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Mahen asks the lawyer to get the food, his wife has cooked it herself. He serves the food but there was no roti. He asks the peon where is the roti, the peon says he thinks there was no roti. He sends the peon for roti and apologizes the lawyer.
Pratibha watches everyone in the hall, and says it can’t be as difficult because everyone says no to her. She can also say a no to them. She moves to the hall, and tells her kids not to make such noice. She says it isn’t good to make such noise. Raashi interferes that it is a kid’s house, they will make noise. The kids run away, playing again. Pratibha comes to Suniti, who was reading magazine. She asks Sunita to make pasta for kids today, they like it a lot. Sunita says she is really busy today, she can’t do it. She has a meeting with a

client tomorrow. Mahen comes home just then, Pratibha asks for his tiffin and asks how was the food. He asks was it something important that she forgot to keep roti in the tiffin. The kids come there, he asks them to come to their room. Mahen says there was a guest at shop, she just do cooking well then what can she do.
Raashi also stands and blames Pratibha. Pratibha says before going out, she kept the roti herself. He asks did she go out, she was explaining but he didn’t listen. Pratibha says she kept the roti herself, Raashi asks if her son is lying. Pratibha was silent, Mahen goes inside. Pratibha says sorry to him, Raashi asks why couldn’t she speak five minutes ago. Pratibha wonders how is this possible, she kept the roti herself. Sunita was hearing it all, and says now she is relieved. Pratibha thinks why couldn’t she say no, when she knew she was right. But hadn’t she accepted her mistake, every member of house had become angry to her.
At night, Pratibha finishes all her house chores and call Pushpa. She says to chachi that she can’t do it, she thought and tried but she is unable to do this. She says she know she packed the roti in Mahen’s tiffin, but there would have been a big drama had she said something else. She says thankyou that she wasted chachi’s time and hangs on.
Pratibha counts the roti, and says they are the same. If she had forgotten keeping them, they should be in more numbers, she must get to know about it. The phone again rings. Pushpa says if she had kept the roti, she must have stood firm with it. Today, you have to gain respect and her family doesn’t respect her. She says her family cares for her. Pushpa asks her to go and question her husband why he poured his anger of work on her. She says one pours anger on one’s own. Chachi says the way she sided her family in front of her, she now has to take her own side in front of her family. The first step in this will be her no. Pratibha says she will try.
Pratibha comes to the room, Mahen was reading a magazine. Mahen switch the lamp off and lie down to sleep. Pratibha comes to bed, switches her lights and lie down too.
Sunita talks to her friends about her home’s party, she says Pratibha will make the snacks. She scolds Bubu as he disturbs her. She invites her friends tomorrow. Bubu’s ball goes to the bin as Sunita had thrown it away. Bubu finds a roti in the bin.
Shalu says she had seen the roti in the tiffin. Pratibha asked to leave it, Shalu says Sunita bhabi came to kitchen. Bubu took the roti, Sunita asks him for the roti. Bubu runs with it. Shalu asks Pratibha to ask Sunita. Bubu come to her then, Shalu smells the roti and says this is stale. Sunita come there, Bubu says he found roti in mama’s room. Pratibha says she will ask Sunita so that mummy and Mahen also know the truth. She questions Sunita if she hid it, Raashi comes and asks her to stop making a drama of this. She asks her not to tell Mahen about it, and let the peace of house remain as such. Sunita smiles and leaves.

PRECAP: Pratibha says her family loves her, Pushpa says her family pities her; she has to decide what she wants, love and respect or just pity. Pratibha says everyone wants love and respect. Pushpa says she must then learn to say no.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I guess her first no will be when she refuse to make snacks for Sunita’s friends lolol

    1. i hope…

      1. Wow! What I would give to see the look on that witch’s face when she hears Pratibha say no to making snacks for her party.
        Touché b*t*h!

    2. I hope she refuses to make the snacks. But that b*t*h Sunita may make more trouble for her if she refuses.

  2. i wish her no can gain her respect

  3. Please show something positive. She should get the respect she deserves.

  4. Evn if she says no… her saasu wil take her class…these hindi tv serials. .. ufff

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