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Maya regrets it that Mahen heard her saying Pratibha’s husband has a problem with her singing. Pratibha looks at Mahen who was standing angrily. Mahen recalls Pratibha talking to her alone in the corner, Mahen asks Pratibha who blames her. Maya apologizes to Mahen, Mahen says they must leave as going home is important. Pratibha asks what happened, Mahen says he is waiting for her in the car. Maya apologizes to Pratibha, but Pratibha says sorry, she will talk to her later. In the car, Pratibha asks Mahen what happened. Mahen says she could have picked the call, but she was busy talking to her friend about her tasteless life and boring husband. Pratibha tries to explain, but Mahen stops her there. Pratibha cries thinking about their travel towards the party and the pleasant time together.

home, Sunidhi was restlessly waiting for Mahen and Pratibha to come back. She opens the door and says they are hear, she must start her drama now. It was about ten at night, Sunidhi pours glycerine in her eyes and talks fake on call saying she knows her reputation, she would have done her work without charges, she apologizes her. Mahen asks why she called them urgently home. Sunidhi says I am sorry, I didn’t want to but in such a situation I couldn’t handle it. Pratibha asks what happened. Sunidhi says Anmol and his friends worsened all her sale today, he made a loss of 28000. Mahen asks what is she saying. Sunidhi says he and his friends poured juice on three of her dresses. She shows him the dresses. Pratibha says Anmol can’t do so. Mahen agrily calls Anmol, Anmol gets worried in his room. Peehu asks what has he done, why is papa calling him so angrily. Anmol says he didn’t do anything. Kaashi comes and asks Mahen why is he being so angry at his Anmol, Sanjeev asks Sunidhi why is she crying. Anmol asks Mahen what happened, how was the party. Mahen says he destroyed all the dresses of Sunidhi. Anmol says he didn’t do this, this is lie. Sunidhi asks wasn’t he playing and didn’t his juice spill over. Anmol says it didn’t pour on her dresses. Sunidhi asks where these dresses got damaged then. Kaashi says Anmol did a little mistake, don’t make a hipe of a petty matter. She asks Anmol to say sorry. Sunidhi asks who will fill for her payment, Mahen says he will pay for it.
Anmol tells Pratibha he didn’t do anything. Pratibha says to Mahen that Anmol would tell her if he had done so. Sunidhi asks Pratibha why she is blaming her then. Pratibha says she isn’t blaming, she is just saying that Anmol would tell her as she is his mother. Mahen shouts at Pratibha to stop it. He says Anmol wouldn’t lie just the way she doesn’t lie. He says she was weeping in front of Maya and told him they were talking just the way. What is her art that he stopped, was she going to be a queen of music, which she couldn’t because of his responsibility. Everyone is shocked. Mahen says hadn’t she the responsibility of him and family, her life would have been a wonderful one. He says she must get rid of all this rubbish. She is best at taking sympathies of others and this is what she was doing in front of her friends, if she will accept her mistake it would be good for others. Mahen leaves the hall. Pratibha wipes her tears. Sunidhi was happily fresh now. Pratibha asks the kids to go into their rooms and sleep, as they have school tomorrow. Sanjeev takes Bubu inside. Pratibha takes her purse and goes into her room. Kaashi and Sunidhi were happy.
Pratibha comes to the room looking at her and Mahen’s photo and thinking about Mahen’s words. Tear fell on the photo, she turns to see the door unbolted and thinks it isn’t her mistake so she doesn’t need to be weak. Mahen was frustrated in the room, Pratibha comes there. Mahen says she must not cry now, he doesn’t want to argue about it. Pratibha says she also doesn’t want to argue, but he has to face the reality. She hasn’t come to weep here, she just want to tell him her kids are everything. It is her love, and motherhood what she does for them, she isn’t teaching them to lie. She isn’t even lying to him, she didn’t say anything wrong and disrespectful to Maya. Mahen says whatever she said there shows he doesn’t want her to be a singer. Pratibha says between a husband and wife, trust is the most important. She says she knows whatever people said there was wrong, but she isn’t responsible for that all. Mahen asks what was it all then. Pratibha says Maya would have speculated it all, seeing his rude behavior and my worries. She says she is worried seeing what he thinks of her even after so many years of their marriage. She says firmly, today, she wants to be very clear to him for one thing. After today, he will never shout at her in front of kids nor his family, because she won’t accept and tolerate it now.
Anmol comes in room worried that if mum and papa are fighting. He was worried about Pratibh. Peehu says it is an everyday thing, mom would say sorry and everything would be fine. Mahen was in room, and throws the advertisement paper away in frustration. Pratibha stood on the terrace alone. Mahen comes to window restless, thinking what Pratibha had just said to him. Pratibha was crying, thinking about Mahen’s words.
Sunidhi attends the call of Namrita. Namrita asks to speak to Pratibha, Sunidhi thinks for a while, then says this isn’t the right time to speak to Pratibha. Namrita says she knows it is late, but not that much. Sunidhi says Mahen is really angry since he has returned from reunion, she hasn’t seen such fight between them. Namrita is worried. Sunidhi says she has told her this because she is near to Pratibha, but please don’t tell Pratibha about it. Namrita says ok, Sunidhi hangs up. Sunidhi says she is really enjoying this fighting now.
Sunidhi finds her ring in the hall, and screams watching Pratibha. She says she was really frightened seeing her, and asks what happened at the reunion. Is Mahen angry because they left the bag here. Pratibha says Mahen himself kept the bag in the car. Sunidhi asks if she is blaming her for taking the bag from there, she says she must have proof of her blames before she says another word to her again. Pratibha takes the spoilt dress and smells it, Sunidhi asks what is the problem now. Pratibha says she used her son in her gaming, Sunidhi asks what does this mean. Pratibha says this is orange juice and he is allergic to it. Sunidhi asks if she is blaming her. Pratibha says she is being true. Sunidhi says this is too much, if she can’t pour her anger to Mahen it doesn’t mean she will pour it on her and leaves.
Mahen wakes up from sleep at night, calls Pratibha for water and turns to see Pratibha wasn’t there in bed. He watches her sleeping on the sofa, sits up and says today she even didn’t sleep on bed, alright and lay on bed again.
The next morning, Mahen wakes up and thinks it seems he won’t get tea today. Pratibha gets his cup of tea then, keeps it and leaves. Mahen thinks how can she be as nothing happened. Pratibha thinks first time she had to sleep on sofa. Mahen says this is right, he must be angry and she is. Pratibha thinks she has to stand for herself. Mahen and Pratibha come across, Mahen thinks he was disrespected. Pratibha thinks that till today she always forgot her respect. Mahen thinks if she is stubborn, he too is and he won’t also talk to her. He leaves the room, Pratibha thinks she won’t compromise for the truth and won’t be the first.

PRECAP: Pratibha sits on the table and heads to take pickle bottle. Mahen leaves the table.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mahen you right to call urself tasetless n boring because you r don’t know where the writer find you from to play this role n prabthiba you r the next one so innocent well we dont want so much innocent u have to let ur voice hear too and don’t let anybody’s over come you because if you let that happen peoples will take your silent to be your weakness n they will start takein advantage on you so be that strong woman and knock some sense in to that no good husband of urs

  2. Sunidhi u ar an embarrasment to b called a woman, u ar a selfish, insecure, vicious, demonlike woman. Why do u harrass another woman, what is wrong wit these writers ??? Is ther nothin better to write about than make all these hateful, hurtful !!!! Episodes!!!!!!! And as for Pratiba’s daughter, she needs a smack for being so disrespectfull to her mother, wher is the respect????? And this shud be teaching our children to behave in this way???????? What crap!!!!! As for mother inlaw , why is she so biassseD on her daughter inlaws,,,,, favours the cruel heartless and put the good one down,,,,,, what crap, this is realy gettin stupid , shud enDDDD this????? As for Pratiba’s husband , totallllly DAFT??????? Wake up an see what is happenin in ur home !!!!!!!!! Sunidhi needs to be revealeD!!!!!!!! For her spitefulness, totally NOT ON!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mahen ur ar a disgusting man to be called a husband , how can u treat Pratiba so badly, she is the 1 tat is keeping ur family 2gether , making sacrifices for u. What the bloodly hell do u knw wether she wud hav been successful or nOT !!!!! Just watchin Pratiba givin it to u (Mahen) , I’m SO 🙂 u realy neede tat frm her. GO FOR IT PRATIBA !!!!!

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