Hello Pratibha 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Papa angrily packs his luggage, he says he will stay on road but won’t put his daughter in trouble. Pratibha comes and asks Sushma to stop Papa but Sushma says he is right, they must not have come here to increase her troubles. Kaashi overhears. Pratibha says to papa he isn’t well yet, she knows whatever happened on the table wasn’t appropriate. Papa says if they stay here, Kaashi will make her relation to them break. Pratibha says if he doesn’t stay today her relation to them will break. They are shocked. Pratibha says that Kaashi doesn’t want them to stay here and kept a condition that Pratibha will have to break her relation with her parents, and if they leave the home the blame will come to Pratibha even then. Papa was angry and heads to talk to Kaashi but Sushma stops him and says she

is with her daughter and will help Pratibha prove that a woman, along with daughter can fulfil all the rights of daughter in law as well. Pratibha hugs Sushma and asks papa to let her win this time as well. Papa says he always wants her to win, he will be here so that she can defeat that dyan. Pratibha gets offended not to call her dyan. Papa says for him she will remain a dyan.
Kaashi marks the calendar again and says she already told Pratibha she will soon be defeated. But her generation is so stubborn, they never accept their defeat until they play till the last card.
In the morning Pratibha was in the kitchen. Kaashi comes to her and says today she smells victory so she must cook something tasty today. Pratibha says alright. Kaashi says she has been victorious but her parents are going to eat something cooked by their daughter for the last time. Pratibha asks why would they eat the breakfast for last time. Kaashi says whatever happened last night, they won’t stay at home any longer. She says she has failed badly because her parents are leaving the house with their own will. Pratibha goes and removes the mark on the calendar, she says to Kaashi she has a misunderstanding, her parents aren’t going anywhere until her Papa doesn’t go from here. They want to stay by themselves, they how is she defeated. She hands Kaashi her cup of tea. Kaashi leaves curtly.
Sanjeev announces that he is leaving for office. Anmol asks he hasn’t even done breakfast. Sanjeev leaves urgently as he has something important to do. Sunidhi enters as soon as Sanjeev leaves. Sunidhi says Namaste to Pratibha and Mahen, Mahen asks what she is doing here. In front of lawyer, the verdict was to come here for a day of two in a week. Sunidhi says she came to meet her son only, Pratibha says it is ok, she can stay here for an hour or so and must leave then as Sanjeev is also not here. Mahen leave for shop while Sunidhi says she will just ask Sanjeev to take him to play.
Kaashi comes to Pratibha in the kitchen and gives her a list, she says today she has called five Brahmans home and wants all this list prepared till 10 o clock. Pratibha says there is less time in 10 o clock. Kaashi says if Pratibha doesn’t take round of her parent’s home again and again she might be able to make it all. Pratibha is worried. She hurries towards all the cooking. In the meanwhile she thinks about serving her mummy papa as they are hungry. Sunidhi watches Pratibha leaving kitchen, comes inside and opens the flame to full.
In the room, Papa says to Pratibha she has again brought the food of patients. She puts a bite into her Papa’s mouth and says if he doesn’t like it she might cook something else. Papa agrees to eat it. Kaashi calls Pratibha from outside where the food had been ruined and burnt. Pratibha says she will manage something and cook all this food again. Sushma asks to help, but Kaashi shouts no as she is a guest and they don’t take help for households from guests. Kaashi says if the food isn’t prepared till 10 o clock, she will be responsible for all the consequences. Pratibha says she will do everything. Sunidhi stood with Bubu, Bubu asks Pratibha to take him out. Sunidhi says Sanjeev says Bubu can go out only with Pratibha.
Sushma says to Pratibha that she will cook with Pratibha and help her in cooking as she was also a daughter in law at some time. Papa warns them during work that Kaashi is coming, when Sushma clears everything from the table he says she isn’t coming. Sunidhi hears this all and warns Kaashi of her defeat, she tells Kaashi to look under the newspaper must.

PRECAP: Kaashi comes to kitchen to check on Pratibha and says if she will show cunningness to her. She was about to remove the newspaper off the vegetable tray.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Go writers go 5 stars for writing crap….

  2. Interesting. Pratiba should get give back or tell her mother in law to cook if she has invited people over at short notice. Do this once and everything will fall in place. Mahen will stand by you and keep him informed before she fills his ears…

  3. why prabitha taking all this abuse from her mother in law she likes to talk tooooooo much I cannot stand her evil looking face if I was prabitha I would have put some laxative in the food for her and keep her ass quiet in the bathroom for a good while and as for that other evil daughter in law what the hell she only coming into the house after they put her out and only causing confusion as usual and another thing what kind of name she gave her son BOO BOO my gosh it is making the child look like a boo boo for truth LOL

  4. prabithas mother in law is the most annoying person i have ever came across she has an evil look and an annoying voice get rid of her she is taking advantage of prabitha all she does is eat and quarrel while prabitha has to do everything including seeing about boo boo she is one person she is not an OCCTOPUS

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