything get well after saying sorry. Sumitra says there is something wrong with them both. Pushpa says she can’t marry her daughter to someone who can disrespect her daughter this way, she isn’t ready to marry them.
Pratibha calls for a minute, she held Naina from her arm and brings her to Pushpa. Pratibha says before any decision, she wants to tell them that Naina is responsible for all this drama. Naina’s eyes were still shut with chillis. Pratibha says this Naina knows to hypnotize everyone and make anyone do whatever she wants to do. She says she knew the reality and kept Namrita away from her but she didn’t know she will come here in a changed dress.
Mahen questions Naina who is she, Naina says this will ruin her family. Pushpa asks her not to care about their respect, she has already cared for it. Naina says she came to spoil Namrita’s wedding here. Pushpa slaps her hard on face, and asks who sent her. Kaashi and Sunidhi were worried, Naina points her hand towards someone saying she. Everyone is shocked to see her pointing at Kaashi. Mahen asks what is this drama, will she now blame his family. Kaashi says she already thought Naina as someone crazy, calls her names and asks her to go away. Naina comes to Kaashi, Sunidhi whispers on her to go away she will pay her more. Naina comes to Sumitra and says she also called her to be here. Naina asks is she shocked because her reality came to everyone, she then blames Pratibha for calling her here to spoil the wedding. She says no one must marry, it only ruins everything. She shouts that she will never let any wedding take place, Sunidhi is happy at her acting. People called Naina crazy, Kaashi asks Naina to leave the home right now. Kaashi whispers on Naina not to do all the drama, and takes her out. Naina winks at Pratibha outside, Pratibha thinks this Naina is going to do anything.
The wedding ceremony takes place. The couple take blessings of all elders. Pratibha hugs Namrita and tells her not to worry anymore, she now pray for happiness in her life. Kaashi and Sunidhi were curt. Namrita says had she not been here today… Pratibha asks her to forget everything, and be happy in her life. She says I will miss you. She sends Namrita to Sumitra, Sumitra blesses Namrita to be with her son in all the goods and bads of his life. Pushpa tells Namrita to take care of everyone, respect everyone. Rishi’s family is hers now, but she must always keep her selfrespect intact, never change from what she is. She tells Namrita to fulfil her responsibility towards herself before anyone, this way she will be successful. Rishi asks isn’t there any advice for him. Pushpa says her daughter has always remain as princess, keep her as princess. Sumitra says sorry, we won’t keep Namrita as a princess. Pratibha’s mind goes to Naina’s wink, wondering why is Sumitra behaving this way.

PRECAP: Kaashi opens the gas of the stove. She then calls for someone to give her warm water, as she feels weak.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What’s this nonsense

  2. Mother cunt f**kingf**king black magic

  3. Naina Naina…lol black magic is the devil’s job so then Naina is like a she devil! Now what I want to know what kind of message is being sent in these soaps?? Is it the worst thing to get married in India?? Cause your mother in law would give you the royal run around and baby you will never be happy once married??? Please the conflict between Kaashi and Sunidhi with Pratibha is too much!! Lets see how Pratibha will chance and geesh her daughter is too ugly just like her character… the son is good boy. Pratibha is definitely not a modern day daughter in law.Sunidhi needs to get some work to do..lazy wench!!

  4. Excellent to see GOOD VICTORIOUS OVER evil. Keep it that way, otherwise, you need to think, what kind of message you are sending to society. I am a westerner, I watch these shows, but I am telling you, I am very tired of seeing evil prosper. What kind of message are you writers trying to send. Are you all more supportive of evil deeds than GOOD DEEDS. I Am just asking….

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