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Pratibha is shocked hearing to Shalu that Peehu isn’t in her room, she asks Shalu if she has gone crazy, she must check well where Peehu has gone. The director leaves excusing them. Pratibha asks to talk to Sunidhi, Sunidhi tells Pratibha that Peehu is nowhere around, she has even asked in the neigbours as well. She gave her medicine herself, and cries where Peehu has gone. Pratibha can’t speak a word. Kaashi was also worried, she tells Sunidhi to call all her friends. Pratibha drops her phone, Mahen takes it and asks Sunidhi to ask in the nearby neighbourhood and in the market as well. Mahen says Peehu must only have gone to her friend. Pratibha says it was her mistake, what kind of mother she is that she left her ill, Peehu wanted to come here, she says she told him she wanted to stay with Peehu.

She says she knows from the last three days Peehu was really worried for something. She tells Mahen she won’t participate. The director comes in, Pratibha says I am sorry I won’t be able to participate in the competition. The director says what he will tell everyone. The director says she can’t leave without coming on stage, all the PRP is only because of her. Mahen says it is important, they have to go. Pratibha was crying, she asks them to leave right now. The director says they can’t get such a chance again. Pratibha says that right now, being a singer is more important for her. She leaves.
At home, Sunidhi says today her revenge will be complete, she didn’t let Pratibha participate in the audition. She thinks about all Pratibha’s victories. She says today she has snatched her daughter as well as her dream. Sanjeev comes home, Sunidhi begins to cry again saying what she will answer to Pratibha. She cries hard, Sanjeev hugs her. Sanjeev says everything will get fine, Sunidhi was smiling.
Pratibha and Mahen try everyone’s number on the way. Mahen says none of Pratibha’s friend is left. Pratibha says Sneha is left. Sneha says no, she didn’t come. Sneha says she is out of station. Pratibha tells her to inform them as soon as she knows about her. Pratibha curses herself. Mahen hugs her while he himself had been crying.
Peehu wakes up and fines herself sitting under the tree. She notices some men there and run away from there. She cries that now she can never talk to anyone, not even mom. She watches a PCO.
In the way, the driver tells Pratibha they will reach in five minutes. Peehu calls Pratibha then, Pratibha attends the call, peehu doesn’t speak. She gets it is Peehu, Peehu was crying. Pratibha asks her to talk something please, Peehu says maa. Both cry. Peehu says I am really very sorry, but I have to go. She says please forgive me. Pratibha asks her to tell them where she is, but Peehu hangs up crying. Peehu is left speechless.
At night, Sanjeev was restless. Kaashi cursed Peehu and Pratibha saying they are behind ruining family’s respect. Pratibha and Mahen come home. Sunidhi cries hugging her. Mahen asks Anmol to go to her room. Pratibha doesn’t hug Sunidhi but asks she left Peehu on her, she had promised her to take care of Peehu. She asks why Peehu left home, when she was at home. Sunidhi says she doesn’t know where she go. Sunidhi says she is her mother, when she couldn’t know what is in her heart how could she know. She says it is Pratibha’s mistake behind it all, she only thought about singing. Did she think there can be a problem in Peehu’s life? Mahen asks if she knows about a problem in her life. Sunidhi says she gave her medicine, Peehu came to talk to her but her mama called so she went away, afterwards when she went to her room Peehu wasn’t there. She cries where has Peehu gone. Sunidhi says right now, the most important thing is to find Peehu. She asks Pratibha to recall, if there was a problem in Peehu’s life. Pratibha says she is right, she is her mother and she must know what is going on in her children’s life. She doesn’t know why her daughter took such decision, but she knows she will bring her daughter back home fine, no matter what. She goes inside. Sunidhi thinks it is really late, now. She might practice.
Pratibha comes to Peehu’s room, she watches the Peehu didn’t even take medicine. She looks into Peehu’s things to know why she left home. She finds Peehu’s mobile, and wonders why she left phone at home. She cries hard and gets on the bed. She cries God can’t do this to her, please make her meet her daughter. A note was lying there under the table, Pratibha goes to pick it up. She and Anmol read it as ‘neither she will run nor hide, police will get her to Kolkatta and her reputation would ruin on TV’

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Why is Pihu being abused by Sudhini? this is called”Child abuse” and is
    against the law. It is also mental and emotional torture.
    Writers, please discontinue immediately. Child labour is horrible ..please
    do not add insult to injury.
    Disgusting I will not allow my children to view thi type of “so called entertainment”

  2. Bullying and bullshit!!! Why zee tv is showing such low mentality people like sunidhi,encouraging child abuse..

  3. farida uttan

    Sunidhi’s jealousy is creating great problems – let her be exposed in front of everyone

  4. Time to expose sunfish I for the despicable witch that she is…..time to kick her out of that family.

  5. Sunfish she’d have.been Sindhi.

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