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Pratibha’s maa said all went well. Pratibha says she thought Mahen liked the surprise. Her maa says she must ask him by herself as Mahen comes changed. He asks Pratibha aside for a minute, he says she was pretending and he must not have forgotten how could she forget such events. She smiles. Mahen says he could never dream she can arrange such a party. He gives her the earrings, Pratibha says these are so pretty, and reassures these are for him. They cut the cake. Sunita asks Shalu to distribute the cake amongst all, and thinks this is the right time. She takes the microphone and announces that this marvelous idea was of Pratibha, she says she will now play the bombastic surprise from Pratibha now. She plays the screen play of Pratibha and Mahen’s photos. Pratibha and Mahen look at

each other, Sunita awaits the drama but the multimedia goes off. Mahen appreciates Pratibha’s idea, Pratibha says it wasn’t her idea. Everyone appreciates the party.
Suddenly the multimedia gets on, and Pratibha’s photo displays. Sunita asks who is this man with her. Mahen and Raashi are enraged. Mahen asks Pratibha if she knows the lady, before Pratiba could reply Pushpa calls Hello Pratibha. Everyone turns to see her enter the house. Pratibha smiles seeing her and goes to greet her saying she is really happy seeing her here. She asks her to come in to introduce her to everyone, her family and her husband.
Pratibha takes Pushpa to Mahen, Pushpa says hello to Mahen. Mahen was silent, then asks Pratibha how she knows her. Pratibha says she met her for quite many times, she is her friend and has helped her a lot in the past days. She asks if they know each other. Pushpa says they know each other. Pratibha says this is great. Sunita wonders who is this lady, no one is saying anything to PC. She asks Sanjeev who this aunty is, Sanjeev says they will just know. Raashi calls Pushpa’s name from behind and approach her. She asks is she still alive, how dare she cross her door; she must leave her house at once. Pratibha asks what has happened, why is she so angry at her.

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Raashi looks at Pushpa and asks her to leave. Pushpa says she must not make the mistake to touch her. She says to Mahen it is better he sends his guests away. Pratibha asks chachi who is she, why should they spoil the party. Pushpa asks Mahen if he will tell or shall she. Mahen apologizes everyone, they all leave. Pratibha keeps on pleading them, but they all leave.
Pratibha’s maa asks her papa who this lady is. She asks her maa why she let them all go. Her papa says they must also leave, it is their house’s matter so they must leave.
Pratibha asks Mahen to stop them, Mahen shouts at her enraged to shut this rubbish up. He asks how long does she know this lady and what has she told this lady about them. Pratibha was speechless. Sunita enjoys the drama. Pratibha says she met her outside Peehu’s school, she doesn’t know who she is but she had helped her find Peehu. Pushpa says she is Mahen’s chachi (aunt). Pratibha looks quizzical, she says I am Pushpa chachi. Sunita says this is PC. Pushpa says she used to live here and was a part of this house. Half of this house is hers. Sunita says how can she say this, she has never thought about her. Pushpa recognizes Sunita by name. Pushpa says it was when Mahen and Sanjeev’s father was alive. Sanjeev says she isn’t doing right after so much happened. Raashi says to Pushpa she is really daring. Pushpa says they will know this time what happened. What was only a made up story will also come up. Mahen asks Peehu and Anmol to go to their rooms.
Pratibha wipes her tears.
Pushpa goes to flashback, Raashi cursed her family. Pushpa’s husband asked her to go from this house, they don’t want to fight. Pushpa had promised to return. Pushpa turns and says she is back in her home now.

PRECAP: Pushpa says to Mahen that she wants to see him in jail as he got fake papers of house made. The police say they have nonbailable warrants of him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What an interesting episode but make some improvement.

  2. Sunita thought she was going to trap Pratibha but she has opened a whole can of worms and Pratibha is innocent.Sunita tried to wreck the party but it was a success.Sunita must get a damn life and mind her damn business.Meddlesome busybody.

  3. someone change pratibha’s hair styleeeeeeeeeeeeee
    soooo yuckyyyy chii

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