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Pratibha packs her bag crying. Sunita’s mother says that her biggest proof will be her packed bag, she must bring it to Raashi’s notice. Sunita says that Pratibha will have to make up a story about her bags, she will let her spit out the truth about her.
Shalu comes to Pratibha’s room, and asks is she leaving the house. How can she do this, this is her house for the last 17 years. Pratibha asks what she must do. She cries that when Mahen will get all the papers ready and ask her to go away, she will have to pack her bags. Shalu hugs Pratibha and asks her to do that tip she told her about a temple.
Sunita brings Raash while Raashi asks Sunita to make up stories against Pratibha. Sunita asks her to come to Pratibha’s room for once, all the truth will be in front of her. She asks

Raashi if Pratibha ever packed her bags and then didn’t tell anyone in the family? Raashi says she doesn’t remember. Sunita brings Raashi to her room and shows her the bag, she says Pratibha is running away. These packed bags are a proof of her illegitimate relation. Raashi asks what they must do. Sunita says they must ask Pratibha, Sunita says she will let Pratibha spit all the truth. Raashi calls Mahen saying everything must take place in front of him. Mahen was in his way, he gets worried and asks Raashi what has happened. Pratibha gets Mahen’s call, he asks her to take care of Raashi as she isn’t well. He informs her that the work he came home for is done.
Pratibha comes to Raashi’s room,, she says sorry Mahen but she didn’t dare come in front of Raashi when he called. She thinks she must do the tip of Shalu, may be everything between her and Shalu gets better. She goes out of the house, Sunita watches her leave. She hurries to Raashi that they must stop Pratibha. She wakes Raashi up and says Pratibha has left. Raashi asks if she has taken her luggage as well. Sunita says she hasn’t and it means she will come back.
Mahen was relaxed and happy that he will be able to talk about the matter in family, he hopes Pratibha would be awake.
Pratibha goes on the road, thinking about the events of last two days. She comes to the temple, and ties the thread thinking she has to do this only to save their relations.
Mahen was waiting when Pratibha comes home. She looks at the file in his hand, and is relieved to see those were divorce papers. Mahen was questioning, Pratibha was crying. He asks where she went so late. She says she has done all the preparations to leave, he asks where and why, he asks her to be clear as to what is going on. She cries, he asks what is happening. She holds his hand and asks him not to divorce her, not leave her. Pratibha hugs Mahen and says she will do whatever he will ask her to. Sunita and Raashi hear this from the door. Mahen is awed and asks who poured this in her mind, he says she is his wife, the mother of his children, his house queen. She asks why he got these divorce papers made, he brings the file and says these are some other papers. She looks at the files. He tells Pratibha that he went to the city to get these papers ready, he wanted to tell her about it. She was happy, he says it has been seventeen years of their marriage, why would he leave her. She is happy and hugs him back. He smiles and goes outside. Pratibha thanks God that Shalu’s tip has worked.
In the morning, Pratibha sang in her sleep. Mahen wakes up and calls her, she opens her eyes. He asks what is she singing, she says nothing. He sleeps again. She wakes up and prepares breakfast with her.
Sunita tells Raashi that Pratibha has been very clever, she hid the matter saying to Mahen that she thought he is divorcing her. Raashi asks what is she saying. Sunita says this is the wrong face of Pratibha.
Pratibha comes happily to Raashi and asks if the tea is good. Raashi wonders what has happened to Pratibha, and says it is good. Pratibha goes to open the door and gives laundary to laundry man, she opens her purse but can’t find money in her bag. She calls Mahen and asks her for some money. He says he had already given them to her, she says may be she spent some more. Mahen gets up, comes to her and asks how many does she want. She says Rs. 5000. He takes his wallet out and gives them to her. Sunita and Raashi are awed. Sunita says she is asking for even more money, and she is lucky to have got them. Pratibha calls Mahen when he heads to leave, she thinks why he didn’t scold her. Mahen looks back, she smiles and thinks may be he cares for her. He asks what, she says thank you. Mahen smiles back and goes inside.

PRECAP: Pratibha invites Pushpa to her wedding anniversary and says her family will really be happy seeing her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I ask this question time and time again does Sunidhi have anything better to do than interfere in Pratibha’s life?! She’s not a good wife or mother she doesn’t even know how to cook a good meal, the time she’s wasting meddling in her sister-in-law business she should learn to do these basic stuff

  2. Boooyawnring
    Terribly terribly boring

  3. First of all does Sunidhi e ver take a shower?Does she ever make her bed or take care of her child and husband.I cannot remember seeing her even in bed with her husband.She is a busy bee and her mother is just as bad.Teaching her the wrong things.of life.Pratibha is a bit naive but a good mother and wife.Stupid advice mess her mind up.The story is picking up some substance now.

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