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Pratibha tries to control herself when Mahen leaves the party. Pratibha goes behind Mahen, Maya comes there and says sorry to Mahen. Maya’s husband says his sense of humour is a bit odd. Maya requests him to stay for a while, else they would think he is leaving because of them. Mahen agrees to stay just for a little while and nods at Pratibha.
Sunidhi tries to feed Bubu who runs in the room. Sunidhi says to Bubu that she is really busy today, she has put a big sale on. Anmol comes with his friends, she asks why have they come. Anmol says he told her already his friends are coming. The boys ask for food, Sunidhi asks them to take food from kitchen themselves. Sunidhi was curt hoping that Praitbha and Mahen’s plans even goes flop.
In the party, Pratibha’s friends come to her and asks

if she made a career in singing. Pratibha says she is a house wife, one of them says she is infact a house-maker. Pratibha’s attention was at Mahen, Maya notices this and takes Pratibha with her. She asks Pratibha what has happened to her, she isn’t here. Maya says she knows her from so long, Pratibha says she is a bit conscious about her clothes. Maya says she is shocked to see her so lost, she isn’t that Pratibha anymore. She says she can tell her mind set although they have met after so long. Maya says she wants to stay here, still she is about to leave. Pratibha looks at Mahen, then says there is nothing like that. Maya asks why she didn’t pursue her career then. Pratibha asks to keep it to herself, then says she got a huge singing offer but then she refused because Mahen didn’t want her to sing, their Peehu was so young and she had other responsibilities as well.
Sunidhi was in boutique, Anmol’s glass of water spills on Sunidhi’s clothes. Sunidhi scolds Anmol hard and tells him to ask his friends leave. Anmol says sorry, good bye children.
A man comes to Mahen and says he seems to be well known to him. Mahen says he doesn’t recognize him but the man tries to guess him. His wife takes him away, Pratibha comes to Mahen, Mahen asks what she was doing with her friend, she must be telling them about her sad story. The announcement takes place in which all the men had to introduce themselves, then their wives would also be called on stage. Mahen says he isn’t about to do it. Pratibha goes to take a leave from Maya.
Sunidhi throws juice on her clothes and says now it will be fun.
Pratibha tells Maya she is leaving, Alok was called on stage. He goes on stage, Maya says her husband is a drama. Pratibha takes leave from Maya but Maya is called on stage. Maya asks Pratibha to wait until she returns. The announcer asks Alok about five favorites and dislikes of Maya, Alok tells them efficiently. Mahen asks Pratibha to move, Pratibha asks Maya to leave now. Mahen turns but the announcer calls Mahen on stage and everyone claps. Pratibha tries to justify Mahen that she isn’t behind that.
Sunidhi calls Pratibha and thinks why isn’t Pratibha picking her call. It seems they are both enjoying a lot.
Mahen comes to stage, Mahen introduces himself, the mike stops working. The announcer jokes their mike has also gone shy like Mahen. Mahen introduces himself as a jeweller, the man who came to Mahen says he now recalls he has a gold shop near sweet shop. Mahen says right. He says they are gold, silver businessmen and have come this way, pointing at their dresses. His wife silences him. The announcer says he is a great businessman, they will come to him now as client. Mahen heads to leave smiling, the announcer calls Pratibha on stage now. Pratibha comes up as the announcer asks Mahen to call Pratibha, everyone was clapping and hooting Pratibha’s name. The announcer says their real couple is far pretty than what he had imagined. He asks Pratibha a few questions.
Sunidhi continues to call Pratibha which she doesn’t pick up.
The announcer asks Mahen the favourite colour of Pratibha, Mahen says red, but it was yellow. The second questions, What Pratibha likes as the favorite place, Mahen says Manali but it was also wrong. He asks third question, Pratibha’s favourite vegetable. Mahen says potato, the announcer says it is cheese with pea. He tells Mahen to know his wife well, so that in future he can answer all the questions well. Pratibha says there is nothing like that, she takes the mike and says she wants to say to them all that her husband is the good man. They might be thinking he doesn’t know well about her, but there isn’t anything like that. They both know what is important, what if he doesn’t know about her favourite colour, her life’s colours are only because of her. For her, the most beautiful place in where she is with him. Her life’s tastes are only because of him. She was only about to meet them and be a part of this party because of him only, so… She turns to Mahen and says thankyou so much. The announcer says to Mahen he is lucky to have Pratibha as his wife. Mahen smiles, but Pratibha is worried looking at him. Maya says to Pratibha that they are a great couple, made for each other. Pratibha asks Maya to leave now, Maya says ok she may go. Maya says to Mahen that she loved meeting him. When they were about to leave, someone calls that Pratibha is leaving. Pratibha’s friends come to Mahen and takes her with them. Mahen watches Pratibha’s phone lying on a table, he watches 15 missed calls from Sunidhi. He calls Sunidhi but the phone’s battery was dead. Mahen calls her from his number, Sunidhi is shocked seeing his call. She says it is good he called, Mahen asks what happened. Sunidhi says she doesn’t want to say it to him, she will tell him once he returns. Sunidhi hangs up saying they will talk once he comes home.
The girls hand Pratibha a guitar, and says she must sing today. Pratibha denies saying she can’t sing but everyone bucks her up. Mahen also comes there. Maya takes one of them and tries to tell her that Pratibha can’t sing, soon the song’s volume goes low. Maya was shouting that Pratibha’s husband doesn’t want her to sing. Maya regrets at once, as everyone including Mahen had heard this.

PRECAP: At home, Mahen shouts at Pratibha that she lies well. Pratibha tells Mahen firmly, that she is clear in telling him he won’t yell at her in front of children or anyone at home.

Update Credit to: Sona

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