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Mahen promises Pratibha’s father that he won’t face any problem at his home, doctors will discharge him tomorrow. Mahen says he is doing this all because he is like his son, his mother is also ready and has only kept the condition that Pratibha takes care of everything. Pratibha says she is his super daughter and with his support she will do anything. Sushma also asks him to agree. He says alright, but is fearful for its end. Pratibha says end will be good, she asks him to smile for a while. He does.
At night, Sunidhi tells her mama that Pratibha agreed on all the conditions, she says Kaashi is also a cunning lady. Sunidhi’s mama says she already knew that Kaashi is a selfish and cunning lady and wants to keep check her daughters in law don’t send her old age.
In the morning, Anmol

and Peehu are excited at their grandparent’s arrival as they make up the room. Anmol says he will go to morning walk with grandpa, Peehu says she will spend the whole day with them. Kaashi comes and says this happiness won’t last long, when their grandparents will live in their room 24/7 they won’t be able to do any work of their own choice. She warns Peehu that she won’t be able to speak to her friends at night. Pratibha says thanks for alerting, but they will manage it all. Anmol says he will use his mother’s washroom, Peehu says she will speak to her friends on terrace as their home is quite big. Kaashi says this doesn’t mean all their relatives begin to stay here. The bell rings, kids run to greet them. Pratibha sends kids to bring limewater, Mahen tells papa he will only leave when he is well. Kaashi asks why well? She doesn’t reply to their greetings and say after all the care from their daughter he will be even better, and only then he must leave. She smiles to relieve Pratibha and Mahen and asks Sushma for hug.
Kids set the room with their grandparents. Peehu shows Sushma the bed sheet. Sushma asks Pratibha why she took such pain, they are here for a few days only. Pratibha says no matter how many days but they must stay comfortably here. Kids go to bring their luggage, Sushma says to Pratibha that Kaashi was happy with their stay. Papa says she is just showing it off. Sushma asks him to think positive, Pratibha also says to her papa that she has no problem with them, he must stay happy to get well soon. Papa says they always try to let them down but he has always been right.
Mahen says to Pratibha that it is good Kaashi met them well, it is better they speak very less. Pratibha says it isn’t possible they don’t speak to each other, they don’t meet each other. She fears what if something happens during a dinner or a tea table, Mahen says they are here to make it calm. Pratibha says she has lost her confidence about the promise she gave to Mahen, she is fearful what if she loses her promises. Mahen says she won’t lose, Pratibha says what if she loses, who will take care of maa, papa ji. Mahen says she must not have took the challenge. Pratibha says she couldn’t make him away from his mother because of her parents. Mahen holds her hands and says he knows she had no option but she is Pratibha Agarwal who makes impossible as possible, had she any doubt she would have never accepted this. He says it is good she has some fear, she will work really hard. And if she feels weak sometimes, he is there with her. She was sewing a button on his shirt which she completes. She tells him she knows he plucked it himself. He smiles.
In the morning, Pratibha wakes Bubu up to drink milk. She goes to kitchen. Kaashi watches the time, it was 5 minutes past 7 and says it is 8 now, she didn’t get tea. She marks the calender saying she didn’t make tea in time and is defeated. Pratibha was standing behind her with tea, Kaashi says she has been defeated, it is past 7 now. She says it is the mark of her first defeat. Pratibha says sorry had she known she would like to have tea not in her room but kitchen, she wouldn’t have waited for her in her room. Kaashi takes the cup, she says she knows Pratibha is going to be defeated. Pratibha is worried. Kaashi goes to washroom and calls Pratibha that there is no hot water in washroom. She comes calling Pratibha that hot water isn’t their in taps. Pratibha was serving tea to her parents, Kaashi says she will have to compromise on a few things when they will stay together as a family. Mahen comes and asks Kaashi what she has to compromise. Pratibha says Kaashi didn’t know that gieser was out of work, she has already made the water hot for her. In the washroom, Kaashi asks Pratibha about the breakfast, Pratibha says she has prepared for porridge, Kaashi asks her to make Gajar Ka Halwa. Pratibha says she has prepared for the porridge, Kaashi asks if she is being defeated.

PRECAP: Kaashi asks Sushma to sit with her, she tells her that her parents never came to her home and even when they came, they didn’t eat anything. They had high self respect. Sushma was feeling ashamed, Pratibha heard this all.

Update Credit to: Sona

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