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Mahen strictly says this house isn’t hers. Pratibha asks Pushpa was she ever hers or she just posed to be, she had trusted her and what she is doing to her and her family. Mahen says he has shown her the papers of house, they clearly state this house is named after his father. Raashi asks when he met her. Pratibha cries that she had always known her, Mahen and her family. Pushpa keeps on looking at her, regretting. Sunita asks Raashi not to worry, this is their house and no one can snatch it from them. Mahen says to Pushpa that this isn’t her house, has her doubts cleared now. Pushpa tells Mahen that she has called the police already, because he presented her the fake papers, she asks did he got them made to Ghanchamdaas. Pratibha recalls telling her that Mahen was calling to someone on phone

about some papers.
Mahen looks at Pratibha in disbelief and asks she even told this to her, does she have a clue what she has done. He says whatever wrong happens in the house and family, in his life is only because of her; she has ruined this house. Pushpa asks why he is shouting at Pratibha, it is all of theirs fault not Pratibha. Pratibha stops her and says she has spoiled her life and now has come to side her.
Mahen points his finger and tells his chachi not to say another word. Pushpa says he must be ready to face the reality, and it is that she will get her part of this house. She shows him the papers from court giving her permission to live in this house, until verdict. He is bound to share this house with her. Pratibha apologizes Mahen saying she didn’t know who this woman is, she couldn’t understand that this lady is using her. She was ready to pay for everything, Mahen says she can never do anything well. Mahen says he is giving Pushpa the last offer, asks Sanjeev to get his cheque book and gives a blank cheque to Pushpa saying he will return her money in 10 days; she must take it else he will bring his truth to the whole world. Pushpa says he won’t agree, and calls inspector. The police come inside the house, Pushpa says she will only leave when she has sent him to jail for making fake papers. The inspector says what he has done is a crime under section 420, he has come to arrest him. Pratibha pleads that her husband hasn’t done anything wrong, Sanjeev also asks him to recheck. Pushpa says to Pratibha that she must apologize her but her husband has got the wrong papers made. Pratibha gets to Pushpa’s feet, Pushpa stands her up. She says I will stop it, she asks Mahen if he will let her live in the house or not. She says she only wants her right. Mahen thinks for a while, then says they must clear her portion. Pushpa says well done Mahen, she takes her complain back from inspector. The police leave. Mahen says to Pushpa that this hasn’t ended, and it won’t until he sends her out the way his mother did, he will fight her in court and ruin her life. He looks at Pratibha and says she alone is the reason for this all, and goes inside. Pratibha looks at Puhspa in disgust and leaves inside.
At night on roof, Mahen’s blames flash in Pratibha’s mind as she cries. She says how can she be blind, and crazy. She asks how can she do this to her, she respect and trust her so much. She used her so badly, she was such an idiot. She says Mahen is right, she can never do anything right, she can only ruin. She has ruined everything. What she has done to her family, and her husband.
Pushpa was telling someone on phone that everything is fine. Pratibha comes downstairs, Pushpa says she was waiting for her. She says she may ask anything she wants to. Pratibha asks why she used her this badly, just to know what Mahen is about to do. She had came here to hurt her family, she always taught her to go against her family. Did she want her to go against her family, so that her family gets ruined. Pushpa offers her water, she doesn’t take it. Pushpa says she must ask herself, whatever she had taught her was right or wrong. Pratibha says today she is doing what she has taught her, that is to say no. She is asking her to leave this house, as it will only hurt her family. Pratibha says she had asked her to go and find if her husband loves her. Now her husband won’t ever love her. She asks her to go away and loses her control, sitting on the chair crying. Pushpa says I am sorry Pratibha, I can’t do so. She goes inside, Pratibha looks at her in disbelief. She says she promises Mahen to do whatever he would ask, to get rid of this lady.

PRECAP: Pushpa comes to kitchen and asks for tea. Pratibha says no. Pushpa says wow, she has learned to say no. Who taught her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. From the beginning I wrote that Pushba had some type of relationship to this family and she is out for revenge.Pushba acted in Pavitra Rishtna and she could be very vindictive.She is strong actress and she may bring some edge to the story.She could manipulate a game good.So now she lives their that Sunili may have some competition’Let us see.I am sorry for Pratibha because she tried hard.

  2. Hope Pratibha don’t have too much obstacles in her way because if Puspa should team up with Sunidhi against Pratibha she will be doomed

  3. Lol.

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