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On the breakfast table Pratibha wonders where is Mahen, has he left without eating anything. Mahen comes to table, she smiles and looks at him. He comes to take his seat and says good morning to everyone. Pratibha serves food to him, he looks at her. Sanjeev appreciates Pratibha’s cooking, she smiles while Mahen was looking at her. Kaashi curses all the food and its distaste. Pratibha says to Kaashi that her food is salt-less because her BP has raised. Kaashi asks why, when she had high BP? Anmol asks Pratibha to eat with them. Sunidhi says didi will eat after they have all eaten. Pratibha takes seat with Anmol and Mahen. Peehu is left open eyes, Sanjeev and Anmol are happy. Pratibha pours herself food, Mahen keeps hand on Pratibha’s at the pickle bottle. She looks at him, then looks away. He

removes his hand off hers, she pours in his plate. Sunidhi says it is wonder that she is sitting with them, it never happened in so many years. Pratibha says sometimes good things takes years, but once begun one get used to them. Snidhi says I am still upset about yesterday, a loss of 28000 isn’t less. Mahen says he will give money to her, Sanjeev says it isn’t needed. Mahen says it was Anmol’s mistake and may be their’s as well.
Namrita was worried that she feels bad for Pratibha. Was she mistaken making Mahen up for reunion. Rishi comes and tells her they are going to meet his friends and they will wear red dress today. Sumitra comes there, Namrita touches her feet and she blesses him. Sumitra tells them that they have to go to a pooja and tells Namrita to wear blue saree. Namrita was about to tell her, Rishi clutches her hand and says they have to go to Pratibha’s house tonight and it will be late. Sumitra says if they plan something they must tell them. Sumitra says she will handle this time, and smiles at Namrita before leaving. Namrita is upset because of Rishi’s lie but he makes her up.
Mahen was finding his watch, Peehu comes there and he asks her help as well. Pratibha comes with the lunch and asks what is she looking for. Peehu says papa’s watch, Pratibha brings it and gives it to Peehu. Mahen looks at Pratibha, then leaves saying to Peehu he hasn’t got time to listen to her.
Sunidhi was counting on money to her mom, Pratibha calls her and the money fell on floor. Pratibha comes inside and asks how much will she let herself down. Sunidhi asks means? Pratibha says first she spoils herself, then puts it on her son then gets money in return of it. Sunidhi laughs and says she is flying a lot. Pratibha says when a weak gets courage, no one can confront her. She asks her to return the money, else her truth will be brought to everyone’s front. Sunidhi was overlooking, but Pratibha says Mahen knows well Anmol has a problem with orange juice. Sunidhi is moved, and returns the money. Pratibha says she wants to get her caught, Pratibha says now she wont let her play foul against this family and leaves.
At night, Praibha was in kid’s room and asks Anmol he finished his studies so soon. Anmol says he would take a break, Pratibha forbids him touch the mobile. The bell rings, Pratibha was about to go then stops. Mahen comes to room and counts the money saying he gave this money to Sunidhi. Pratibha asks Anmol what he would say to Papa, he comes to Mahen and says Sunidhi removed the stains off clothes and returned the money. Mahen says alright, if she has to drag it he knows it too.
Pratibha’s phone rings, Mahen brings phone, gives it to Anmol and asks him to tell her keep her phone to herself. Anmol asks why don’t they both talk to each other, Pratibha tells him to study. Anmol is worried what if there is no messenger. Pratibha says they will sort it out for themselves. Pratibha is worried how she should know what Mahen is thinking about her behavior.
Namrita is ready in her blue saree, Rishi comes and looks at her romantically. She asks if there is something wrong. He says he was thinking how she would look in this red dress. She says if it is so, he must see her in party. He says he wants to see her now, there is no one else in this room except her and him. He says she looks like a red-fairy in this dress. She agrees.
Sundihi watches Pratibha worried and comes to her. Kaashi asks why is she staring, Sunidhi says what is she seeing as she always used to watch dramas. Kaashi says drama is going on in this house, Mahen is appearing changed. Sunidhi says Mahen is not, Pratibha is changed. Kaashi curses Sunidhi of taking money from Mahen. Sunidhi says Pratibha took that money back. Mahen comes there, and asks Sunidhi to serve food. Sunidhi says it isn’t ready. Mahen says he would wait. Kaashi asks Mahen to ask Pratibha, she would serve soon. Mahen asks Kaashi to tell Pratibha herself. Sunidhi says something is cooking between them.
Namrita comes dressed in red dress, Rishi says wow, she really looks like fairy. Sumitra knocks the door, Rishi sends her inside the washroom to change the dress, mom would be angry. Sumitra asks Rishi to call Namrita, if she would take really long. Sumitra asks Rishi why he looks worried. He says nothing, Sumitra comes wrapping blue saree over red dress. Sumitra looks at her then asks why is this saree and blouse separate. Sumitra says alright, but a few rituals after the wedding is left they must do them now. The first of them is of kitchen, Rishi told her she has learned to cook. She says she has called some people for lunch tomorrow, so she must cook.
Mahen was ironing his clothes, Peehu says he must have asked mom to do this. Mahen says it is alright. Peehu says she needs his permission, his school trip is going to Darjeeling, and she wants to go too. Mahen says she need not to go anywhere. Pratibha hears this. Peehu was about to cry, Mahen says he is denying it because he loves her. He says he will take her to other places along with Darjeeling too. Peehu leaves the room, crying. Pratibha looks at Mahen.
Peehu was crying in her room, Anmol says she must talk to mom, may be she can make up papa. Peehu says she doesn’t have to talk to anyone, what can be done to talk to mom. Peehu says mom was there when she was talking to papa, mom was here. Peehu says she has no hold in front of papa, and she doesn’t even know who friends are and what is it about being with friends. Pratibha hears it and thinks it isn’t that she has lost in front of Mahen, but she must talk to Mahen for Peehu.
Mahen was lying in bed, he and Pratibha try to keep the keys together on the side table. She says she is waiting for him outside, to go on drive. Mahen asks so late. Pratibha says she has to say something important to him. Mahen smiles she must be lost. Pratibha thinks he must not feel that she has lost and came to her.

PRECAP: Mahen is frustrated in front of Sanjeev that she was alright till last eighteen years, what is her problem now that she has stopped talking. Pratibha stood there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Please change the game plan because it is boring.Sunidhi is a habitual liar and dramatist.What is she going to teach her own child.This mother in law is just a wicked witch.

  2. Well in all these TV show they have evil n wicked mother in law some of them does pretent to be good at first after that they gone mad and evil and trying to overcome they daughter in law by plot n planning thing against and some of the mother love to full they sons ears with bullshit about the wifes and so stupid of them they will believe everythings they mother tell them to do if they mother tell them to divorce they wife will do that fast because they always listen to what the evil mother have to say but wife words dont get values and in all these show only that does happen this show is not far from that

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