Hello Pratibha 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Naina comes to the room where Naina was getting final touches, Shalu asks if she drank water they must all get ready now. She appreciates Namrita’s dress, Naina thinks she must now see the wonders of Naina’s naina (eyes). Pratibha comes and asks for them to come down, she slides Namrita’s veil over her face. Naina regrets this, as she covers Namrita’s face. Shalu asks them all to come along. Naina thinks Pratibha is again here to destroy her work, biut this time she will have to show the power of her eyes. Mahen smiles looking at Namrita as she arrives and says he has an idea how much she wanted a fancy wedding. As a brother he wants to take his sister under this red dupatta, Namrita asks if he sweared to make her cry. Mahen and Sanjeev open the dupatta and hold it over her head. The ladies

dance as the brothers bring Namrita to the stage, everyone smiles at her arrival. Sunidhi says to Kaashi that this Pratibha is walking slowly like a heroine of an old picture, how long must they see this drama anymore. Kaashi tells her to be patient. She is worried if Pratibha spoils her plan, Kaashi scolds her to speak well.
The group of ladies starts their dance performance. Pratibha vigilantly moves around them as they perform. She takes care that none of the ladies move towards Namrita, she suspects Naina from her locket. Naina removes her veil behind Pratibha and smiles evily. Pratibha notices that while dancing Naina moves to Rishi and is about to remove Namrita’s veil. Pratibha holds her hand there and then. Everyone is suspicious, Pratibha removes veil off Naina’s face. Everyone is shocked to see her. Naina smiles and calls, surprise! She had to go as her mother needed her, but then it was her best bride’s wedding, how she could miss it. Namrita hugs her. Naina says that she wants to see how this bride has been blushing, Pushpa stops her from removing the veil.
Pushpa says it is a bad omen to remove veil before wedding, let the rituals continue. Naina asks for one look, Pratibha says firmly that chachi ji is right. Naina turns to Pratibha who says it will be after the wedding. She has to agree. Pratibha asks everyone whom are they waiting, and asks them all to move towards stage. Naina whispers to Pratibha to see what she does now. Pratibha smiles and moves on.
Naina asks Sunidhi to come to her, Kaashi asks Sunidhi to go and find out what she is upto, they have no much time. Sunidhi comes to Naina and asks what she is thinking about doing. Naina asks her to shut up as she knows her work, she must go and see the drama. Sundihi goes away.
Rishi asks for a minute before the wedding, he says he wants to say something to everyone before the garland ceremony. He turns to Namrita and promises her that he will never leave her in his life. They all smile. He promises that he will be with her in all times of her life and he will share all happiness of their lives with her. He will respect and protect her, love her and even bear her anger. Namrita laughs, so does everyone. He says she will always remain in his heart, Pushpa and Sumitra smile wide while everyone claps as his vows. Namrita says that he is determined to spoil her makeup by making her cry. Pratibha smiles, then looks around thinking Naina has returned.
Rishi and Namrita put garlands around each other’s necks. They all clap. It is Namrita’s turn, she turned to pick the garland when Naina appears behind her and stares into Rishi’s eyes. Rishi stares back at her, and jerks Namrita’s hand with the garland. Namrita says it is hurting me. Everyone is shocked; Pratibha looks around while Sumitra asks Rishi to wear it. Naina whispers Rishi to say he doesn’t want to marry. Rishi shouts No, he won’t marry her. Naina whispers ‘break this marriage, maa’, Rishi repeats. Namrita removes her veil, as all the guests remain open mouthed. He shouts that mom, you were right; this girl is really weird. He can’t spend his lifetime with such a girl. Naina moves around uttering all this, she whispers him to say ‘hasn’t she seen what dramas did she create before wedding?, think what she will do after it’. Namrita is shocked, everyone else speechless too. Naina whispers to say ‘she is not as beautiful as she is mean’. Sumitra asks him why he has started behaving this way so suddenly, is he joking. Rishi asks joking, Namrita has made a joke of his life. Namrita cries, as Rishi keeps on repeating Naina’s words and asks to break this wedding.
Sunidhi and Kaashi can’t believe on what has happened, Namrita cries hard on the stage. Pratibha looks around to find Naina.

PRECAP: Pratibha calls for a minute, she held Naina from running away and announcing she is responsible for all this drama. Pushpa slaps Naina on face, enraged, Naina points at Kaashi and Sunidhi as the ones who sent her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Omg. Love the precap. Can’t wait.

  2. for once this is going good

  3. These two fools were bent on destroying this innocent girl but I am glad the culprits were exposed.Let me see what will happen next.Was not that all bad.Pratibha you are an excellent spy.Good going for you,Show what you are capable of now.

  4. lol naina should do some magic on them

  5. Y did Pratibha take so long to react to Rishi. Obviously Naina hypnotized him so why didn’t she call out Naina and reveal her!? She took so long wth

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