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Sunita says to her mummy that she had never thought Prathiba would be such a liar. Her mother asks her to take care of Sanjeev, as women must give time to them. Sunita says Sanjeev can’t dare any such thing, but her mother says her anniversary is the next day to Pratibha’s, she must plan something for it.
Pratibha thinks she must do something for her anniversary. She marks the date on calendar, thinking about what Mahen had said to her.
Shalu comes to see Pratibha’s preparations in kitchen. Pratibha hugs her and says her tip has worked. Shalu says she has always done good with everyone. Pratibha says she hasn’t done well with someone, and leaves everything to Shalu.
Mahen and lawyer sat with Pushpa and assistant. The assistant says these aren’t the papers whose copy

they have. Mahen says when Pushpa left the house, his grand pa had changed the papers. Puspha looks at the file, then at Mahen. The lawyer asks Pushpa to prove that these papers are fake. Mahen says this is true, she has nothing to do with their family and leaves curtly. Pushpa says to her assistant that he is upto wrong doing. The assistant says he won’t let him win. Pushpa asks him to take stay order from court.
Mahen was saying to the lawyer that he was afraid for once that she may know about the truth. Pratibha arrives in the rickshaw, Mahen passes by her and gets into his car. Pratibha happily comes to Pushpa, Pushpa asks is she the same Pratibha. Pratibha apologizes for the other day, Pushpa says she didn’t mind. Pratibha says her wedding anniversary is coming, she wants to do something special for him. Pushpa smiles and says she is good to see the change in her. Pratibha says she wants to make him realize he is important for her, even than her life. Pushpa says he will remember, and won’t think about getting her divorce. Pratibha says he never wanted to divorce her, he was talking to lawyer about some other papers. She gifts Pushpa a show-piece of house. Pratibha says she has given her her house, her family and in return she is only able to give her showpiece. Pushpa says for her it is precious, and asks what she is doing on her anniversary. Pratibha says she hasn’t think about it yet, but it will be something what she has never done before.
She asks Pushpa to come to her wedding anniversary. Pushpa thinks how Mahen said that they have no relation to her. Pratibha leaves inviting her. Pushpa thinks her family may not be happy meeting her.
Gia calls Peehu at school and asks why is she coming by foot. Peehu says her mom took the car as her car was at garage. She calls Shalini and leaves for her home. Gia says it is time for her to open up all her lies.
Sunita thinks something special about her anniversary. Sunita thinks about inviting her friends to a party, but then she will have to invite her family there as well and rejects the idea.
Pratibha thinks about either bringing a card to Mahen or some flowers, something romantic.
Sunita thinks she doesn’t want to give him gift, he must bring it to her. She opens her tab and thinks about going to Shimla.
Pratibha gets an album of Mahen’s friends, and says she has got an idea.
Sanjeev comes to room and had forgotten about his anniversary. He gives Sunita a chance to decide for their anniversary gift, but Pratibha calls him. He and Bubu goes out. Pratibha says she is planning for their anniversary, they must not make a plan for it and keep it a surprise.
Sanjeev comes room, Sunita was angry but Sanjeev says Pratibha asked him for the first time for something. She has always done what they have said, but today he couldn’t say no to her. Sunita goes angrily.
Pratibha tries the numbers from diary, she was frustrated as the numbers had got changed. She thinks where to get the numbers, then gets an idea. At night, Pratibha brings Mahen tea, he goes to wash hands. Pratibha takes his phone, Raashi calls her, Pratibha calls that she will just be there. Pratibha wonders, in kitchen, where to bring his friend’s numbers. Anmol comes to ask Pratibha to pack an extra paratha in his lunch box. She asks Anmol to help her, he promises. Anmol comes to Mahen and asks him to check for an app, Pratibha asks Mahen to help him. Anmol asks Pratibha to go, and himself sits with Mahen. Pratibha comes to room, and checks the numbers of Mahen’s phone. Mahen asks Pratibha what she is doing with his phone, she turns around to face him quietly.

PRECAP: Pratibha is worried and says to Anmol if her plan would work or not. Sunita says that she will make Pratibha’s plan as flop, as she has spoiled her plan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sunita is as disgusting and malicious as ever.I do not know how every body lives in one house.They invade one another’s space and privacy..Goes into people private things and just do what they want.I am sorry I could not have lived that lifestyle.To each his own.It is time also To expose PEEHU,so that she can stop this stealing and lies.This is not good for young girls.She has a low self esteem.This is a very bad example.Go Pratibha enjoy your self .Sunita ,,the house detective has the number for the man PC but this is Pushba’s number she stole from the phone.Then the mother in law will soon find out that this story is not true and she may get into trouble,Sunita get a life and leave Pratibha’s life alone.Get. a job,do something responsible.Your boutique cannot make money if your are not there to supervise..Give up your detective licence,it is fake.


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