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Mahen looks at Pratibha get ready and says she looks nice. Pratibha asks him to get ready and come down, today is his favorite breakfast. She says she is going to market today for grocery, if he needs something. He says nothing. She was about to leave, he says he will go with her too as today shop is closed and he is free.
In the car, Pratibha says thanks to Mahen that she shopped really quick today and too much. She asks Mahen why are they going the other way, if he has to do something here. Mahen says we are going on long-drive. Pratibha asks this time? Mahen says being together has no time, they couldn’t take time for each other for so many years. Pratibha says Peehu was a bit worried today. Mahen says Peehu’s age is like this, she is worried sometimes and sometimes not.
At home,

Peehu talks on phone she is just coming. Anmol asks where is she going. Peehu says she is going to Sneha’s house for study. Anmol says he knows her secret. She stops at once, and asks what this means. He says they are going for a movie, else she would have taken books. Peehu says she has books at home.
Pratibha offers to play the songs, Mahen stops her and says he wants to hear her. She resists but he requests her. She sings melodiously ‘Kya yehi pyaar hai’. Mahen enjoys and asks her to sing more. Both enjoy the ride. At the cloth store, Pratibha says to Mahen she doesn’t have to buy a saree as she isn’t liking any one here. Mahen asks the sales man to show her until she likes one. Pratibha looks at Mahen, he notices her stare and smiles. He thinks about Aditya Narayan’s words and says to Pratibha he has to make an important call. Namrita enters the shop then, and is excited to see Pratibha. Both hug each other, Namrita asks how is she here. Pratibha says it is a long story but Mahen is here with her for shopping. Namrita teases her for Mahen to be romantic, Pratibha says she is really happy to see Namrita here and looks upside down at Namrita. Pratibha says looking at her it seems Maami has changed as she didn’t let Pratibha wear jeans when she was in college. Namrita gets serious at once, Pratibha asks did she say something wrong. Namrita says Sumitra doesn’t know she wears such clothes, she came out wearing these shalwar kameez, and changes outside the house. She says she is really confused, Rishi also likes her western outfit but he asks her to hide it all from his mother. She says she is really confused, she doesn’t like Rishi lie to his mom. Pratibha says she really understands this, but she will ultimately lose her happiness this way. Has she talked to Rishi what she wants, and not what Rishi and Sumitra does. She asks Namrita to talk to Rishi about it. Pratibha gets Mahen’s call and takes leave from Namrita.
Mahen was at musical instrument shop. He asked the shop keeper which guitar to buy, the salesman says it depends upon Pratibha which one she would like to play. Pratibha is shocked and asks Mahen what he is doing here. He says sorry Pratibha he wanted to give her a surprise, then was confused which guitar to buy. Pratibha says she has to buy none of it, Mahen asks no again. They have to buy one, and she must select. He says it is the best gift for her from him, he never thought about giving such a gift. He asks her to choose one, Pratibha points at one of them, and plays it. Everyone in the shop turns to hear her play so well. Mahen is happy to see her, and when she is done he claps for her, so does everyone else. Pratibha looks around to see so many appreciators. He asks the sales man to pack this one. Pratibha looks at the watch and says it is so late, everyone must be waiting. Mahen says today is her off, she doesn’t has to cook. Pratibha says but they have to eat food, Mahen asks her to eat someone out. Pratibha says it doesn’t seem well to eat out of home without children, Anmol loves eating out. Anmol was excited and says this is a good idea, but Peehu is at her friend’s home but they will pick her from the way.
Sunidhi was curt at hearing this, Kaashi asks why is she being so jealous when no one stopped her when she went out of the home. Shalu was leaving, Sunidhi asks her to cook khichdi. Shalu says she is going out of the house for something important. Sunidhi asks who will cook khichdi. Kaashi laughs that she will.
Namrita comes to the car in eastern dress. Rishi asks she took so much time and didn’t even change. Namrita says she doesn’t want to lie further. If he wants her to wear western, they must tell his mother about it.
Peehu’s friend says it is only her fear. One of them asks if she has some proof that someone stalks on her. Peehu shows them a note. Peehu was much worried, so are all the children. Her friends were worried that there is someone else also who knows about it. Peehu says if it is leaked out, they are all finished then. The kids become silent at once, Peehu turns to see Pratibha standing there.

PRECAP: Peehu and Pratibha were in the café. Peehu says if she doesn’t tell her, she will complain to papa about it. Pratibha says her papa and she wants her betterment. Peehu says if she cares so much she must know that she doesn’t want to share what is going on in her life. Mahen comes there and asks what is going on in her life.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. LoveD 29/04 episode, for a change ther is so much of harmony an respect between Mahen an Pratiba, so thrilled wit Mahen’s bhaviour, loved the episode !!!! Well done Mahen and also Mother inlaw , nice to see a positive change!!!

  2. Yea very nice Mahen like the positive attitude towards Pratibha she deserves it but the jury is still out on her attitude not convince as yet… Pihu i can’t stand that little girl her attitude it’s just too much, some will say it’s a teenage phase but i disagree when i was going through my teenage phase i have to keep that in check or else my mom would send something sailing after me if i talk to her out of line i’m from the caribbean so that’s how we are raised, i know it’s a show but still i can’t stand to see disrespectful children

  3. Nice episode love the change in mahen n his mom
    This girl still have so much attitute all do some1 is after her and she tellin her mom if she cares for her so much then don’t ask her any things if i was pratibha i give her one slap across her face she need a mother who will treat her bad n beat her not a mom like pratibha cuz pratibha is too easy for her so much she is doing for her and still she have all those words to tell her mom who delegates her whole life to grow her up n protect her feed her n put her to sleep and when she sick to be behind you till u get better
    All i have to say she is an ungrateful Lil girl

  4. All I can say is that this episode and the day before are the best,romantic episode for a long time.I was really wonderful.

  5. What accident are they talking about

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