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Pratibha requests Pushpa, and she asks what is the problem. Pratibha says there isn’t any problem. Pushpa says hasn’t there been a problem, she wouldn’t have come here with flour in hand and hair uncombed. Pratibha says she doesn’t know where to begin.
Shalu was packing the tiffin, Sunita asks her to make chocolate chip for Bubu and in the meanwhile she removes the lunch from tiffin. She says that she needs to tell Mahen about Pratibha went out.
Pratibha wasn’t taking soup properly, Pushpa asks isn’t it good. She says there is increased salt in it, but she will manage. Pushpa says why manage, when she is paying for it. She must order the waiter that it must be replaced.
Sunita calls Raashi saying the pest control team came here, but Pratibha has still not returned.

calls the waiter, he comes and asks Pratibha what happened. Pratibha says soup has increased salt in it. The manager asks the waiter to come and bring a new soup for her. Pushpa says life is also like food dishes, what does she want from life. What is more and what is less. Pratibha says to be honest, she needs a change as she can never say no to anyone. She never tell her likes and dislikes to anyone, she adjusts herself according to the necessities of others; then it doesn’t matter that soup has more salt or less. Pratibha tastes the soup, and says it is good. Pushpa says let us begin with the first lesson, today at home she has to say no to the things she doesn’t like. Pratibha asks how she will do it, she says she will. Pushpa tells her that her chachi is a detector, and can no when she is lying. A lawyer brings file for Pushpa, she asks Pratibha to leave now as she has to make a call.
Mahen was opening the tiffin, where there was no bread. The lawyer brings Pushpa’s notice for him, he is worried.
Pushpa watches their family album, and says she is back to meet them all. They will have fun.
Sunita stll waits for Pratibha to come back home. Anmol was making his hair, when Raashi comes across him. He complains that she disturbed his spikes. Raashi asks him to get his hair set, and asks Sunita where are the pest control. Sunita says they have left, Raashi says she doesn’t know. Sunita says she must have told her, Raashi says she will see her when she comes back. Pratibha comes home, Raashi comes to her and asks where was she. Pratibha was quiet, she moves in to get the glass of water Shalu had brought. Raashi asks will she tell them something, Pratibha says she went to meet a friend of her where she goes to do grocery. She asks Shalu to go inside, Sunita whispers to Raashi that Pratibha doesn’t have a friend. Raashi asks where was this friend born, but Anmol asks her for food. Sunita wonders who this friend is, how will she know. She thinks now Mahen’s tiffin can do it.
Mahen was busy at work, and calls Pushpa. He asks what she wants. She says he know it well, he says she doesn’t have a right in what she is asking. She says there is, he says she is simply greedy. She says sometimes the greed of money isn’t everything. Mahen says she will never get what she wants. Pushpa hangs on.
Mahen’s peon asks for food, but he says no he isn’t hungry. He asks him to arrange for food, as Lawyer is coming.
Pratibha asks Anmol to finish up food, the kids make fun of her. She could say no to them for making fun of her, but she doesn’t say it. Raashi gives him money to get what he wants to eat, Sunita asks her to receive her clothes from tailors. Everyone leaves the table, but Pratibha goes into the kitchen, lost and worried. She thinks when every person says no to her. She says saying no is really difficult for her.

PRECAP: Mahen scolds Pratibha that she has forgotten about keeping bread in tiffin. Pushpa says to her on phone that she must have stayed firm if she really kept them there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. what wrong with prabitha can she pick up for rights she making them take advantage on her

  2. So as i expected another weak female lead character this one is worst more of a slave…everyone talks down to her from husband to children, can’t we viewers get a female lead were everyone is scared of and dare not to mess with

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