Hello Pratibha 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Prathiba was saying to her mother that I want some change in Mahen and he has to change himself.Mahen was standing behind her ,he came near to Prathiba’s mother touches her feat and leaves.Namrita was cooking in the kitchen she had all the flour in her face and her meal had also burnt ,Samrita entres the kitchen and sees Namritas messy face .She asks her is something is wrong where the door bell rings and the guests have arrived .Namrita tastes the meal and says that it s too salty.Rishi enters the room Namrita was panicking .Rishi shows her that he had brought all the food from outside .he says to her that its alright.you did tried your best,nobody wants to know the truth. Mahen was in his room ,Prathiba entres the room and Mahen starts insulting her .He says that what do you think that you are

a princes first you insulted me in front of your friends and then your mother.You are telling everyone that I am a bad husband. Prathiba says to her that you are sgain thinking wrong , actually I am wrong that I never stand for myself that is the reason I am nothing for my children you and even for myself.Mahen stops her and says I don’t want to listen to your rubbish, just understand one think that what you are doing is not going to change me .I don’t care .we cannot live like this together. Samrita says to the guests that please start eating , she was worried for the food until one the guest appreciates the meal. Namrita thinks that I cannot live like this .Mahen gets a call a man says that we all liked your way of donation so we want you to do this.
Peehu comes home and hugs Mahen. Prathiba asks that is everything fine but peehu hesitated to tell it to anyone .Anmol thnks that she is not tired but is upset.prathiba enters Peehu’s room to ask if there is something wrong but peehu says that there is nothing wrong and if it was wrong why woul tell you .Peehu says that I am just tired and you may go I will drink the milk.
Sanjeev was saying that yes we are going o have a lot of fun in this program. Mahen thanks here that he took leaf from his job to meet me as well as he gave him the envelope to take it home.Shallu comes to Sanjeev was saying that yes we are going o have a lot of fun in this program. Mahen thanks here that he Prathiba to ask if there is some work to do and sugar has also finished .Prathiba give her some old paper and said her to burn them.Sanjeev entres the room saying to Mahen on the phone that the papers are save where his son comes he lift him up in his arm and the envelop fall in the box which was to be burnt.Namrita was talking to prathiba on phone about the program and Namrita advices her to buy a new sari.Shallu was burning the papers outside where Mahen comes and notices that the envelop was there to . She shouts at Prathiba that what is this .You have given Shallu to burn the events ticket.He insults her again .He said that he is very disappointed to see you this careless Kaashi and Sunidhi were quiet happy
PRECAP:Mahen was qyite happy of the event organization and the concert.Pratiba looks at Mahen being happy

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. kaisi ye yarian…yha Kyu update kia

  2. It’s time Pratibha taught Pihu some manners cause she ain’t got any at all, is that the way she talk to her mom… I like the way Pratibha is standing up to Mahen he is the worst husband ever you don’t even know your wife favourite colour shame on you and you think your wife is a punching bag you can take your problems out on whenever or wherever you feel like. Pratibha needs to put you in your place

    1. If you think Mahen is the worst husband ever, you must be under 12 years old and living a very sheltered life. Mahen is a good husband and Pratibha agrees with me. The only problem is that he has gotten used to just doing duty and not having a living vibrant relationship. His pride is just a little hurt, he will come around. Look at it, he listened to Pratibha about sending Pihu on the trip. He is a good man. Some men are beating there wives every morning, evening and night. If they have not killed them already.

      1. He may not be the worst husband but he’s not far from it. Yes he provides but at the end of the day Pratibhas on the receiving end. Verbal abuse is not the same but hurts almost as much as physical abuse. Magen needs to be slapped along with Pihu, that ungrateful brat!!!

  3. I cannot understand this culture at all.No respect for Pratibha from Husband.mother in law ,sister in law and daughter.She is been spoken to and viewed as a maid of the house.What turned me off badly is when she has to serve the food to all at the table and she will eat after every one is finished.Her sister in law had the nerve to speak that way to her and her husband sits there and did not even bother.This brings back my memory to the slave trade.This is how the house slaves used to be treated—–cook the food,clean ,do everything but only eat the scraps that were left.These are some things I look at deeply in these shows and think should be upgrade to something better for these women.

  4. i don’t understand the written update so many wrongs.Samitra/her/to and etc !!!!!!!!

  5. what happen to peehu plz tell me anyone

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