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In the morning, Pratibha was preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Anmol asks for breakfast, Pratibha gives him fruits and asks him to call nana nani as well. Kaashi comes to the table and watches everyone eating fruits. Pratibha says there is porridge as well, Kaashi asks didn’t she ask something else from her. Pratibha removes the lid off gajar ka halwa. Kaashi wonders how she managed cooking it, Peehu cheers seeing this. Sanjeev notices and says Pratibha has been burdenized really much, she must leave their lunch today. Kaashi says this isn’t the season for eating outside the home. Kaashi asks Pratibha if she will have to order the lunch at home as well from outside. Pratibha tells them no one needs to get the lunch from out of the house, she has made all the arrangments for the lunch. Sushma

offers to help but Pratibha rejects it, Papa calls Pratibha out for breakfast, Mahen also insists and Pratibha joins them on table.
In the room, Papa asks Sushma where she is lost. She says she was thinking till when they will be… Papa says they will live in their daughter’s home. Sushma says he must get well soon, so they will return home. Papa says he is weak but he won’t stay here much, he is here until he arranges for money. Pratibha comes asking which arrangement is he talking about and where is he leaving. Sushma qualifies that they were thinking about arranging for her Papa’s morning walk. Pratibha asks are they hiding something. Papa says nothing, she must believe in what he is saying. Sushma asks Pratibha not to worry at all. Pratibha goes to bid good bye to Mahen and kids.
Sunidhi asks Sanjeev on phone if he did lunch, she says she was worried because Pratibha’s parents are there at home. She was thinking about sending his lunch home. Her mama comes there, Sunidhi was frustrated that she is doing what she had never done. Her mama asks her to keep calm for a few days, after that she will win her husband’s heart and get back into the house.
Sushma was going into the room when Kaashi asks her to sit with her. Sushma explains she has to stay with Pratibha’s papa as he isn’t well. Kaashi says that her parents never came to her home and even if they came, they never eat anything; they have high self-respect. Sushma feels really bad. Kaashi says she is happy times are changing, they have none other than Pratibha. She says she is sure that they will return to their home very soon. Sushma says they are thankful to her. Kaashi says they must thank Anmol who has left his bed for their comfort. Pratibha comes there and asks Kaashi to leave for temple, auto is there outside. When Kaashi leaves she asks Sushma not to take seriously what she has said.
At night, Pratibha comes to the calendar while Kaashi stood behind her. Pratibha watched the cross on the calendar that Kaashi had put and removes it. She turns to Kaashi who says it was the first day when Pratibha could manage it. Pratibha calmly says that she wanted her to be defeated today, but she won; she fulfilled the duties of both a daughter and daughter in law. She says she has complete trust on herself and her parent’s brought up. She will never back up showing her responsibilities towards them. Kaashi asks her not to fly so high, she will not be able to manage if there was a bigger problem. Pratibha says today she wants Kaashi to be wrong, she never see the love of a daughter but only considers it a responsibility of herself. She says the parents who brought her up, shouldn’t she take care of them when they needs her. She says she can’t leave her parents as well. She asks Kaashi that if she can’t stand with Pratibha in all that, she can at least bless Pratibha to be successful in all her attempts. Kaashi comes to Pratibha, smiles and says very well. She keeps a hand on Pratibha’s head and says she blesses her to be unsuccessful in her practices. She says it has been a century old tradition that when a daughter is married, she loses all her relations towards her parents, she will understand this the day she will become a mother in law. Pratibha cries in front of the mirror thinking all about what Kaashi had said, Mahen notices this and comes to her. He asks what is it about, she says nothing. He asks her to come and sit with her then asks what happened, did his maa say something. Pratibha denies. Mahen says she doesn’t know how to lie, he will take care of everything. Pratibha hugs Mahen and cries. Mahen asks what such thing his mother said. Pratibha takes his promise not to talk to Kaashi about it. Mahen says she knows him well, he won’t do anything. Pratibha says she asked Kaashi about blessings. Mahen asks did she bless her. Pratibha nods and says she blessed her never to be successful.

PRECAP: Kaashi curses Mahen for questioning her in front of Pratibha and Sushma.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Shame Pratiba’s parents gonna finally see what their daughter goes thru wit tat mother inlaw, they brought up a very good, obedient , decent girl up like Pratiba so they must b proud of their upbringing unlike Sunidhi mother who brought up a greedy, ungrateful, b*t*h like daughter!!!!!

  2. Awwww I’m enjoying watching Peehu , she’s realy looking beautiful an so 🙂 love her new look an Anmol , well he is just our precious lil Styler, always a joy to watch.

  3. Shame pratibha let your husband know what his mother is doing mother in laws are the worst creation

  4. farida uttan

    Kaashi is a true mother-in-law, they are evil witches

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