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Mahen cheers that Pratibha has send Pea and cheese. Sanjeev says it is yummy. Mahen welcomes him to join, Sanjeev says he was free and thought about helping him choose gift for Pratibha. Mahen asks his assistant to bring some beautiful earrings. Sanjeev appreciates it.
Pratibha makes arrangements with Anmol whole day. Mahen comes home, Peehu opens the door. Pratibha comes, takes his bag and says she will just bring tea for him. He was about to talk to her, then feels strange about her energy. He says he remembered the anniversary because of Sanjeev, but this time Pratibha doesn’t remember it. He watches the earrings.
Peehu says to Pratibha that she must have copied the surprise party’s preparations from Sunita. Anmol says it was Pratibha’s sole idea. Sunita says something is

missing, she offers to make a slide show of Mahen’s photos. Anmol says he and mom will do it, Sunita says they don’t have enough time, she will make it. Pratibha says this is a good idea, she will give her all the pictures till morning. Pratibha takes leave, Peehu comes to Sunita but Raashi just arrives there. Sunita sends Peehu to do her homework. Raashi says she never knew Pratibha would be so cunning. Sunita complains that she didn’t believe in her, but Raashi says she has a way out from here. Sunita asks her to wait for a while, Raashi leaves curtly. Sunita smiles.
Pratibha asks Mahen to have food, he says he is thinking about taking leave for tomorrow, they will go out. Pratibha smiles, then turns seriously. She says it isn’t possible tomorrow, she has to clean all the wardrobes. Mahen thinks she really doesn’t remember and asks her to serve food. Pratibha cheers.
On the table, Sanjeev asks Mahen if she liked the gift. Mahen says she doesn’t remember it, it is a celebrated day for men when their wives doesn’t remember special days. Mahen asks Sunita what is the plan about their anniversary. Sunita says there is no plan, as he had forgotten.
The next morning, Pratibha wakes up, looks at the sleeping Mahen, smiles and leaves the bed. She prepares the tiffins thinking there must be something special in food. Shalu comes and greets her, Pratibha asks her to be quiet. Sanjeev asks Pratibha not to put halwa, else he would know it is their anniversary. Pratibha gives Sanjeev the photo album. Sunita was impatient about the photos, when Sanjeev gets the album. She takes the album excitedly, Sanjeev says it is awkward that she is excited for Pratibha’s surprise plan. He goes out, Sunita says she isn’t excited for her plan not Pratibha.
Pratibha gives Mahen his tiffin. He asks if she has done all the wardrobes, she says some are done while the others are left and leaves.
Sunita makes the slide show of the photos, and says the last photo will create a blast, now she should see how this party is a surprise.
Pratibha asks maa if she looks fine, her maa says she is looking beautiful. Anmol comes and says this time his new mama has designed the party. Her maa says she has done it well even before. Shalu announces that caterer is here, Pratibha goes to see and asks the caterer where is the rest of food. The caterer says this is the final order, Pratibha says they had ordered the food. Sunita says she had asked her to keep only one sweet, not to over look the food. Sunita says she is really sorry, but she thought she is going to prepare food with her own hands. The bell rings, Sanjeev says the guests are here. Pratibha says she will cook something, her maa says she is here for that.
In the party, Sanjeev asks Pratibha how is the arrangement. Pratibha was tensed about food, Sanjeev says the food is about to get ready. Sunita hears this all. Pratibha says she has to go to kitchen, but Sanjeev says she can’t go to kitchen today. Pratibha asks for reassurance. Sunita comes to them and says to Pratibha that she was thinking… Sanjeev asks her not to think much and serve drinks to guests. The guests talked about Mahen and asked for food. Pratibha was getting worried.
Pratibha comes to kitchen, Shalu asks her to take her maa out. Pratibha apologizes her maa but she says she is enjoying it a lot. Everyone was served drinks. Pratibha asks Sanjeev is everyone enjoying. Sanjeev says everything is perfect. He asks Anmol to go out and text him and when Mahen is here. Sanjeev gets the text, and asks Peehu to switch the lights off. Anmol takes Mahen from back door, he is surprised when everyone wish him. Mahen meets his old friends, and enjoys. He looks at the smiling Pratibha, comes to Pratibha and then goes inside the room. Pratibha says Mahen’s happiness today has given her a new life.

PRECAP: Pushpa comes to the party, Pratibha smiles while Mahen gets curt at once.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I do not uderstand the ABC’S of this script.The reason is that all I am seeing is an immature actress trying to be suave.She cannot act ,there her scenes are just poor and tasteless.Why is she trying to be vindictive for no reason at all .She is blaming Pratibha for something which is untrue and very shameful.Why does she wants to harmsuch a good person.In general the actors are not great and the story line suits children .Every soap I watch their must be some one in the family who does not like the daughter in law.Is this the norm in that country.Deceit,backbiting, trouble making,abusing your sister in laws etc.Give us something different,I am tired eating roti and Dahl.Give me another dish to enjoy.

  2. I agree with rosy

  3. I think it has potential but need a better storyline

  4. come on pratiba make them know your impotance in that house;)

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