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Pushpa comes and asks Pratibha for coffee, Pratibha says no. Pushpa says her Pratibha has learned to say no, who taught her. Pushpa says this house’s environment is really nice in the morning, were they always like this. Shalu comes there but Pratibha doesn’t let her talk to Pushpa, Pushpa goes inside.
Sunita awaits Anmol out of washroom. When Anmol comes out, Raashi gets in before Sunita. Sanjeev and Sunita also await them both. Raashi calls it is all a mistake of Pratibha. Shalu takes the waste of bin from Anmol’s room, with jewellery bag in it. Sanjeev recalls Sunita about their anniversary and hugs her, the kids wish her anniversary as well. Anmol asks if he has gifted Sunita with some jewellery. Sunita comes to the room, and when she doesn’t find the bag she shouts that it is

stolen. Everyone come there, Sunita blames Anmol for hiding her jewellery. Mahen says his son can’t do so. Sunita blames Pratibha. Anmol swears he hasn’t taken it. Mahen asks Pratibha to look for it.
Pratibha comes to Pushpa and says she has come to take Sunita’s jewellery from her room. Pushpa says she never takes what isn’t hers. Pratibha asks why she has come here. Pushpa says she has come to take what is hers. Pratibha says why is she talking to her. Raashi comes and asks about tea. Sunita comes crying for her jewellery. Mahen says how will he work, if this remains the environment at home. Everyone leaves.
Pushpa says to Pratibha when she met her, she was lost in darkness. Shalu comes and tells them she as thrown all the garbage out. Pratibha looks at Pushpa, then runs out and stops the garbage man. She asks him to open the bin and looks in the garbage bag. She finds the bag with jewellery and is relieved. She says atleast she has done something right, Pushpa smiled at her and recalls she had seen Shalu taking the bag with garbage. She asks Pratibha if she has found the bag. Pratibha says thank you. Pushpa smiles she is being miser. Pratibha asks why she didn’t tell her before. Pushpa says she wouldn’t have believed her. Pushpa says she didn’t use her for coming here, she already had the reason and courage to come here. One thing added to her list was that she wanted to see her and Mahen’s children and her help is genuine. Pratibha asks how should she trust her. Pushpa asks her to question herself. Pratibha says the truth is that she is the enemy of her family, it wouldn’t have changed if she didn’t know her. She might not be able to believe her now. Pushpa says she is happy that this is her own decision. Pushpa asks if she comes to know that she is right and is not the villain in the story, will she change her decision or it will remain her decision, because even then her husband and her mother in law will be her enemy. Does she has the guts to say what she thinks, or she will remain with her mother in law knowingly that her thinking is wrong. She asks what she will do. Pratibha was thoughtful.
In school, a girl gets Gia’a attention to Peehu. Peehu comes there, they all say hi to her. Peehu cheers, Ga says she deserves this much. Since the time she has entered their group, everyone has started envying them, Peehu whose father has a big showroom, and who never parties except for five star hotel and who only goes abroad for vacations. Peehu smiles boastingly. Gia asks about her next vacation, Peehu says London it was her third vacation there. Peehu says her mother loves England, else she had to go to Australia. Gia asks if she has make a fool of herself, she can’t even afford to go to Ludhiana. They all laugh making fun of Peehu. They say she will never get rid with her lies, tomorrow she will be insulted in front the whole school. Peehu is left open mouthed, shocked. Gia goes calling her a liar, they all call her cheater. Ashamed, Peehu loses control and sits on stairs as the girls go away, Peehu cries.
At home, Pratibha gives the jewellery bag to Sunita who is relieved looking into it. She blames Pratibha for bringing that chachi into the home, but Pushpa appears from behind and Sunita tries to deny her own statement. Pratibha looks behind, Sunita leaves smiling at Pushpa.
Mahen talks to lawyer, he says to Raashi that Mr. Badra is right, their relation to this lady ended a long time ago. Why has she come now, there must be some reason for this timings. Mahen says if knows the reason, they can use her. Pratibha comes there. Sunita says Pratibha can talk to Pushpa because they are in talking terms. If they know why has she come here, they can get rid of her. Pratibha can help them in it. Mahen says Pratibha can’t do anything. Raashi says she has to, because that lady came here because of her, she must try to find out her motives. Pratibha says she doesn’t talk to Pushpa, Raashi asks her to find out her motif anyway.
Pratibha says alright and leaves the room.
In the corridor, everything that Pushpa had said to Pratibha today echoed in her mind.

PRECAP: Pratibha questions Sunita and Raashi about the photo. Pratibha was about to cry, when Mahen comes and asks what is going on.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Puspa is she a villain or is she genuine i just don’t understand what’s up with this storyline and Mahen what’s up with him and what happen in the past between his mother and aunt?! C’mon writers reveal the secret and i hate the way Mahen treat is wife he’s always so harsh towards her and his ill mannered daughter who is so disrespectful to her mother you finally got what you deserve hope you’ve learnt your lesson friendship cannot be bought… Everyone is against Pratibha writers this very depressing we need a better story like more love in these serials too much hate

  2. i think pushpa is genuine and kashi is the villain she is capable of evil as it is …mahen is just too disrespectful how ‘ll the daughter respectful towards pratibha as for sunidhi the character isn’t well executed and is not convincing just too much evil

  3. Sunita should have been in the garbage and not the jewelry.Pushba is there to take back her part of the house ,if this is not done Pushba is going to take revenge because this is what she came back for.I think there is some kind of dishonesty going on with Mahen ,his mother and Pushba.There is also a sick person in the hospital that Pushba told her she will make sure she revenge them.Why are they blaming Prathiba for some thing she did not even know about.No one wants to listen to her point of view only the blame game.The mother seems to be very wicked and I think she and Pushba will have confrontations.

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