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Mahen tries to calm the chaotic crowd; Pratibha comes to stage and holds the mike. Mahen gives up, when Pratibha, with tears in her eyes, begin to sing. Mahen stops at once in stage. Everyone gets silent for a while, and people begin to get seated. When the lights are switched on again, Mahen is shocked to see Pratibha. Sunidhi is left open mouthed, while Anmol cheers. Pratibha sings ‘Abhi mujh me kahin’, the crowd enjoys the singing. Mahen watches the crowd, then looks at Pratibha. He remembers his words while cursing Pratibha asking was she going to be a queen of singing? Pratibha looks at him too, then the crowd and smiles at them. She sings further, beautifully.
Aditya Narayan arrives at the hall, and listens to the beautiful singing, smiling. Everyone including Aditya Narayan claps

for her, Mahen drops the letter of Pratibha off his file, he picks it up and reads it. It said, He will be shocked to see her letter, these days situations between them are really curt. She is sorry, she thought she won’t say sorry to him and will see what he will do. Eighteen years were well in their lives, after so many years she doesn’t has the right to change. She must have thought about changing a long time ago. She isn’t unhappy with her life, and will say sorry to him when he returns today. Pratibha said thanks to the crowd, when someone announces Aditya Narayan is here. The star comes in shaking hands with everyone in the crowd. Pratibha shuts her eyes in relief.
Aditya says he thought they must be angry at him, then says to Pratibha that her beautiful singing made everyone a fan of her and created a sound environment. The crowd claps in appreciation. Aditya Narayan performs on stage. Pratibha watches the performance with Mahen standing back stage, enjoying it to bits. He takes Sunidhi to stage with her while performing. The event goes a super hit.
Pratibha comes to stage and says he has done such an appreciation for her, but may he know her name please. Pratibha says I am Pratibha Agarwal, Mahendra Agarwal, the organizer, is her husband. Aditya asks her to call Mahen on stage as well, everyone claps for him. Everyone looks around but Mahen didn’t arrive, Aditya calls him again. Mahen comes to stage, shakes hand with Aditya and takes the mike. Pratibha steals eyes from him, Mahen says today, he is really happy and is very proud that his is Pratibha’s husband. Pratibha turns to look at him in surprise. Mahen looks back at her, everyone claps for them. He further says that he is really very happy and proud of his wife Pratibha, with whom not him but his family’s respect is also associated. He says to Pratibha that not hers, but his respect is associated with her today; thank you Pratibha. Aditya Narayan sings the song that Pratibha sang, while Mahen and Pratibha looks at each other.
After the performance, Mahen asks Aditya to give away the cheque of donation to the NGO they are raising funds for. He invites the NGO’s administration on stage. Kids bring bouquet on stage for Aditya Narayan, while he hands the cheque over to NGO. Aditya says being a small part of their NGO he feels really honoured, such NGOs should be acknowledged as our country needs such social work. We need people like Mahen, who take important time from their lives to support such work. Aditya takes a leave, the crowd rushes to take his autograph. Peehu just gets up her seat when her mobile rings a Private Number. She is worried. Anmol and Sanjeev appreciates Pratibha, people come to take her autograph too. Anmol asks Pratibha to sign them, so does Sanjeev. Pratibha takes a pen and gives the autographs. Aditya says to Mahen that his wife really sings well, and he wants that his Pratibha’s Pratibha comes to the whole world. Mahen smiles and looks at Pratibha giving away autograph.

PRECAP: Peehu finds a paper on stage which read she won’t be able to escape so easily. She is shocked and worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. At last their misunderstanding is over it a super episode

  2. For once something’s good out of today episode and that precap i don’t understand who is after peepu well if some1 is after her then i want that person to teach her a good lesson n slap some sense in her cuz in yesterday episode prabitha was saying her own children does not respect her and this peehu never respect n appreciate her mother and then this same mother who she does not respect will come to save her in this situation

  3. There are mothers and mothers.This means as long as your child that you have given birth to is in trouble ,you the mother will fight as a lion who is fighting for his cubs to save that child.A child may be disrespectful at times but that does not mean you will leave that child to suffer.This is what makes a person a true mother.No lioness leaves her cubs to become injured or get killed.I personally will not leave my child to be harmed ,I will stand and fight and when I have won then I will sat her down and give her a good reprimanding.This is what a mother will do.

  4. That’s so true a mother will always love her children no matter how that child is but i’m waiting on that day when Pratibha knock some sense into Pihu…when i was a child only time i could ever talk to my parents like how Pihu talk to her mom would have to be in my dreams Jamaican parents don’t play r the entire caribbean i must say

  5. AaaaaWwwww so proud of Mahen, finally realises Pratiba’s worth!! Thank God!!!! As for Aditya, he has grown up n looking so well , major handsome young man compared to the last time I hav seen him on TV, he was a young boy , actually I thought tats NOT him as he was looking a bit different but then realised his just grown up to b a good looking young man n his music is jusyt Great !!! Congratulations!!!!

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