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Pratibha asks Mahen why he would get her tickets burnt. Mahen says she must know, she wanted a change but was she like this eighteen years ago, he had no idea he will have to see such a face of hers, takes his bag and leaves Pratibha speechless. She keeps in calling him. Kaashi and Sunidhi go inside, Pratibha cries. Sanjeev says to Pratibha neither can he say this nor keep quiet, she must take her promise back and let him tell Mahen that Narayan’s idea was hers and she is behind all his success. Pratibha stops him.
Sanjeev sat worried at night, Sunidhi comes to the room and notices him lost. She says is he still worried about Mahen and Pratibha, he must concentrate on his Bebo. How is she looking? He asks is this her third one. She asks him not to count, just tell her which one looks best.

He says she looks best in it, don’t change this one now. Sunidhi says she is convinced she will look best in the next one. He asks why she is asking him now. She laughs and says this is secret, she never likes what he does. He says he should have wondered about it while marrying her. He asks why she is selecting the sarees. She asks what if Aditya Narayan calls her on stage tomorrow. Sanjeev asks her to stop thinking about fashion show and do some work.
Pratibha was in her room while Mahen was asleep. She takes a note pad and writes on it. She thinks she has never seen him doing something so deeply exept for his shop work, and he is far from her at such a time now. She wipes her tear, keeps the note in his file and says tomorrow is really important for him. He might believe her or not, she needs to tell him what is in her heart. She wishes tomorrow is a good and successful day for him.
The next morning, Pratibha prepares for Mahen’s dress while he was still asleep. She smiles and goes outside the room. Mahen gets ready wearing another dress, when Pratibha enters the room again. He was smiling in the mirror, turns to her then takes his file from the drawer. Pratibha smiles at him asking him for tea. He leaves with the file. She looks at his dress on the bed.
Sunidhi was doing the makeup, kids and Kaashi come there. Anmol asks isn’t she being more than conscious today. Sunidhi says she is sure, Aditya Narayan will call her on stage. Sanjeev also comes out; he tells Mahen everything is ready. Pratibha comes there in simple clothes. Sunidhi asks if she isn’t coming or is she going in these clothes? This event has been organized by Mahen so she must come there. She asks Mahen to ask her change, as she isn’t ready. Mahen says if someone has to come, she must he isn’t giving any invitations to anyone. Mahen’s words last day echo in Pratibha’s mind painfully. Mahen asks everyone to leave. Sunidhi and Kaashi leave cheerfully.
In the event venue, the guests arrive and are seated. The family gets VIP seats. Everyone appreciates Mahen for arranging the event with such a huge star. Mahen gets appreciation from everyone.
Peehu reads a message on phone; Anmol was making video and says mom would have been so happy being here. He notices her lost in her cell phone and asks why she is so worried because of her phone. He shouts at him to mind his own business. Kaashi hushes them both to be quiet. The announcement on stage begins. Everyone was excited; the announcer says he himself is impatient to see Aditya Narayan on stage. He says Mr. Aditya Narayan would soon be here. Mahen says to Sanjeev it is a big event, he is doing it for the first time; it must be successful. Sanjeev asks him not to worry, everything will be going well. One of the men there ask about Pratibha, Mahen says she was unwell at the last moment so she couldn’t come. A man comes to him asking for a form, Mahen opens the file when he hears someone shouting to start the programme. Mahen is worried about the chaos, the men at reception ask where is Aditya? Mahen says he just talked to him, he is on his way. The crowd was getting restless, Mahen is worried that the phone is powered off. Sanjeev asks to try the manager. The crowds create panic, one of the men shouts to return money if the show isn’t beginning. One of the men stand up and shout who kept the event, they call Mahendra Agarwal in front. Mahen is worried, so is everyone else. Anmol calls pratibha who was standing worried and asks what noice is this. He tells her that Aditya Narayan hasn’t arrived and the crowd is cursing papa. Pratibha says she is coming there. Mahen comes to stage, and tries to calm the crowd down but they don’t listen to him. He says he is Mahen. The crowd asks him to start the show; the crowd cursed him for being fraud.
Pratibha runs to the venue, Mahen was still trying to take control on stage. The guard stops Pratibha for her pass, Pratibha says she doesn’t have it. He says she can’t go in. Pratibha says Mahen is her husband, the guard says there is already problem here. She must call him if she has to go inside. She says she will call him, Mahen doesn’t take her call. The announcer goes on stage, Mahen watches Pratibha’s call but doesn’t pick it up. Sanjeev silently notices. The crowd begin to throw papers on stage to the announcer. Sanjeev goes out, the announcer accepts defeat as well. Sanjeev says he called the airline company, due to a technical reason the plane was diverted to another city. The manager says they can’t return their money, else they would be at loss.
A card fell off guards hand, Pratibha takes advantage of the rush and runs inside.
Mahen comes to stage with heavy heart. He says he is sorry. The family stands up, so does everyone else. Mahen says he was mistaken, he will return their money to them so they can take their money from ticket counter. They call him names while he stands still and silent.
Sanjeev takes Pratibha aside, he says he is sure she can handle it all and sends Pratibha on stage. Pratibha comes to stage and holds the mike.

PRECAP: Aditya Narayan performs on stage. Pratibha looks at Mahen looking down on floor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Everyone of these show the husbands behave like fools

  2. Exactly! Mahen is very arrogant he’s the worst of all the husbands

  3. True he’s behaving like an a*sh*le he need to be taught some manner and to behave with women if they had a poll were you have to vote for the worst husbands then it will definitely be you

  4. Ha ha hai …. Watch how Mahen will feel like an ASS lol

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