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Mahen tells Sanjeev to take care of everything as Pratibha has worked really hard for it. Sanjeev says it feels really good whenever he takes care of Pratibha that way. Mahen notices some veiled women enter the wedding and asks who are they. The ladies say they have been called to welcome the guests with gulab-jal and flowers. Mahen asks who called them, the lady says their booking and payment has already been done. Pushpa recognizes them saying Namrita wanted some traditional hostages. Mahen says Naina is so irresponsible herself, why must they let them stay here then. Kaashi jumps in and says their daughter wants them to perform and the payment has also been done. Pushpa says Namrita wanted so, Mahen agrees if it is about Namrita.
Kaashi looks at them, thinks Pratibha thinks they have gone

but she doesn’t know in what get up they have brought Naina back. One of them removes her veil, it was Naina. Sunidhi says it is time for Pratibha to come back, now there will be the real blast.
Pratibha brings Namrita ready. She says she looks beautiful. Pushpa enters the room, and asks have they come back. Pratibha asks has she seen how beautiful Namrita looks. Pushpa cries, Namrita asks doesn’t she looks beautiful that she wants to spoil her makeup for wedding. Pushpa says she has no words to say thankyou for her support and care. Pratibha says Namrita is her sister in law as well. Sunidhi comes in and says to Namrita she has a surprise for her. She calls for the girls to enter. Namrita is happy seeing them, Pratibha looks at the ladies suspectedly. Namrita says she thought Naina had forgotten about it, Sunidhi says Naina has gone but she arranged for this. Namrita is happy that her entry will now be grand. They hear the baraat’s arrival drumming. Sunidhi asks Pratibha to come and welcome the baraat. Pratibha says she can’t leave Namrita alone. Sunidhi says these girls will stay with Namrita. Pratibha denies, Pushpa asks Pratibha to come too but Pratibha says she will stay here. Sunidhi says alright, as she wishes as the blast is downstairs. She and Pushpa leave.
Sunidhi comes down to Kaashi. Everyone welcomes the baraat, happily and whole heartedly. Kaashi asks Sunidhi to go and see if everything is alright. Sunidhi says everything is under control. Sumitra appreciates the decorations, Pushpa says Mahen and Pratibha did all the arrangements. Sumitra asks where is their Pratibha.
Pratibha was suspicious about the ladies. Namrita was excited about her wedding with Rishi. Pratibha asks the ladies to remove their veils for once as she wants to see their faces. One of them denies showing their faces, Pratibha insists. They show their faces one by one until it is Naina’s turn. She didn’t remove her veil. Pratibha asks her to remove her veil as well, Naina denies saying it isn’t thought about as a good omen. Pratibha says only ladies are here, Namrita stops Pratibha but Pratibha asks Namrita to be quiet. Pratibha asks her to remove the veil else she won’t let her dance. Naina finally holds her veil, but it wasn’t her. Namrita asks what’s with that, Pratibha tells her she wanted her relaxation. Shalu comes to tell Pratibha everyone is asking about her, she tells Shalu to remain here. Shalu assures her, and Pratibha comes out.
Pratibha comes to the wedding hall and meets everyone.
Inside, Namrita asks the girls about the song they will dance on. She and Shalu discussed something when Naina picks a bottle from behind her. Naina asks Shalu for water, Shalu says there is a waterbottle lying there. Shalu looks around and there was no bottle, she thinks for a while then asks Naina to go and have water by herself.
Chacha introduces Pratibha to everyone, they appreciated Pratibha and her arrangement. Mahen smiled at this. Kaashi and Sunidhi whispers that it feels Pratibha has forgot about her spying. The lady who came out of the room comes to similarly dressed Naina in the corridor. Naina looks at her, smiles and tells her to change and go to her home quietly. The other lady abides by, while Naina smiles.

PRECAP: Pratibha is conscious at the time of dance. Naina tries to go to remove Namrita’s veil, but Pratibha stops her and removes Naina’s veil to expose her to everyone.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Where is the marriage?This will be as long as the kidnapping in Kumkum Bhagya.I have never seen seen a wedding have so many angles .Remove this damn witchcraft .It is spoiling the story line.What is wrong with you writers.

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